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Currently it depends on if any more reports are actioned in time. At the moment, the developers primary focus remains on the major and any issues reported over the last few days. So unfortunately its hard to say if any more will be actioned in time. At least there is no set timescale for them that I can really speak of.

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Linking here the old forum RP-3 thread, it was pretty brief but has some useful info.

Double stack RP-3s would be nice for Typhoon:

AP 2802A also has a bit on the Smoke and HE warheads:

Unfortunately RP-3s and Triplex seem unusable in their current form anyway because of their extreme lack of accuracy sadly. HVARs seem much less affected weirdly despite being similar things.


for a moment i thought u meaned the other typhoon lol

I’d take an EF Typhoon amred only with rockets :P

Hi, can anyone tell me how big of a performance difference is between the Adour mk.106 on Jag GR.3A and the mk.104 on the regular GR.3?
Also, some info on the HMS used on 3A would be appreciated, did that thing only slave Sidewinders or did it have any other purpose?

You can find these informations here too:


SWEET, thank you!

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With the new changes to AN/APG-59 I was wondering if PDV mode actually gained IFF, as I cannot find any information on this. Can anyone help?

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It did.


The two lines distinguishing allies are much further apart than in normal search mode.

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I know it is in the dev server, I was just wondering IRL because I can’t find anything about it myself.

In real life radar tracks were displayed in velocity / azimuth format, while IFF marks were displayed in range azimuth format. So the IFF marks would appear on the same azimuth as the targets. But would properly align with them.

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Cool just like real life, the IFF pings should be there, just poorly lined up and not very useful.


does it not do IFF when you have an STT irl?
ik thats missing in wt (please pass my suggestion)

Since you can only lock a target from a starting point of PDV HDN or ACM PDV HDN (ACM doesn’t even interrogate IFF anyway) which lack the range & elevation information to line up the IFF pings it wouldn’t help. It might help to prevent a lock transfer to a friendly in SST PDV HDN but that depends if it does constant IFF interrogation while in SST.

This means the only reliable way to use IFF should be in pulse (SRC). Which has the targets elevation, range and azimuth.

Forgive the stupid question, as my brain isn’t braining today.

How will the iff mode work in WT?

By not displaying friendlies on the radar?

We already have iff in game, it adds another line on top of the normal one

this thing

I haven’t used a jet that has working IFF so not sure how it’s displayed.

I play the Sea Harrier a lot but that currently has a copy paste F5E radar.

Next patch I believe it’s getting a it’s actual radar with IFF, so curious how the returns will be displayed.



So double line like that is a friendly return?

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