Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

I feel like I know what you voted!

Your tree deserves to be noticed! But, for example, I would remove the T-34-85, IS-2, and SU-100. Because it is more associated with the Soviet Union than with modern technology. And Ukraine should more or less have a modern tree.

I would also raise the MTLB-T-23-2 to 6.3 and replace it with a version where the gun is controlled from the middle of the MTLB. That is, by removing two crew members who were not protected at all. Such modifications were implemented… I even saw a video somewhere.


i dont remember limiting my criticism to the leo (ERA mod). my criticism was more towards donated vehicles EG: leo 2a4 stock, leo 2a5, 2a6, bradely, etc and towards straight up soviet vehicles being in the ukrainian TT. i alctually would like to see these tanks in game but as a subtree of russia due to shared history, culture, identity and the sheer similarity of the situation (regarding implementation ingame) as the chinese TT with the taiwanese subtree


If a vehicle receives a stronger engine, new shells, dynamic and active defense, is it a copy-paste?


I think copy and paste is the wrong word to use for it, though some vehicles in this tree early on are literally copy and paste, some of the Soviet era vehicles to be exact, the ones that Ukraine no longer use and haven’t used post 1991.

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Don’t forget that this is just a suggested rough draft of the tree. And not all the equipment that can be in the tree is present. This is just a discussion and if the tree is added to the game. This does not mean that it can be exactly like this. And there may not be any openly Soviet vehicles (such as the T-34 and Is-3). Which makes sense in principle.


Also nice to see that my simple suggestion of placing them in existing trees was flagged, you might not like it, but historically Ukraine was a part of the USSR, which in line with other nations like the lizard aa and the moderna they are added to the Russian tech tree. This is continuing with the su-25 in the summer event, sure it is a module from Belarus but its still being added in the soviet tech tree.

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The Soviet tree is already too full. And it is also busy with Russia. And for some reason, everyone thinks that Soviet = Russian. Although half of the tanks were built in Ukraine. It just happened in Soviet times.

And adding a separate Ukrainian tree will allow developers to add other nations in the future. Without being tied to a country that no longer exists. How strange it is for me to play with modern tanks under the flag of the USSR.


Milestone reached! 1,000 votes!!! Thank you to everyone who voted and provided feedback! An overwhelming majority voted in favor, we’ll see what happens in the future!


This is more votes than the Yugoslav ground tree has views, very impressive!


Great results! Despite some skeptics who don’t want to see the facts. Voting is still ongoing.


I do hate to ask, but are there any changes incoming? Anything you can share?

I haven’t had the chance with work but I do intend on trying to balance out the amount of T-64’s, and moving vehicles around to make it more appealing to the general audience and skeptics.

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o7 Yontzee

Just a collection of photos of T-55AGM (TIFON-2)

Spoiler 1

Spoiler 2

Photo taken from open sources: Т-55АГМ (Tifon-II) - Google Drive


I don’t understand why people still hate on the rocket car but don’t mention the German Rocket thrower with the same turret much more ammo and best Light vehicle chassis in that br range
At the same or until a few weeks ago lower br

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I don’t like the Raketen one either, it’s just that the Swedish Rocket Car is the first one that comes to mind as it has been in game longer

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A good modernization of the old T-55. A good engine that can accelerate to 70 km per hour and has 30 km of reverse speed. A new turret with automatic loading, a new gun (120 or 125), the ability to fire guided missiles, a thermal imager…

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Gvozdika announced to be added


This might sound a bit strange, but I believe a joint Ukrainian-Czechoslovak tree would work well overall. Rank I would be Czechoslovakian vehicles, with Ranks II and III being mostly German and Soviet vehicles. Then, Ukrainian vehicles would begin to fill out the higher ranks along with some Czech vehicles.