Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

Aren’t the Czechs already having their vehicles added to a existing tech tree?

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Quick question- how did you make the image of the tech tree? It’s really well done, and I’ve got a Polish tech tree suggestion I want to make, and having a similar image would be greatly advantageous.

Sure, use this site: WT Tech-Tree Maker


You have time to make a UKR line,why not to finished ohter line

People are busy ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Many players who take this game seriously enough to post on the forums and put in tremendous effort to make tech tree suggestions have a lot on their plates as adult people, we can just be patient

Czechoslovakia could work independently very well or as a part of V4 tech tree.
There is very little reason why they should share a tree with Ukraine and it would be a waste on behalf of the Czechoslovak side of things.


Agreed the czech/slovak along with the benalux, hungry and yugoslav are the most viable trees i have seen presented so far.

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I have a few thoughts on how the integration of the Ukrainian (and not only) tree into the game will look like.


You can use the RIGHT BUTTON and OPEN IN NEW TAB. And of course I would like to hear your opinion.
Sometimes I used Google Translate, so I apologize in advance for any crooked text!


If you have only Soviet vehicles in your set, the flag at the bottom is red, i.e. the USSR.

If you have not researched vehicles under the flag of Russia or another country, then the choice of a nation other than the USSR is not available.

If you research, for example, rank 4 or 5, you will be able to research the vehicles in the trees of other countries. Only one technique from all post-Soviet countries can be researched at a time.

After exploring the first vehicle under the Ukrainian or Russian flag, you can add it to your set. You can select a country either from the top or from the bottom drop-down menu.

Only Soviet vehicles can be mixed with other countries that were part of the USSR. Russia and Ukraine cannot be in the same set at the same time.

This will allow us to develop individual trees of other countries in the future by connecting them with the USSR. And in this case, the number of unique vehicles may be minimal. For example, Kazakhstan or Georgia do not have a lot of their own unique vehicles. Therefore, it will be possible to add one vehicle under the Georgian flag to the setup, and all the others under the USSR flag.

Also, this method will allow playing the latest German technique under a modern flag. That is, when you have only old tanks in your set, the flag at the bottom is the same as the one we have in the game now.

But if you research and put a tank with a new flag in a tree in the setup. The flag at the bottom will change to a modern one.

This method will make sets with the vehicles more historical.

Also, in the case of the Soviet and post-Soviet tree, I propose to change the rule of matchmaking somewhat:

Only the USSR or a post-Soviet country can be in the same battle. They cannot fight each other and cannot fight on the same side.

This method of matchmaking will not affect the number of “clones” that players can meet in battle. This is because the post-Soviet country will play instead of the USSR. If you play as a German, you will play against the USSR, or against Russia, or against Ukraine.

If you want to develop the Russian tree, just don’t open the other tabs. The same goes for the Ukrainian tree. Just don’t change your sets, and you’ll always have your country’s flag at the bottom among others.

The downside can be the waiting time for a battle if you play for a country that is not popular, such as Georgia. Because you will have to wait for the game to select players from the same nation for your team. Or among other players (for example, Germany, Italy, and Sweden), you will be the only one playing under the Georgian flag.


That’s what I was thinking too. I wrote it in the suggestion a while ago but the fact you made a visual is🔥


This is very beautifully illustrated!
Though I can’t imagine any other countries that this would be necessary for, it would definitely alleviate the contentious nature of how Ukraine could be implemented!

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Thank you! Of course, these are just my thoughts. But the idea is that even a minimal amount of unique machines in any post-Soviet nation can be combined with the Soviet tree.


That’s actually a neat idea, but would you be able to mix lineups or at least to an extent?

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It will be possible to mix only with Soviet equipment. For example, there are Soviet tanks that can be mixed with Ukrainian ones. If at least one tank in the set is Ukrainian, then the entire set is considered Ukrainian.

Similarly, Russian tanks can be mixed with Soviet tanks.

Russian tanks cannot be mixed with Ukrainian tanks.

In other words, each nation will have its own end of the tree, but the beginning and middle will be Soviet.


What about the matchmaker, wouldn’t that still put them all on the same team.

At the end of the message, I illustrated how it might look like. You probably didn’t open the “details”… )


Tbh I overlooked it

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What if I want to play Kazakhstan and my buddy wanted to play another post-Soviet nation, would we not be able to match make together?

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Well, it probably won’t work here… I hadn’t thought of that.


This is great work! Clear and concise illustrations of your ideas, which do address a lot of contention in the discussion!!!

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I’m going to have some free time over the next week and will look to revamp the tree.

Also at 1,100+ votes already 0_o and its been like 3 days since I last commented 0_o lol