Vote to temporarily replace Pantsir-S1 with the TOR-M2

why not give them Tor M1?

Because Russia must always be #1

Pantsir should absolutely give a RWR track warning btw. That’s probably the most ridiculous thing about this overpowered pos. What is the reasoning for this? You can’t guide a missile accurately with TWS alone, and if they’re trying to model some kind of IRST/radar hybrid tracking system, then it should be vulnerable to flares

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TOR-M1 is superior to Pantsir so your post makes zero sense.

@ExcaliburSniper Calling Pantsir OP is dumb, also people don’t radar track with it, they IR track with it which doesn’t send out a radar.

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Dude, I tested against Pantsir & TOR-M1 using Tornado IDS & F-16.
We aren’t spammers for stating facts. Pantsir missiles are the easiest to dodge at top BR. I have zero deaths against them in random battles.
BTW 15 posts is at most 15 minutes.


Should support these 2 suggestions to spread some Pantsir to other tree’s. Obviously not an ideal situation, but pandoras box is open now that gaijin added the stupid thing, and atleast itd prevent Russia from being the only nation ingame with Pantsir class SHORAD

Captured Libyan Pantsir in US tree:

UAE Pantsir in german tree:


That’s a long shot lol

Its a long shot in the sense that gaijins obviously biased and unlikely to implement it, as well as the Russian playerbase having a MASSIVE hissy fit over it, sure. But its technically speaking the most sensible balancing decision regarding AA in ground RB they could make, and would not require much work making seeing as most of the assets for it are largely already ingame with the Pantsir S1 and the Flarakrad


Well, both of these nations have a few domestic options, US still has M-Shorad, Multi-Mission Launcher, SLAMRAAM and Avenger, I may have missed a few, you could also include the HEMTT CIWS.
As for Germany they also have options such as 9K33 Osa, Skyranger 30, MEADS and potentially even IRIS-T.
Gaijin mentioned they were working on something for Japan, and whatelse could it be but the Type 81, perhaps it’ll open up the possibility for multi-system units.

Gaijin chose a SPAA that can’t be easily dodged by going mach 1.
That’s not bias.

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well with Osa,Skyranger,M-SHORAD, and Avenger they don’t have the reach of the Pantsir, with the MML, MEADS and stuff like Patriot, those are multi-vehicle systems which Gaijin doesn’t really have a plan to add in game. The only one I can really see working is the SLAMRAAM, but that’s at least a year out IMO

When looking at the Pantsir, I wouldn’t look at it from a range perspective, because outside of about 11-12km it isn’t dangerous unless you’re flying in a straight line, except if you’re in a F-14B dropping GBU-24s from space, that thing is mad fun, nothing can really touch it.

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M-SHORAD’s range is MUCH too low (it uses a mix of stingers, AIM-9’s, and Stingers ffs), so is Avenger, and both MML and SLAMRAAM arent AIO’s. Not to mention the fact gaijin doesnt wanna add stuff with 5th gen IR missiles like AIM-9X and Python 5 since theyd be “too OP” and HEMTT CIWS is a vulcan on a truck, its effectively an M163 sidegrade. None of those suggestions compare to the Pantsir.

As for Germany, 9K33 isnt in the same class as pantsir at ALL, Skyranger 30 would be more of a 10.3 vehicle like the LAV-AD, if not lower because gaijin cant be bothered to model AHEAD properly, so its be UTTER garbage ingame, MEADS uses PAC-3 MSE with 35km range AND isnt an AIO, so another no-go there, and IRIS-T has the same “no 5th gen IR missile” issue (and ALSO isnt an AIO)

Outside of 11-12km other SAM LITERALLY cant reach you. Hell, with the recent changes, half of them cant hit you within liker 3km or beyond like 6-8km either, so saying the pantsir outranges everything by 50% both on paper and in practice isnt really that great of an argument

Again, you’re looking at it from a range perspective, which isn’t the correct way to do it.

Pantsir can’t hit even within 10km if the target is going nearly mach 1.
So no, Pantsir doesn’t out-range in practice.


And the Pantsir really can’t either, there’s that rare occurrence where it actually hits you outside 12km unless you’re blindly flying in a straight line. And ever since the missile changes all SAMs have gotten harder to play, except the TOR, that one seemed have gotten better with its increase in missile performance.

Because it has 8 mm wave radar that can’t be detected by curent RWRs in game

That’s just adorable

The Pantsir tracking radar apparently operates at somewhere around 40 GHz. Most RWRs have a maximum frequency of somewhere around 18 GHz, hence they cannot detect the Pantsir’s radar.

You need a specialised type of RWR to detect frequencies in the 40 GHz region. A few aircraft were retrofitted with such systems, but the vast majority don’t have them.