Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

If you’re good with it, I’d like to use your illustrations within the main suggestion.

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but that dosent allow you to ‘make’ the TT card images. you can only paste images there

I wouldn’t call half these tanks very capable (not without higher penetrating sabots anyway), especially later on in the higher echelons year or two from now, I see Oplots, Yatagan and it’s T-72-120 counterpart being like what 10.7 - 11.0~ even with current leased equipment thrown in and 3BM44U1 and KE-W, most of these may just fire 3BM42. Sure the tech tree will be large, I see other trees growing the same way with sub trees as well, I don’t see how that’s a bad thing, maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong perspective.

Yes, of course! If we have any new ideas, we can finish it…

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Is it possible to play RB with friends of different nations? It seems to be possible only in the arcade…

Is the snail even listening here?

Also, I will add. This should include a new vechicle. Since russia is sitting on the Pantsir (2012). The US, Ukraine, Isreal, Germany, and Swedish (all currently use) the MIM-104 Antiair battery loaded with MIM-104F Pac-3 Missiles. This would help add some balance to the over powered russian AA tree.

Also Ukraine should have the following tanks:

  1. STRV 122 with its Active Protection System.
  2. Challenger 2
  3. M1A1 Abrams
  4. PT-91 Twardy

Also Helicopters. Ukraine should be outfitted with:

  1. Mi-8
  2. Mi-17
  3. Mi-28
  4. EC-665

@Yontzee please add these.

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Let’s keep it civil and on topic please


How come the Strv 122 gets an APS?
And Ukraine never got Mi-28s, or EC 665s.
I don’t see where they come from?


No, it is not a good idea. this game need to repair bugs, new netcode becouse of laging players from Asia, it needs to get some balance, new maps which are suited for modern tanks and air battlefields. There is much to work at, another tree with again repeating vehicles and maybe 3-4 upgreaded vehicles is not worth the money. Specialy becouse how the game works, there is litle to no realism in it, and vehicles are balanced via BR. It is same nonsense like with the Yugoslavia tree, czechoslovakia tree, Hungary, Romania. The few vehicles form other nations are good for event vehicles but not as separate tree.


Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia both have better tree potential than Sweden and Israel, which are currently present in game.
Ukraine also has a potent ground tree.

These nations don’t have “3-4 upgraeded vehicles”, they have air and ground industries that not only procure upgrades of vehicles that cannot be found elsewhere, but are wholly unique to those countries in question.

OT-64 is not a repeating vehicle nor an upgraded foreign one.
The DANA, DITA and MORANA are all uniquely Czech and Czechoslovak.
Czechoslovakia has MANY early tanks that are unique to them. Let me remind you that the Pz.35 and Pz.38 are not German tanks, they are captured Czechoslovak products.
Pandur family of vehicles has no foreign roots either.
These are just a few Czechoslovak ground examples with many that I haven’t mentioned.

Czechoslovakia and nowadays Czechia also have an air industry.
L-29, L-39, L-159 are all very famous aircraft that are domestic products.
They also have the old Avia and Letov aircraft to choose from, a vast amount of their products are completely domestic too.

Yugoslavia and their successors also have many, many unique vehicles that aren’t just “repeating or upgraded vehicles”.
The very diverse BOV family of vehicles, which include APCs, SPAAs and tank destroyers.
Miloš family of vehicles. Lazar family of vehicles which are also very diverse.
NORA B-52 family.
M-628, M-320 and M-636 are also very unique Yugoslav products.
Let’s also not forget the OT M-60 and BVP M-80 series of vehicles.

And Yugoslavia also had a very prolific air industry with various aviation companies.
Rogožarski, Ikarus, Utva, Soko, all companies that produced local aircraft.
IK-1, IK-2 and IK-3 aircraft.
J-21 and J-22.
These are just a few examples of aircraft that are wholly unique to Yugoslavia.

Your ignorance to the military production of these nations leads you to spread misinformation on the nature of their militaries and it makes me very sad to see this.


I would really like to see some high tier Ukrainian vehicles but there’s only one problem: 3BM44U1 - this thing was never developed and the picture you posted even confirms that, specifically that ‘MAKET’ writing, meaning it’s just a mock-up. I verified that with a Ukrainian friend of mine, so basically the top tier round would be 3BM42… unless somebody finds a proof that Poland send some modern(ish) APFSDS from Mesko to Ukraine. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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The rounds that are in the images are labeled “dummy” for display purposes because putting live rounds out in a military exhibition is prohibited in some cases. Many nations use empty cartridges with original casings to prevent accidents. These images I used are used due to the lack of imagery on it. I’ve also heard from my Ukrainian friends that the round does exist and was developed so idk 🤷‍♂️ the round itself has VERY limited information on it


Nah - most of Ukraine stuff is just upgraded Soviet Gear - we need more from North Korea - i want Chonma Ho tanks playable -

I wager most if not all of Ukraine’s stuff is just old Soviet stuff but modified and upgraded

I think we should add less Western nations and less Eastern nations

Western tanks are some in common and boring and Eastern tanks is also very much same

MOre independant tech trees such as Egypt, Libya, Chad, etc.

Technicals with 20/35mm AA guns and even anti-tank rockets would be sick

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I hope you’re aware of what the Chonma-Ho tanks are based on…?


Don’t get me wrong but as long as there’s no proof of this round existing it shouldn’t be introduced to the game imo. Best case scenario is if somebody confirms that. If not, then we might guess but we shouldn’t assume it exists. Maybe your friends from Ukraine have some more data, pictures or documents (declassified obviously) on it, that could confirm it’s existence?

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I’ll see if I can get more solid evidence🫡

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Also let’s not forget Gaijin is consolidating the trees down next update by foldering everything which is something I can do as well to help with the extra grind/copy pasta


Apparently there’s an agreement between Sweden and Ukraine that Ukraine will produce its own CV90’s. Is there any more information on this I.e. which models of it?

That’s all there is too it. At least that’s all I know about it, but I would assume that since Sweden already provided Ukraine with CV9040C’s it won’t be anything worse than that.

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For sure, I just wanted to make sure the Lvkv 9040C isn’t included in it somehow.

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