The Benefits of adding 'minor' nation tech trees

Well… gaijin being gaijin lol

that’s cool, but maybe it’s too much for a subtree

Tip: You should not consider criticism of Hungary as something personal against that nation. The problem has to do with the way the snail implemented that nation (personally tired of the Soviet filler). Prepare for criticism when the Hungarian airline arrives, because it will be 100% c&p.

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This is just a licence-built French Dewoitine D.21 isn’t it? So not an indigenous design.

This seems to be an unarmed utility/observation aircraft.

These are not separate designs, but variants of each other, so they would count as one.

This is a singular advanced trainer aircraft prototype based on the North American NA-16-1P fuselage. I don’t think I would count this.

This is again just a trainer, but it has 2 tiny machine guns, so it could maybe count I guess.

Again, a singular basic biplane trainer prototype based on the Focke-Wulf Fw44J. Does this even have guns? You yourself said it might be too weak.

This is good.

This is good. It’s actually pretty damn cool.

This is fine I suppose.

Out of those 10, I count 4 maybe 5 separate indigenous combat aircraft designs that were built and flown. But the FMA IAe 33 Pulqui II seems quite cool. Why didn’t you just mention that? The FMA IAe 37 also seems quite cool, shame it never flew in powered form. As a side note, I didn’t know that so many famous German, French, and Italian engineers emigrated to Argentina and built aircraft for them, that’s quite cool and definitely helped bring their aviation up to leading standards.

Yep… *sigh

Thanks, honestly not all 28 of them are needed, and some of them are in the SPAA line, but it’s just to show just how many there are that could work.

I know when people are complaining “Hungary = copy-paste” that the problem is with Gaijin’s poor implementation, but there are still people who think that Hungary only has the few indigenous vehicles that Gaijin did add, and they complain that Hungary should never have been added because “they never built any of their own vehicles”… that is what pisses me off, because they now spread false information to others and downplay what indigenous vehicles Hungary did make, basing their opinions on Gaijin’s poor implementation of a subtree. Just because Gaijin chose to add 10% of Hungarian vehicles, doesn’t mean you get to say the other 90% don’t exist and “why did they add Hungary in the first place, they should have added my country instead because even we built more than those vehicles”. Poor coverage of Hungarian vehicles just makes people think Hungary didn’t build any more.

As a recent example, TEC made a video about the possibly upcoming Hungarian air subtree, and he only mentioned a very few Hungarian aircraft, and spent most of his time talking about damn copy-paste training aircraft that aren’t even needed! Then predictably, in the comments I found people saying “when Hungary relies on trainer aircraft (it doesn’t) we can tell it will be a shit tree”, and other people going “ugh this is just copy-paste, nothing indigenous, it sucks”, meanwhile I’m there knowing how many actual Hungarian aircraft he missed out and how bad the video makes the Hungarian air tree look.

Oh god, I hope not, but I fear you may be correct, as that is what Gaijin would do…

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The dude talks a lot, but that’s about it tbh. Sometimes he’s right, but most often he only know things superficially. He has spread a lot of misinformation about the various vehicles that could be added into War Thunder. Some weren’t his fault, others were blatant negligence in his research discipline (if he even has any).

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Well, you asked for planes from the interwar period and there aren’t many of those in the game anyway, so on my quick list, a lot of them would be rank 1 and reserve.
You said that there was not a single indigenous Argentine vehicle in that period, I just wanted to prove that there was.

We are talking about a small country located far south at the end of the world, not Germany.

By the way, I only tried to give you 10 indigenous vehicles (M.B 1 and 2 counts as 1, I put 11 in total) in that period (1930-1945), as you asked, I also did not search too much and I did not include subvariants either.
Ae M.O had variants that had weapons (there were many scout variants and trainers), although it would be nothing more than a reserve.
FMA D.21 and I.Ae 23 are not yet in the game, which is why I have included them as “unique”.
I.Ae 22 have 7.65 mm Madsen machine guns x2, 6 air-surface rockets of 11 kg each or 3 bombs of 50 kg each and had a third machine gun in a mobile aft in the rear cabin (It may not seem like much for you, but for the purposes of the game this counts, right?)

Pulqui II made its first flight in 1950 so I am going too far from what you ask.
Still, Argentina has unique things for an excellent subTT, but I am sure that when the time comes gaijin will choose to put the FMA H75 and F-86 Sabers instead of the I.Ae 22 or the I.Ae 33… :(

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There are people who say that the V2 was tested with Gloster Meteor engines, but it is hypothetical. IA-37 is one of my favorites.

Well… many people are unaware that between the mid-19th century and the mid-20th century Argentina doubled its population with immigrants, most of them Italian and Spanish and to a lesser extent from the rest of Europe.

I said that I doubt there are 10 completely indigenous and different designs that could be added to WT, and that if Argentina did produce any interwar/WW2 combat aircraft, then barely any.

I know, that’s why I was doubting it.

Well subvariants wouldn’t be completely different designs.

I see, but then they aren’t “indigenous”.

I suppose for reserve tier 1.0-1.3 it would be fine.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what Gaijin would do…

I just wasn’t aware that even top aviation lead engineers from several powerful European countries made their way to Argentina and continued their career working for the Argentine Air Force! I mean, pretty crazy that Dewoitine and Kurt Tank were designing aircraft for the same South American country, when just a few years prior their Dewoitine and Focke-Wulf fighters were fighting each other over France!

Dude, you make this too long, you will make people bored!!!

You said that Argentina never had 10 indigenous vehicles. And then you said that Argentina did not have a single indigenous design between 1930 and 1945.


I just showed him that we do have more than 10 indigenous designs and that in addition, we have several indigenous designs from the interwar period and WW2.


Yes, in reality our aeronautical history began much earlier. Argentina began its history in aviation very early with Engineer Jorge A. Newbery (former student of Thomas Edison), a fan of hot air balloons. In 1908 we already had an aeroclub and the first French Voisin biplanes arrived.
The Military Aircraft Factory (FMA, currently FAdeA) was created in 1927 and there were many projects and designs in those years, most of them in civil aviation. When the problems began in Europe, at the end of the 1930s, it was still quite common to emigrate to South America and Argentina had a nascent aeronautical industry (with a wind tunnel included) and job opportunities for many (including aeronautical engineers). Argentine engineers were greatly nourished by guys like Dewotine, Tank or the Horten brothers (to name a few well-known ones).


That guy is a hater, I was reviewing his latest comments and he only criticizes other people’s ideas, especially when he considers that something is copy/paste, they shouldn’t waste words on someone like him. Furthermore, he is not the owner of the truth, if he does not like copying and pasting, then too bad, he has to screw himself, he is not the owner of the game.


I still remember his hate on Italian TT he had the the people playing it

Yeah, agree with Poland point. Same goes to Czechoslovakia. We made a LOTS of indefines vehicles. yes, around WW2 and start of cold-war we would have CnP, but later we modified the existing vehicles a lot. Hell, look at our T-72M4CZ which is pretty much best T-72 variant in the world and i think maybe even better then some T-80s. We have a LOTs of varians and prototipes of heavily modified BVP-2s. For planes at start once again, unique planes. With jets we would have unique line up of out trainer/light striker aircrafts L-39s and L-159s.

Hell, there is a guy that is working on Czechoslovakian TT for 2 years and have full ground, air and heli TT with new additions being added and updated regularly.

But no, when you mention a Czechoslovakia as a new candidate for new TT, 90% of people will say it will be just copy and paste.

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I recently read a proposal to add the Ukrainian tree to the game. There I came across an interesting idea of combining multiple nations into one. In my opinion, in some cases, this could also be used for other nations

We already have that with “subtrees”. Ukrainian tech tree is highly popular right now for obvious reasons, but it would be worse than the original Chinese tree when it came to the game. Ukraine literally has nothing of their own until the year 2000 and onwards, why, because they were the Soviet Union aka the tree we already have in the game up until 1991.

So while I personally wouldn’t mind a duplicate Soviet Union tree in the form of Ukraine, and I really wouldn’t mind it, because I can ignore it, majority of people who moaned about China would moan about Ukraine.

As for combining random nations into one tree, no. I’d rather have separate nations with as little as 3 vehicles in a tree, than just bunching them up under one tree. But I could be convinced otherwise. I think giving sub trees of smaller nations to the nations we already have in the game is the best option right now.

What about a Czechoslovakia + Poland TT with Ukraine sub tt? Either way i think Ukraine could be a sub TT for one of those nations if they come into the game

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Bit top tier intensive but probably the overall best balanced, largely requested and least controversial way to add these countries. Particularly for Ukraine!


Like i mentioned many times the TT would probably not end at 11.7 (for ground) but personally i dont mind. Not every TT needs to have its takes stupidly overtiered.

Looks at Italian MBTs and SPAAs


Considering the current Polish arsenal and Ukraine I don’t doubt 11.7 would be very achievable for their ground

Same for Czechoslovakia as our current MBTs woudl be T-72M4CZ, 2x T-72 Moderna (one with 30mm and second with a twin 20mm autocannons) and Leopard 2A4. Not speaking for light vehicles, air and helis. So…4 tanks for 10.3 wouldnt be bad.

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If we’re talking about Ukraine, most people simply don’t understand the proposal I mentioned. It clearly states that copy-pasting in this case is just not possible.

In my opinion i think that the Polish-Czechoslovakian mix, unfortunately no longer containing Hungary [*], is a great idea that should be implemented, I don’t know if Ukraine is a good idea in this tree, of course it would be nice to see T-84 and the rest of their modifications, but from a political point of view in the case of Polish relations with Ukraine and the general Russian playerbase ongoing community war I doubt that Ukraine will be included in the game.

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