Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

Yea France ground got nothing from rank 6 so it make sense

still unlikely, gajin isnt a fan of those systems

canadian leopard for france because of quebec


I know I was just trying to give an example to prove my point about me not knowing much other than usa russian and some Israel.

Speed running to part 4?

israel best case would be this one SPYDER AIO: The Real Sky Guardian

Usa should have something else somewhere lying around as well


No devblog yet?

I remember when someone was saying britain should get tracked rapier as our top tier spaa and I had to tell them it only has an 8km range and a terrible radar

i don’t know feels too recent for me

problem I see with that is, its either 8 Python 5s with a 20km range or 8 derbys with a 50km ranage

i mean, tell that the 2S38 or hungarian KF41. And the F-16 literalya only is a copy paste

i mean i said best case, of course would be higher br. but br increases is supposed to come either way. And giving israel an edge in spaa capability doesnt seem like the biggest problem when the rest of the tree is ehhh lets say meh

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if we get that as well I dont see why the uk couldn’t get the Land Ceptor then

was that one a standalone radar?

I really hope U.S and U.K get actual SPAAs at Top Tier soon, indeed.

You know, ones that don’t cost 510 SP to spawn lmao

And, while we are at it, ones on par with Pantsir. The AMRAAM things should do.


believe so yeah or at the very least its stated it can operate just as the launcher and doesn’t need a radar truck

while i agree, israel and italy first. then US and UK . then Germany, Germany is the worst of the best as i like to call it

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it can also be used in an IR mode so could do that as well lol

from what i am finding it doesnt have a radar , not sure how you would want to use it itself because the missle cant lock themself they are vertical starters arent they?

Besides that without radar is always mehh as well, if it doesnt have at the very least thermals

the big sticky up thing is IRST I think.

Though maybe they should just add a radar station “off-map”