The M-SHORAD "Sgt. Stout"--> A New Generation of American SPAAG

Hello Everyone!

Today, I am going to be talking about (and asking for some help with finding more) information regarding the United States most recent SPAAG development, the M-SHORAD.

  • Yes, Add the M-SHORAD!
  • No, I don’t like SPAAG. Thanks!
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The Manuever SHOrt Range Air Defense system, or the M-SHORAD for short, is a recently developed American SPAAG system. Originally developed in 2016 for use in the European Theater of Operations, it is a SPAAG system designed, for, well, Short Range Air Defense. The Weapons System are mounted on the Chassis of the M1126 Stryker combat vehicle chassis, also seen in game with the M1128 Mobile Gun System.

The vehicle has several iterations, or “Increments”. Their are currently THREE different Increments of the M-SHORAD.

Increment One mounts, in an unmanned turret:

2x AGM-114L Long Bow Hellfire Missiles with Fire and Forget Capabilities that have the ability to hit Ground Targets
4x FIM-92 Stingers
1x XM914 30mm Automatic Cannon
1x M240 Machine Gun AND
1x Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR), supposedly capable of targeting both Ground and Air targets for the vehicles weapons. The MHR is an S-Band Pulse Doppler Radar developed by DRS RADA technologies.

It also has IFF, and the MX-GCS EO/IR sight. This sight has Hunter Killer features as well as Electro Optical and InfraRed vision capabilities.

The Increment Two, also known as the DE (Direct Energy) mounts (and yes this is real)
1x 50kW Laser developed by Raytheon.

I’m not kidding. Its real. Testing started in late 2023. Apparently the Laser is very good for stopping drones. I, however, am NOT seeking for this to be added in game (I find it ridiculous and useless at the same time for the games purpose).

Finally, the Increment Three.

The Increment Three is merely an upgrade to the Increment one. The big changes are:
The 4x FIM-92 Stingers are replaced with the NGSRI Missile currently in development (Much like the Challenger Three is still in development). The NGSRIs fit in the same housing as the Stinger, however are a much more capable missile.
XM 1223 MMPA, or Multi Mode Proximity Airburst munition.

This vehicle is currently in the midst of being worked on, with a planned Technology Demonstrator supposed to be rolling out this year. This would be the version of the vehicle I would like in game- however, I would also settle for the Increment 1.

That said, I do not have enough sources to viably suggest this yet (assuming it hasn’t already been suggested). I would like to know everyone’s thoughts on this vehicle and what needs to be addressed before adding it/suggesting it (again, assuming it hasn’t already been)

I have sources, I just don’t know whether or not I should link them. If I should, please let me know, and I will attach them to the document below. None of them are Restricted or Classified. All of it is publicly available information through Congressional Research Service Reports, Company websites, and News Articles from the US Military.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you all think


I like it! It would be nice to get something more substantial than stingers though.

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That would be the benefit of adding NGSRI.

The NGSRI, although in development, is essentially a much, much better Stinger. It would be more in the range of Capabilities of things like the Roland (without Self Guidance) or the Type 81C, where it has really good range, with decent missile lock on abilities. Gaijin would need to come up with some information for this missile, but to be honest it wouldn’t be anything they don’t ALREADY DO for vehicles, so I am okay with it. It would be a cool addition overall!


Lasers for the recon drones would be funny af tho


True, although it would be a tad bit functionally useless. It’d be a fun one off event mode or something though, absolutely lol.

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Apparently, longbow hellfires should be able to lock onto and theoretically hit aircraft as well…

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Yes! That is a part of the fire and forget system. Regardless of if they can IRL, odds are they will be able to in WT. This could be a small bonus to help deal with Helis, because hitting Helis with IR missiles can be a pain sometimes!


True. Just being able to laze, fire, and forget on helis would be very nice.

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I did find this image of possible weapon configurations with the turret. Now I dont know if any of these would even be fielded in the future but I wanted to add it to this thread.


What’s the kinetic range on the new missiles?

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Increment 1 would be nice to have but another stinger slinger doesn’t do anything to help the top tier US SPAA gap and Gaijin seems to be deathly afraid of adding the Longbow to the game (despite how jank hellfires are kinematically). Can’t have any competition for the Vikhr I guess. Though even if it got Longbows they’d be a fairly strict downgrade over stingers given the lower velocity, though the anti-tank capability would fit with the ADATS thematically. Increment 3 would be a good addition except stingers are already seemingly artificially nerfed so I don’t see them adding the NGSRI given it’s performance is basically ???. The appeal to the Challenger 3 is a false comparison because the Challenger 3 is basically just Britain being 10-15 years behind everyone else for armor development, it doesn’t actually add any novel capability to the game.


Stryker MSL would be nice


Wondering the same
I only now heard of NGSRI and until now i thought adding this vehicle would be pointless over the LAV-AD we already have
But if the NGSRI actually proves to be better this could overthrow the ADATS as top tier imo


Despite not grinding the US tech tree, this can actually help the lackluster US Ground AA department(excluding the M3/ATADS)


It’s uh… Something?

I have no clue. To be completely honest, the missile only exists in development. We have no clue anything other than it’s supposed to be significantly better than a Stinger. Realistically, Gaijin wouldn’t add it… But maybe I could ask for Stingers to be improved and more realistic? I don’t know.

Well, maybe Gaijin could fix Stingers for this. And plus, with the gun, I feel like their could be the option to either only give it HE and MMPA. And longbows, although alright for AT in long range maps, wouldn’t function on any other kind of map, so realistically they are somewhat limited to an AA role as well.

Gaijin should add Longbows. No reason not to tbh. Because of how poorly the AGM-114s are modelled currently, I feel like the Ls wouldn’t add much except for FnF, which multiple tech trees already have

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The only reason I went the M-SHORAD over the MSL is because of less Longbows and more AA missiles. Also, because the M-SHORAD is more than just a prototype.

The MSL would be kind of nice with Aim-9Xs, but that would require a lot of things to happen (addition of Aim-9Xs, long range IR implementation, etc.) that quite frankly I don’t see happening.
I also chose the M-SHORAD because it has access to MMPA, which would be nice to have (who doesn’t want proxy)


The benefit would be radar, Longbow Hellfires, and Proximity ammo. And if Gaijin really wanted to, they could improve the capabilities of the Stingers, or make up stats for the NGSRI, and add it. They make up info all the time- although this would be a lot of info, it still could maybe (although unlikely) happen

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I mean MSL can be considered as actual top tier material. We all know stingers are shit in WT

And what’s gonna stop 9Xs from being the same? Who knows how that will go. Looking at the way Gaijin treated Stingers, I have my doubts that the 9Xs will be implemented any better.

The benefit of MMPA is huge IMO. Having access to Proxy rounds along with the radar makes it, in my honest opinion, much better than the MSL.