Naval Vessels

  • USS Flagstaff — the physics behavior interaction with water has been fixed.


  • A bug that caused the “Your research has been completed” window to not close automatically after purchasing the vehicle and not putting it into a crewslot has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the temporary connection text between two vehicles in the tech tree (this appears when a new vehicle is introduced between two connected vehicles) to sometimes mention other random vehicles has been fixed.
  • A bug where the selection could skip and not select some elements of the crewslot on the vehicle selection screen in battle when using a gamepad has been fixed.


  • A bug where depth charges did not have sound and visual effects when exploding has been fixed. (Report).
  • A bug that caused severely damaged enemies that were destroyed by allies to not count towards the Service Record of the player who dealt severe damage, counting only to the in-battle scoreboard, has been fixed. (Report).

Patch notes reflect only key changes, meaning they may not include a complete list of all improvements made. Additionally, War Thunder is constantly being updated and some changes may not require an update. Changes reflected in patch notes are formed by taking reactions and requests of the community from the bug reporting service, forums and other official platforms into account. Bug fixes and changes are implemented in order of importance, for example a game-breaking bug will be worked on and implemented sooner.


NICE! That’s a great improvement, many players though this was intentional.


@Stona_WT when is the mirage 2000 flare count going to be fixed the bot kept duplicating bug reports made for the mirage 2000 about the total amount of flare and chaff since it only has 112 flares and chaff when its supposed to have 112 chaffs and 94 flares which amounts to 206 countermeasures
the bug report has been acknowledged but not fixed and its been sitting there open for 8 months
Would be nice to get a feedback on that



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I won’t say intentional - but alone the fact that it took 3 months to fix this looks not really convincing that bug reports (in case players have disadvantages) were processed fast enough (like here) or (even f acknowledged) get fixed.

You might remember the VTOL pilots (last year?) exploiting the RP bonus of landing and take-off in infinite loops - iirc it took less then a week to fix this…

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The squadron research progress is stuck for me, it still shows yesterdays progress.

Finally people can stop teamkilling for “kill stealing”.

Four days and counting. Seems this patch broke the June fix on this one.

This will never stop as long as flatspinning aircraft won’t be counted as “severe damage”…

Ah I forgot that tbh lmao

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The “new” system is still bugged like hell.

Depending on special circumstances you got really weird results…

According to this replay:

Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

I got 2 times a severe damage for the same plane.

I followed an enemy B-18B to his airfield and dropped my last 60 kg bomb (i had 10, 9 killed a base) with a 10 second fuze delay at the end of the runway from 7 km alt (blind drop) - hoping that the time for the bomb to fall and the fuze delay would compensate his repair time to hit him after he has repaired.

And it worked :-)

But - the mission score was inflated.

In Air RB you get the following mission score:

  1. 90 points for killing a severe damaged aircraft
  2. 360 points for inflicting a severe damage
  3. 25 points for a single hit

In this match i got the following mission score:

  1. 464 points for killing a base
  2. 25 points for a hit with a 60 kg bomb
  3. 360 points for a severe damage
  4. 450 points for destruction of an aircraft

Leading to a total mission score of 1.299 points.

This can’t be right - why should i get two times a severe damage for the same plane?

Really annoying is that the message of the battle result showed:

  1. 4.278 SL for a severe damage (= 80% of the regular score for a kill of 5.348 SL)
  2. 278 SL for the single “hit”

…so at the end of the day i got “robbed” by the game mechanics / calculator of the full reward for this kill (= 1.070 SL on top of the severe damage of 4.278 SL).

So the mission score counted a plane kill - and SL earnings not…


It looks like the written off mechanics caused this problem. Everything looked alright until that point, then you can see a sudden score spike.

In your battle details (mail section) you should see the detailed rewards report. Check if you have there an entry about destroying that B-18B or if it’s not even mentioned in the plane destruction section.

But yes, the game has a spaghetti code, and there are many issues related to the severe damage mechanics. Many of them are mentioned in the Responding to the Severe Damage feedback & release time topic.

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I was referring to that - no kill mentioned in this report…just severe damage and the hit…

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I’m pretty sure there are two bugs related to your situation:

  • The written off mechanics should only give you the remaining 20% in this case. But it gave you 100%, like the plane wasn’t severely damaged already (but then it shouldn’t be written off in the first place, so it’s basically a spaghetti code, every part of the game code works separately, instead of cooperating with each other).

  • The written off mechanics doesn’t add the remaining part of the rewards. I don’t know if you remember, but the severe damage mechanics was bugged the same way at the beginning. It was fixed a few weeks later. It looks like the written off mechanics has the same bug that is not fixed yet.

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written off mechanic wont trigger if the plane repairs.

The target was hit by one bomb, after already repaired and tried to take off. The hit caused a fire that caused severe damage, and then (when the team ran out of tickets) the written off mechanics triggered:

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but the first instance of severe damage does not get a “written off” reward since the plane repaired.
so the result should be:
1 severe damage + repair = reset plane (severe damage reward still kept)
1 severe dagame + written off = kill
which is what he got.

Continuing the discussion from [Development] Testing out the Severe Damage mechanic:

Feel free to watch the replay - the B-18 get set onfire - causing a severe damage - and then (the plane never repaired) a second severe damage was rewarded (450 mission score = 360 SD and 90 destruction) - but i never got the SL for the plane kill itself, just for the SD and the “hit”…

Exactly - imho the only logical explanation is that the inactivity timer kicked in - the B 18B had a full repair upfront and was then burning for roughly a minute - enough time to declare you as “inactive” and end the game…


Thx for uploading the screenshot - i am unable to provide those via xbox.

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I think you misunderstood the situation.

The order of the events:

  • B18B without any damage crash-lands to replenish his bombs load.
  • B18B repairs and replenish the ammo
  • B18B tries to take off, but got hit by the bomb
  • B18B got severely damaged from a fire caused by the bomb
  • B18B is inactive for a long time, and he was the last guy in the team, so team tickets starts bleeding
  • when tickets ran out, B18B is written off due severe damage (because he was severely damaged already)

The correct result should be 100% score + 100% rewards. But the bugged result is 180% score + 80% rewards.

EDIT: And possibly no frag for this guy (because he wasn’t mentioned in the destruction section of the rewards).

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You are contradicting yourself.
ill watch the replay so that i understand better but you have said both that it did repair and that it didn’t repair before second hit.

i’ll watch the replay because the player has stated both repair and no repair before second hit.