Sons of Attila — Answering your questions from the dev server

Hi everyone, we’ve collected a large amount of questions from several different platforms, and have compiled the most common questions into a dev server response. Thank you for leaving comments, suggestions and feedback during the last dev server.


Q: As the MiG-29SMT is getting both R-73 and R-27ET, will you consider adding more advanced missiles in the form of AIM-9M to both F-16C and other similar aircraft?
A: Yes! After looking into the situation, we’ve decided to add the following missiles to the following jets:

  • AIM-9Ms have been added to the F-16C, Barak II, Harrier GR.7, Italian AV-8B Plus.
  • 4 x Matra R550 Magic 2 and HMD has been added to the Mirage 2000-5F.
  • AIM-7Ms have been added to the Barak II.

Q: The MiG-29SMT has R-73 as a Rank I upgrade but the F-16C and F-16D have AIM-9L as a Rank 3. Do you plan to change this?
A: Yes, we’ll be changing it. With the release of the major update, the R-73 modification will be located at rank III in the MiG-29SMT’s modification window instead of rank I.

Q: Will the Yak-141 and current MiG-29s receive R-73 and R-27ET?
A: The Yak-141 has already received the R-27ET, and in the future, it might also receive the R-73. Having said this, we currently have no plans to add the R-73 and R-27ET to the current, standard MiG-29’s (9-12A and 9-13).

Q: The voice announcer “Betty” says “all-ti-tude” instead of “al-ti-tude”. Will this be fixed?
A: Thanks for pointing this out — we’ve worked on this issue and have now fixed it.

Q: There are no top tier jets for Sweden and Great Britain coming in this update to better counter the new MiG-29SMT. Do you plan to add new top tier aircraft for these nations?
A: We have plans to add new top tier jets to both Sweden and Great Britain this year. Stay tuned to the news.

Q: Why is the OH-58 located at 10.3, when it has a worse magnification than the AH-6 and has no miniguns to defend itself?
A: We’ve worked on this bug, and the magnification issue has been fixed now, as a result of this, it is now better than the AH-6’s magnification. While the OH-58 cannot carry miniguns and Hellfires at the same time, the reason that the OH-58 is at 10.3 is because it has Stingers, countermeasures, IRCM and a camera above the main rotor. These stand-out features make the OH-58 better suited to survive while in battle.

Q: The Harrier GR.7 has been in the game for quite some time, but it still hasn’t received AGM-65G. Do you have this Maverick variant planned for this plane?
A: We’re researching the capabilities of this missile. However, for now, it is a bit too early to say whether or not it will come to the game.

Q: Currently Mavericks and other fire-and-forget missiles hit tanks without causing significant damage. Do you plan any changes in this area?
A: Currently, missiles with IR and TV seekers aim for a single spot on a vehicle. However, in the future, we want to make it so that missiles aim for a less precise spot located within a small radius of the vehicle’s center.

Q: Do you plan to include Hungarian aviation in the future for the Italian tree as was also done with Finland for the Swedish tech tree? It could offer some interesting opportunities such as the Me 210C, L-39, MiG-29 and Gripen, as well as Mi-24 and Mi-8.
A: Yes, we do. With this major update, 3 Hungarian helicopters — the Mi-24D, Mi-24V and premium Mi-24P have been added.

Ground forces

Q: Smoke grenades detonate quite easily currently whilst shot from within launchers, forming a cloud around a player. Do you consider this a problem?
A: Since the first appearance of this mechanic — the destruction of smoke grenades — we have changed the settings of their destruction. Now, they take more hits from machine guns to destroy, as well as the probabilities of a smoke grenade triggering a smoke cloud and their destruction with local fire without smoke formation were adjusted. In the future, we will analyze statistics and feedback for possible improvements.

Q: The model for the Israeli Chaparral does not correspond accurately to the real vehicle. Will the inaccuracies in the model be corrected?
In particular, the following changes need to be made to correct the vehicle:

  • The removal of the gunner optic from the port side of the turret
  • Installation of the FLIR system on the Starboard side of the turret as shown in the photos provided
  • Changing of the turret face from a rolled homogeneous armor plate to a transparent window.
  • The replacement of the engine with a diesel engine.
  • The addition of night vision for the gunner.

A: Yes. We will most likely add all of these changes after the major update release. The lack of night vision is the result of non-final setup of the vehicle in the DEV-server.

Q: In this update, Israel is getting a new SAM. When will Japan get something better than the Type 93?
A: The situation with Japanese SAMs is complicated, as there is a very limited list of options, and all of them require special implementation. For example, they require separate guidance vehicles with radars, and in stand-alone mode either do not function or have strong limitations. But as we said earlier, we are working with what history has given us and will try to implement other Japanese SAMs. At the moment we are working on one of the options, but the full implementation, due to the reasons mentioned earlier, requires more time than adding the standard autonomous SAM systems like we currently have in game.

Q: On the dev-server, the destruction of decorators looked unrealistic, as it looked like they “popped” off after being destroyed. Will you make any further changes in this area?
A: Yes. Some of the decorators will get “destroyed” and disappear with the destruction effect. It will mainly be decorators that looked strange with the current animation, with bushes being among them.

Q: One of the reasons for asking to add the Hungary branch to Italy was Tigers/Panthers they had, being more heavily armored vehicles to diversify gameplay for Italy. It would also be nice to see more domestic vehicles, such as Turan II, Toldi, Zrinyi I, as well as the 40M Nimrod SPAA. Are there any plans for them?
A: Different variants of the domestic tanks, as well as German vehicles may come to the game in the future, both in the tech tree and as event vehicles. The Nimrod SPAA might come to the game in the future as well.

Q: When will the full voiceover of the Israeli crews go live? Right now it is just a few lines.
A: The voiceover for Israeli crews has been delayed. Due to this delay, it is hard to predict when exactly it will be ready. However, we’re working on it, and they will be added to the game once ready.

Q: Which source material is the reduction of the ammo rack size of Strf 9040C based on? Is it planned to lower its BR with this change?
A: The changes made are based on the “CV 90 Photo guide Stridsfordon 90 - Swedish Armour Historical Society’’ book. In regards to its Battle Rating — if we notice that its efficiency lowers due to these changes, we may adjust its Battle Rating.

Q: Is it planned to make an additional armor module for Turan I and Zrinyi II? To be exact - is it planned to make their spaced armor removable, like how it’s represented on the IS-2 (1944) and on the M46. This ability would have made these vehicles more versatile.
A: We don’t rule out the possibility of adding this feature to the game. However, right now this feature is not a high priority, so at the moment we don’t want to make any promises.

Q: Is it planned to add a better shell to T-90S Bhishma or lower its BR? T-90A has a better shell being at the same BR.
A: We don’t have plans to add a new shell to the T-90S Bhishma. The Battle Rating of this vehicle on the release of the major update will be 10.3.


Q: The new Windy trees effect seems to have some issues during strong conditions where they bang together too much. Are any changes planned here?
A: Yes, we’ve seen your videos on this and have fixed it. Thank you! When the update launches, trees will sway in the wind properly.

Q: On the new air map “Rocky pillars” only a fraction of a map space is used, the rest of the map is empty. Do you plan to use a bigger bart of the map than what is used now?
A: On the dev server, the “Ground Attack” mission which is for arcade was turned on for realistic battles as well. This is because the “Operation” mission for realistic battles is not ready yet. When ready, the “Operation” mission for realistic battles will use a much bigger part of the map.

Q: In the cloudy weather on the “Rocky pillars” map it is very likely pilots will crash into one of the mountains. Do you plan to do something with it?
A: Yep, our map designers have worked on this map’s weather preset, which has now been fixed. The clouds are going to be higher, so it will now be safer to fly around the mountains.

Q: Can you make the color correction on the “Rocky Pillars” map less toxic?
A: Yes, it will be tweaked.

Q: New players (and not only new) meet a lot of unfamiliar and not easily understandable mechanics after buying a high-tiered vehicle. Do you plan to add more tutorial missions to the game?
It would be nice to see missions focused on the following:

  • Handling the radar.
  • Working modes on the radars.
  • SARH missiles working principles - both with and without the doppler filter.
  • Long-range missiles working principles.
  • Tactics of AAM deployment.
  • RWR working principles.
  • Defensive maneuvers and countermeasures deployment, their classification.

A: We have plans to expand tutorials in many different areas of the game.

Q: The new reworked ground maps have introduced an issue with hitboxes for airplanes and helicopters. Is it planned to fix this issue?
A: Yes, we’ve seen your videos and have solved this issue. Hitboxes are now fixed when the major update comes out.


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What about other Nations top tier Jets, Sweden doesn´t have any 4th gen yet and Japan has a special but no future proof F-16A. (Where F-2 ? ;D)
What about all the Nations without AIM-9M and R-73 or other compareable missiles (e.g. AAM-3, AIM-9L/i) this patch?

Tbh, this is not true and I feel like the consultant or who ever is responsible for this is not doing their Job well.
E.g. Type 81 mod.(C) and JGSDF version of the Type 11 can be operated independently and remain fully functional except missing a search Radar, but I guess Gaijin doesn´t care and plans to add some kind of sub-TT with C&P vehicles, just like Hungary and Finland.


Read,… the question have been answered,…

What really is there to know? All it is, is the AGM-65D’s seeker attached to the 300lb(80lb of explosive mass) APHE warhead.


It would basically be a significantly worse Kh-29T since it can only be carried on the LAU-117 rail and has a fraction the explosive mass.


Q: Which source material is the reduction of the ammo rack size of Strf 9040C based on? Is it planned to lower its BR with this change?
A: The changes made are based on the “CV 90 Photo guide Stridsfordon 90 - Swedish Armour Historical Society’’ book. In regards to its Battle Rating — if we notice that its efficiency lowers due to these changes, we may adjust its Battle Rating.

I’ll do my part o7


Read…, not for said Nations >_>

With AIM-9M, R-73s and now even Python 4s fully modeled and in the files (though no guarantee it’s coming) are there any plans to finally introduce Japanese domestic missiles such as the AAM-3?

it’s a shame AAM-1 and AAM-2 were skipped but now we have the capabilites for AAM-3 to be added.


Instead of making things better for those who suffer, you make things worse for those who don’t. What a joke.


@WreckingAres283 → WHAT’S THIS?
as for Japan,… we all know it will be later,…

What about the front armor of PSO? Do you want to add or not?


Q: Why you didnt put the Python-4 in the Barak II?. Israel never Bought, adopted or used the Aim-9M in any of his jets in service.


Is there any plans to re-model the (US only) OH-58D with the AN/AAR-57 CMWS that it received later in its service life?

I feel like there is no need for another OH-58D with this capability, and it would improve the current ones survivability in exchange for its low amount of ordinance


Just stop it lol

maybe because it is both too strong and not strong enough at the same time? Meaning that adding the python 4 would force the integration of both the amraam and micas that are superior to it and would just absolutely destroy the game while the python 4 is still too strong for now anyway.


Gripen !!!

Especially in the case of Type 81 C it has options for both ARH and IR missiles. It would essentially be just a bigger Type 93 if they add it with the IR missiles and would track targets in a similar fashion as well. So i don’t understand what is the complications i wish they would tell us in more detail.


tell me if this is too strong. is literally the direct counter for the R-73


Q: Why not add Python-4 to the F-16D? We have seen you guys already have it completed modeled (for the most part) and we would like to decide as a playerbase whether it should come to the game.
Also, Barak II never use Aim-9M, so adding the Python-4 is the only choice.


Nothing about PSO frontal hull armor?