Gaijin! Can you add something for USA too for once except premiums?

about this, is my memory correct? SHORAD’s AGM-114L uses a different warhead, with VT fuse. does it keep it’s HEAT part, like an ADATS, or just a HE-VT.

Lol you obviously never played USSR T-72/T-90 variants to make such a statement, you’ll change your mind after you played them, Leopard 2, Abrams and compare to the ones without reverse speed and non-existence gun depression.

I can’t seem to find anything on a proximity fuse warhead, just that it’s apparently supposed to be precise enough for direct hits with radar guidance.

I think it will play LAV-AD’s hydra’s role, make it a IFV with F&F missile.

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True, Longbow for helis/ground targets and AIM-9X for air targets.

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Ohhhh yes! M-SHORAD! My specialty! We need Gaijin to add the Increment 1 or possibly the increment 3.

I have a topic on the M-SHORAD and am currently working on building a suggestion for Gaijin. So. Yeah!

Edit: here’s the post I made

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But still difficult dealing with planes in long range, a pity. Just be better than ADATS, better than not

Ariete Challenger Merkava and Leclerc exist so not quite

Otomatic and israeli chapparel exist

Its 3rd one in ground vehicles actually

USSR: 161
Germany: 151
USA: 128

Second in airplanes…

USSR: 182
USA: 176
Germany: 166

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There is so many incorrect and absurd points in OPs delusional statement that can naturally only occur from someone who plays absolutely nothing but the US.


I hope so, I’d like to see a production M8 with the 105mm gun, although with how American tanks at that area are implemented, it’ll probably be 10.0 with M735 ‘because it’s fast’.

We already had the event. Plus, in all honesty I’d rather the new M10 booker than an M8, simply because it’s newer.

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Germany didn’t get anything new in top tier. Matter of fact the highest thing America got was a 10.0 while the highest thing Germany got was a 8.7. Britain didn’t get any new top tier. japan got two top tier but one is a ship and one is a premium. Sweden got one but it was also a premium and it’s all they got. New Israel top tier is yet another premium and a helicopter almost no one will get. So only a about 3 nations got new top tier that isn’t a premium or isn’t a ship/heli. American and Russia get the most out of updates. Also keep in mind this is an update right after the December one. It’s going to be a little less exciting than the f-15 or the Su-27.

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Win rates are not bad bc of the vehicles, they are bad bc of the premium players.

How do you think German mains feel with flarakrad and flarakpanzer 1.

what yall german mains gotta yap about? best top tier tank, unpenetrable turret cheeks, best shell in top tier, best spaa missile VT1, Spikes, soo again why you gotta complain in an american topic?

another ignorance yapping about USA, can yall stop already?

unlikely, gaijin would make it like at least ccvl, and ccvl in 10.0 with m833

What exactly did France get for top tier ground?

Spikes are shit and the only vehicle they are on is the vilkas, an event vehicle. VT-1 was nerfed to hell and is in no way 11.7 worthy. On top of that the missiles need to reload after 2 rounds and it has no guns so if they come in close your screwed. 2a7v is amazing buts it’s bugged to all hell and was definitely rushed into the update. The best plane for cas is a tornado which I don’t even need to explain there. Yes German top tier is definitely one of the best but it still has aspects that need to be fixed.

Ok so what would you do to fix the win rate?