Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

and china*

Yeah, Tor does fine*


*Cries in Imp. Chaparral

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Totally agree.

This is just a terrible, terrible idea. ARH will be toxic enough on 12.7-13.0 planes.

ARH on ground vehicles would be insanely toxic, AMRAAM in dev server is more powerful a missile in every way than 95Ya6. 95Ya6 at least requires a player to AIM at it (Then the missile flips out and the radar bugs out which ARH won’t do.)

AMRAAM slinger AA would be pure powercreep over even the Pantsir.

You know the “best” thing about Imp. Chaparral, which is the reason why I never bothered and will never bother to use it?

The U.S Chaparral is 9.3. That’s because it uses MIM-72E.

The Israeli Chaparral is 10.3. That’s because it uses MIM-72G…

…except MIM-72G is locked behind a 67,900 RP grind; it uses MIM-72E as stock missile.

That means that, until you have spaded 67,900 RP to get the missile that makes it a 10.3 vehicle, you are using a 9.3 vehicle.

I would say it’s a joke, but jokes are suppossed to be funny.


*Laughs in SPYDER

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Soviets really badly need an AA to deal with 7.7-9.7 helicopters that are really predatory. But they don’t really need anything else right now as far as AA is concerned.

tbf russia has enjoyed unopposed CAS and air defence for over a year now its about time other nations got to be at least on the same tier, you also act like gaijin wont nerf the shit out of it looks at stingers and mistrals


Nothing can be toxic enough against SU-23SM3s spawnkilling entire Ground teams from 20 km away.

The only toxic thing in Top Tier is C*S and Hel1copters anihilating entire ground teams on their own.

Pantsir? I wish everyone had Pantsir. Maybe then ground players would be able to play ground vehicles once in a while without being consistently stomped by flying crap.

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Spyder never would get arh missles only the ir ones

To this day, it’s the only vehicle I’ve ever bought modifications at full price of GE for…
Honestly it’s a 10.0-9.7 vehicle even then when it’s spaced lol

I played the dev server with all the ARH.

You remember how ground AA has multipathing disabled?

So I don’t think we want that.

Says who ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I played the dev server as well and I found them to be very meh, and again you act like gaijin wont nerf them to be just worse then what russia has

Having unlocked MIM-72G myself, even with that missile it’s not even worth 10.3. It’s less versatile than the strela at the same BR.

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The 50km range of the derbys

Weird how it wasn’t a problem when 6 AGM-65D were doing that. Suddenly USSR has a slow 4-free-kills plane, it’s a huge issue.

Sure thing. But ARH would be worse than Pantsir, that’s all I’m saying.

Strong AA is needed for all nations. ARH would just be too much.

If multipathing is disabled for the ground vehicles and their radars (minus the fact the missiles don’t proxy near the ground) do we know if it would also be disabled for the missiles themselves? I have a feeling Aim-120s fired from air defenses on the ground would still eat dirt if multipathing is exploited properly

Sounds like we need 100km sized maps hahaha

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I had a solution to that


Sadly Snail is not that easy to convince, and now im trying to prove using my sources it was completed enough

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