SPYDER AIO: The Real Sky Guardian

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Flag_of_Israel_svg.png.5fba6bee3611d9895 SPYDER AIO: The Real Sky Guardian Rafael_Advanced_Defense_Systems_Logo_svg

Disclaimer : There isn’t too many details or images on this vehicle. If information needs to be corrected, please share a source with the corrections. Thanks!


The Rafael SPYDER AIO air defense platform.

  • Description:
    • The SPYDER, or Surface-to-air PYthon and DERby is an air defense system began development in the early 2000’s by Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems that’s focus was to come out with a new, next-generation quick react, all weather air defense system capable of engaging aircraft, helicopters, UAV/drones, cruise missiles, and other types of guided weaponry. In 2005, the system received recognition for its ability to score several direct hits during weapons testing in Shdema, Israel. The system has several other variants such as the SPYDER-SR and the SPYDER-MR. The SPYDER-SR, or short range model utilizes the EL/M-2106 ATAR RADAR/Command and Control vehicle while the SPYDER-MR operates with the EL/M-2084 MMR RADAR system. There is also the SPYDER-ER and SPYDER-LR as well. All variants can be mounted on several different chassis such as on TATRA, MAN, Scania-P heavy trucks, and many others. It also can be erected as its own stationary system. There are two missiles that the SPYDER system employs, the Python-5 and the Derby. The Python-5 is a further development of the Python family of air-to-air missiles that were developed in Israel and features some of the most advanced features of all AAM’s. It is a beyond-visual-range (BVR) IR/EO-homing missile that is capable of lock-on after launch, or LOAL. The Python-5 is also an all-aspect/all-direction missile that is employed with Israeli Air Force, that in this case has been tailored to be fired from the ground-based SPYDER system. The Derby is an Active RADAR homing AAM that also features BVR capabilities that has been tailored to be fired from the SPYDER as well. Both missiles are equipped with advanced ECCM technology to protect against electronic warfare measures. The missiles have a minimum launch range of 1km, allowing close and quick intercept options.
    • In 2022 during the Singapore Air Show, Rafael displayed a new variant of the SPYDER system dubbed the SPYDER-AIO, or all-in-one. This new variant of the SPYDER, unlike the previous models of the system, combines the RADAR vehicle, Command and Control vehicle, and the Launch vehicle into one vehicle. The vehicle shown utilizes a TATRA 815-7 8x8 heavy truck as the base for which the launcher and RADAR system is installed. The RADAR is a 4D AESA Pulse Doppler capable RADA Enhanced and Extended Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (exMHR) that is been mounted on a central mast that provides 360-degree RADAR coverage and has a wide variety of tracking ranges depending on the contact of interest (parameters listed below).
      • 363062819_RADARCapabilities.jpg.06592314
      • Specifications of the RADAR and its tracking capabilities.
    • The RADAR is capable of providing fire control solutions for Derby missiles, providing the option to use both the Python-5 IR and Derby RADAR-homing missiles. On top of the RADAR mast is a Toplite EO/IR sensor that is equipped with a 3rd-generation thermal imager that provides situational awareness for the vehicle crew.
      • Rafael-Advanced-Defense-Systems.png
      • Toplite EO/IR sensor employed on the vehicle.
    • The vehicle is equipped with a launching pod capable of holding 8x missiles which is installed on the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle’s launcher is only capable of upward and downward motion, and must be deployed fully prior to firing. The launcher is the same as the one found on the SPYDER MR/LR, and can fire I-Derby ER missiles.
    • The SPYDER-AIO has not received any customers at this time, however it is a very new vehicle the chances of it doing so are high since the original system was highly condensed from 2-4 vehicles to just 1.
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Air Defense
    • Origin:
      • Israel
    • Manufacturer:
      • Rafael Advanced Defense Systems
    • Armament:
      • 8x Surface-to-Air Missiles
        • Missiles:
          • Python-5
            • Missile Characteristics:
              • Warhead: 11kg Proximity-HE
              • Diameter: 160mm
              • Length: 310cm
              • Range: 20km
              • Guidance: Infrared Homing/Electro-Optical Sighting
                • Capable of Lock-on After Launch (LOAL)
              • Speed: Mach 4
          • I-Derby ER
            • Missile Characteristics:
              • Warhead: 23kg High Explosive
              • Diameter: 160mm
              • Length: 362cm
              • Range: 100km (Regular Derby missile is 50km)
              • Guidance: Active RADAR Seeker
              • Speed: Mach 4
    • Dimensions (est. Values):
      • Length: ~11.00m
      • Width: 2.50m
      • Height: ~8.00m
      • Weight: +25t
    • Mobility :
      • Engine: 400hp - TATRA T3C-928-90 EURO 3 Turbocharged Diesel Engine
      • Max Speed: ~100-110km/h
      • Transmission: Automatic Transmission
      • Chassis/Suspension: TATRA 815-7 8x8
  • Crew (3x):
    • Commander
    • Gunner/Operator
    • Driver
  • Features:
    • RADAR: RADA Enhanced and Extended Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (exMHR)
      • 4D AESA Pulse Doppler
      • Additional software providing tracking capability for Derby missiles.
    • Optics:
      • Gunner/Operator: Toplite EO/IR Sensor (3rd-generation Thermal Imager)
        • Can slave RADAR to Optical targets as well as be used for situational awareness by seeing over obstacles/objects.
      • Commander: Helmet-mounted Night Vision Device
      • Driver: Helmet-mounted Night Vision Device
  • In-game :
    • The SPYDER AIO is a very powerful air defense system that would be able to engage targets, depending on missile loadout, out to 100km (using the I-Derby-ER missile). The vehicle can equip both RADAR guided or IR guided missiles depending on what players wish to equip. I was unable to find out if the system can mix and match missile types (I don’t expect it to not be able to) and if it can, a missile loadout menu can be created similar to loadout menu’s for aircraft configurations. The vehicle is equipped with a 4D AESA Pulse Doppler capable of tracking Fighter aircraft out to 110km, providing complete coverage over all maps in-game. This vehicle is one of the few new Israeli SPAA that can be added in-game due to it being an all-in-one vehicle, housing RADAR, and weapon capabilities. The SPYDER-AIO must be deployed prior to firing which can severely limit its mobility. However, due to the extreme detection ranges and missile capabilities, players can locate a a well-protected area, and deploy the vehicle’s launcher and stabilizers while using the Toplite thermal sight for situational awareness, and stay in the same area. The only need for the player is to relocate to a capture point to reload the missile count of 8 missiles. For balancing purposes, the vehicle could be limited to the Python-5 missile. The SPYDER AIO would be the ultimate air defense system for the Israeli tree, and would make an excellent addition once late-generation 4 (or greater) aircraft are added to the game.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 12.0+
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Models of the SPYDER-AIO and I-DOME AIO during the 2022 Singapore Airshow.


The SPYDER air defense system.


Both the Derby and Python-5 Missiles used with the SPYDER-AIO on the right side.


Image of the I-Derby ER missile.


I-Derby ER missile test.


A Tatra 815-7 8x8 Heavy Truck that was designed in the Czech Republic. This vehicle is the current option that houses the SPYDER-AIO air defense system.


i think BR should be as same as Python 5 will be added to the game. surely not 12.0 might be 13 - 14

It’s based on current in-game BR cap. I put 12.0+ to represent it could go much higher. It will be a nasty AA vehicle


Lol, there is a toy car on a image

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Yes sir lol. Not many images of the vehicle

+1 strong SAM for Israel


Perhaps this is another modification, but here is a photo:

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This ia the SPYDER SR, which is a part if an air defense complex and thus not fit for suggestion (although technically it can guide and fire missiles by itself by slaving to the Toplite optic).

The suggested SPYDER variant is the SPYDER-AIO, a mode created specifically to be self-dependant.

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The >20 km range of the Python 5 is only possible if it is launched in the air, where it already has the initial speed of the jet and benefits from lower air resistance, especially at higher altitudes. When launched from the ground, it is more likely to be 10-12 km. Iris-T SLS also uses an unmodified AAM with IRIS-T. Launched from a Typhoon, it has a range of 25 km. But as an IRIS-T surface launched short range (sls), it only has a range of 10-15 km (12 km is most frequently found on a display plate from Diehl itself, among others)


Isn’t this the Czech Spyder? It’s on a Tatra.

Some more pictures of the AIO version


Nope. Rafael just uses a Tatra truck.


Please Gajin, make it happen. Just played a bunch of rounds of Iseael again since the introduction of rank 8 planes… bringing this joke called ‘Chaparral’ to top tier is just madness.

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While i support this suggestion, this is not the real sky guardian lol

It’s a title for effect

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.