The problem with new minor nation trees

Or when there are no vehicles left to add at surtain br’s
And then it doesnt have to be a Sub-TT, but it can also be just top-tier vehicles from one specific nation

The other benefit of subtrees is that they can add uniqueness to nations. They can give nations more variety in playstyle and uniqueness to them, giving them more of a reason to be played.

True, but i prefer to get 4-8 different variants of the same vehicle, then no vehicle at all.

Japan case with type-90’s, Type-74 and Type-10’s.

Barfing rn


it can go both ways, or France or Germany, IMO

but thats not the point

Germany needs it much less than France though. France needs it last of the nations still needing a subtree, but France needs it more than Germany.

Oh and Thailand for Japan.

I’d settle for neither

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France also doesn’t need it.
What France needs is more attention from Gaijin, because they have some of the most growth potential left of any nation currently in game alongside China.


I agree with this, and they should get Switzerland.

Indeed. I wish I remembered the name of the one Frenchy that as multiple screenshots over the 2,000+ things for France, I could summon.

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The only nations that need a sub-tree are Japan and maybe China. With Israel being iffy.

As every other nation is either full(USA, Germany, USSR, France) or has a sub-tree (UK, Sweden, Italy).

But how many sub-trees until a nation looks like these:
ASEAN ground forces tech tree for War Thunder proposal by PikPikker
Arab-Iranian ground forces tech tree for War Thunder proposal by Borotovas

Challengers, Leopards, T-90s, and Abrams, all in the same tree. Don’t you see the problem with that?
And you can’t leave the MBT of a sub-tree out it’s a disservice to representing that nation. Nor can it go to another nation as Smin said:

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Yeah, so that’s what i think about it.
Most nations don’t need sub-TT’s, but they need to get more addition per update.

Romanian stuff gets added to Italy as well.


Italy still can get more of its own stuff of course, subtree doesn’t stop it from getting own stuff, but Hungary brings things that Italy lacks a lot (mainly armor). Also if they add 2A7HU next update Italy will most likely rise up from the bottom of popularity.
Bulgaria is questionable as it doesn’t have a lot of unique designs or even modifications (only few props and one BMP variant).

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We’ll pretty much certainly get at least some Bulgarian stuff. The BMP-23’s textures were datamined ages ago.

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Romania’s future is not yet set.

The BMP-23 and -30 aren’t variants of BMPs, they are variants of the 2S1. They’re just called BMP because BMP translates to IFV.
They also have something they call the T-72M2, which is a further modernization of their T-72M1 and is not the same as the (post) Czechoslovak tanks of the same name.

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A hypothetical Yugoslav ground tree can have tonnes of fully indigenous and heavily modified vehicles, and the M-84A is indeed unique from the T-72M1, and anyone who believes otherwise is delusional.
On top of this, there are also a large number of unique air vehicles, significantly more than Israel, and a similar number to Sweden.

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Same for Czechoslovakia…but knowing how Gaijin is…we will be getting 5 copy and paste vehicles before we get 1 unique/indigenous vehicle.


I know this has been mentioned before. But apart from Blastertitan’s idea, I can’t suggest anything else. Of course, it’s a rough solution to the problem. But I really like the essence of it.

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That idea is what I support the most for subtrees because that way they can do multi-line subtrees.