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^Interior shots of the Type 10


I’m going to put this in here

Type 10 and TK-X CVT

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Thanks for making the post 07 too bad the old one that had years of research and pics/documents is gone now.


No problem!

Hopefully we can get all of that stuff reposted little by little, even if it’s just screen shots. Luckily it sounds like the old forums should be around / archived for at least 2 years.

I’m gonna let more experienced forum members put up the specific vehicle topics, but hopefully this will at least help.

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Type 87 AMX would be nice to see this



Has it been passed to the devs yet?

I think it was in the old forum

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Video footage of Type 10 tank testing, etc.


luckily i have saved several pictures and documents of the previous form of the type 10. if anyone needs it. let me know.


I really hope we get some info about Type 10’s NS armor, even the way it’s manufactured would help with buffing it in-game.

Some pages regarding info about nanometric/nano-crystal steel armor.



Unfortunately, we probably won’t get any info on the armor for decades to come. However, we do know for a fact that relative to the shell, the armor in game is performing worse than what it would IRL.

Same for the type 90 I think.

Unfortunately, Gaijin chose to take the stance that the JGSDF don’t know what they’re doing with the type 90, and I unfortunately suspect that the same would be true of the documents we could provide for the type 10.

Luckily, it at least seems like a mobility fix is more of a possibility now.

^Type 93 topic for those interested

Why does the Type 60 SPRG have such a slow reloading rate when your on a captured point?

It’s like each individual round has to be picked up by the crewman, carried to the vehicle and then placed into the ammo rack.

Thank you

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Has anyone else played the Type 87 RCV Prototype? Honestly it’s extremely fustrating to play and I hate it so much. You are constantly fighting against heavy tanks and mbts and a lot of the time when you try to shoot out barrels and break tracks, it does like almost no damage to them. Even after suffering enough to get the apds, I still cant even kill things barely. Even if you find a leopard, or a light tank, side on it’s so hard to even kill it especially with the HVAP rounds just not penetrating armor. The only reason I’m playing it is to spade it but man I just can’t handle it anymore.

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No, haven’t played it and will probably just grind it to have the whole Japanese TT filled out.

I played around with the SUB-I and honestly that was a pretty boring experience. Both the SUB-I and Type 87 RCV prototype are worse R3 T20s in my opinion.

Considering they use the same autocannon you’re better off trying to kill planes or helis if you ever run into the lower BR’d ones.

Right now I’m just waiting for more interesting vehicles like the Chu-MPM or the new SAM vehicle they said they’re working on.

The main problem I see with the Japanese TT is that it offers you nothing special when compared to other tech-trees (excluding meme vehicles and premium ones).

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I have it as well, without the APDS its pretty useless but with APDS I find it alright. When I see a tank I cant pen I usually just run away and/or shot the barrel. I dont have any issues with side penning leo though and light tanks like the new BTR are easy pray.

The RCV proto is super underpowered. I’ve played more than 30 games in it and I’ve only managed to kill 2 planes and 2 BMP-1s. The Rh202 is just a really terrible main armament at 7.3. With stock ammunition I wasn’t even able to pen a BMP at point blank range. I tried taking it a bit higher to maybe fight fewer heavy tanks but I feel like it’s honestly just useless no mater what br it’s at. Would probably do better at like 4.0. Same with the SUB-I-II. Having to use the 20mm again just makes me appreciate the 25mm that much more.