Vehicles for USA next update

I really doubt they’ll ever add it to Italy,since it was created but never implemented here
But who knows,if i recall correctly the gane is filled with these type of vehicles (created but never used by X, still in their TT)

Oh there’s loads.

The most recent addition that comes to mind is M60-120S, made by General Dynamics intended for export to middle east, never used by anyone, yet it’s a researchable vehicle in the US TT.

And F-20A, a private project by Northrop, also intended for export but never sold to or used by anyone. It’s also in US TT (albeit as a premium).

Don’t mention the 120S,i’m still mad at how they butchered my boy here in this game,i’m grinding it out of misery more than interest

You expected it to be good?

Hornet and Harrier II

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DID SOMEBODY SAY SHORAD??? That beast is my specialty. I have contributed/created to numerous threads on it. Including the one I am about to link with all the info on it.

I would love to have this in game. The Increment 1 is perfectly suitable, especially if you give it the MMPA of the Inc. 3. Unfortunately NGSRI missiles don’t have any stats (and may not even exist) so we couldn’t have those, but… AGM-114Ls AND Stingers (if properly modeled!)!

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Not really,i expected it to be accurate.

They didn’t give it the 1200hp engine because “that was intended to be inside the final production variant,that never saw the light”.
They ignored the fact that the final production variant indeed existed because it was the variant that got exhibited in 2001
But they added a 2nd gen thermal sight to it despite ignoring the fact that even this was intended only to be present inside the final production variant

Basically they saw that their logic was flawed and therefore the tank was massively lacking with a 750hp engine and a 1st gen thermal at 10.0 and decided to bend their own rules by making that tank not historically accurate.

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Oh… XD

Sorry I must be blind

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Fair enough

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I assume might be AV-8B Night Attack (NA) refit by AN/AAQ-28(V) LItening II targeting pod, GBU-32(V)2/B & GBU-38(V)2/B JDAM and AGM-65E & AGM-65F Maverick

Sikorsky’s ASPB Mk.2

Patrol Boat MKIII

USS Gyatt (DDG-1)

USS Rudderow (DE-224)

Twin engine P-40

The Bullwinder and Bombwinder, and the A-4C with them I guess
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The wut!? I’m looking this up for sure lmao…

The Bullpup, and the M118 with an AIM-9B seeker attached. Very funny.

Also if you’re wondering if it actually worked lol

The target was a 25-pound bag of charcoal that was ignited on the Baker
Range impact area. To deliver, the A-4 was pointed toward the target to acquire
guidance tone. With a solid tone the missile was launched by depressing the
bomb button.

During the first test, the missile flew a big corkscrew path and totally missed
the target. It took the engineers just a few minutes to determine that an
obvious scaling error caused the failure and the problem was quickly fixed.

Five days later we tried again and Bullwinder drilled through the center of the
charcoal fire. No question about it, the Sidewinder [GCU] worked perfectly
to control the missile

The Bombwinder also has the goofiest name ever

“Built-In Guided M-118 Under Terminal
Homing for Accuracy” or BIG MUTHA.



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God please, the US would actually have a semi viable top tier SPAAG that does not require a TD spawn cost.

That or the Israeli phalanx on a HMMETT with a VLS.

Gib more weird cold war US weapons like these two and the AIM-95.


Hadn’t heard of it before but looks like it would fit right in the game! Beautifull looking aircraft.

What are the differences between the M6 Linebacker and the Bradley?

Stinger missiles, and I believe add on armor/ERA

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Ok thanks