Realistic tank battles need to be balanced

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They already said the game is staying combined arms. Coming to Warthunder and expecting to play without aircraft is an unrealistic expectation.

Keep Arcade’s air battle system in Arcade. Realistic has a different style of spawn system because it fits the mode better. Costing SP and being able to stay in that plane as long as you can is the same as spawning a ground vehicle. It needs to stay that way.

They did have this at forward Helicopter pads, and it was interfering with the aircraft’s battlespace because it was too close to the ground battlespace to allow for proper use of aircraft. The airspace needs protected by players, not bots. The only exception is airfields, which have protection already.

There is no such thing. It is Ground Battles and that is merely describes the primary vehicle type involved not the only vehicle type involved.


Along the lines of proposal 2 I think another option could be that they implement a system like coastal and bluewater where you can bring and spawn a plane of you choice but if you dont have one you can still spawn in a plane but a random 1.

Already covered here and elsewhere .Look around before posting .By all means come in and give your input but do it in the right place. Us TO guys could use your support. : )

That wouldn’t quote work for Ground RB because Naval doesn’t use SP for ships. It follows the Arcade rules of 3 spawns per game. The SP costs don’t balance out to what you could recieve since it is a set price.

This has been discussed many times already. Before this thread gets shut down for being spam, I will give a short opinion on your proposals:

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. No

Just find a few planes that cost around 750 sp or whatever sp is deemed best at each ground br for each nation with the possibility of pooling those with the other nations relavent planes on your team if there are not enough options for your country. Not sure what your argument is.

Ground uses SP for all vehicles, Naval does not. The Naval system is different than the one ground uses because of this. The randomness of plane selection means you can get an absolutely useless plane for what you intended to do. In Ground RB, people use specific planes for specific loadouts and randomized selection wouldn’t work well in it, especially in higher tiers where aircraft/modifications must be earned to be effective. Naval’s BR limitation to 7 means that just about any aircraft with bombs will be as effective as any other plane with bombs or that any fighter should be as effective as any other fighter. Just imagine the anger that was caused by drones being available to everyone to get free kills without earning any aircraft being multiplied by people getting to use advanced aircraft they didn’t earn in a much more serious game mode. Wouldn’t go over well for anyone.

I was intending this more for fighters as it could help the problem of not every lineup having Spaa.
The randomness is the risk you pay since you did not grind out the airtree meaning there is still incentive to do that. If implemented for only fighters thats even more reason to still go down the airtree. Other measures could be giving only fighters with poor anti tank capability or having the plane pool be at .3 below your ground lineup.
People can just buy premiums aircrafts at the brs they normally play bypassing most of the airtee anyway and as you said drones are in the game.

So at 11.7 you should get to use an F-14A even though you didn’t grind it? Neat idea. I mean I had to grind mine out to get the plane and grind mods to get the loadout to use it as CAP, but who cares?

Randomness is the price you pay for not grinding the air tree, but you get to use top tier planes you don’t have in an RB game. Perfect, do no work and still be able to reap the rewards.

Good, then they can bring a plane they earned (althought it was earned with real money, different subject) and takes up a crew slot.

If a player doesn’t want to earn planes for RB, then they can do without planes in RB. Giving people top tier planes in RB to use for no effort (even in a CAP role) makes no sense. Let alone when they get chances free air kills on players that had to grind for strikers, absolutely rediculous.

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J out …simple as that

You spawn your first tank drive forward and in slower tanks there is plane in the air before you have even gone few hundred meters …i just J out

Until they sort out players spawning planes in mid tiers/high tiers after one cap and assist …i will be doing this .

Game is simply not enjoyable anymore since lots of matches you look up and there are 3/4/5 enemy planes in the air in most cases carrying missiles that can kill you long before they get in range of your SPAA.

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Firstly, I respect your opinion, but I disagree with it in the aspect of “fitting better in the mode.” Playing on top tier (the B.R. where I play the most and feel this issue the most), spamming planes and helicopters is extremely common, especially when playing against the Russians who have many SU25s and KA50s. Often, they fly freely through the sky without worrying about threats, getting 2/3/4/5 kills before any player can shoot them down, sometimes even more. The point is that by nature, a plane does not face the same threats as a tank, often only being limited by the loadout they carry. So, if they are not subject to the same threats, why should they be subject to the same rules? This also weighs on realism as the mode itself says “Realistic Battles,” but there is nothing realistic about having a ground battle while jets and helicopters fly carelessly above, usually, aerial vehicles appear on the battlefield, unload their weapons, and leave quickly to avoid being shot down, but it’s a game, so that’s not the main issue.

Regarding this statement, planes have their own game mode, ships do too, only tanks (and helicopters) do not have their own game mode, which makes no sense.

Despite these disagreements, you have good points.

The lack of era separation also makes me do this.The game is almost over before I lumbered to the front in an unmodded WW2 tank while post war armoured cars from the 70s and 80s duke it out on the cap zone.ODL when that happens, or I get shot from behind two minutes from initial spawn.

It’s a fault so deeply embedded in the game it must be impossible to do anything about it.

  1. you can’t do it, you would essentially make the SPAA branch useless, tying them to something secondary and not synergistic with the Tanks.

  2. you can’t do it, you would make the hours needed to unlock the helicopters and their upgrades, as well as the Cas planes, practically useless, relegating them to a few moments of gameplay, taking away the possibility of making it more complete and realistic (yes, tanks in reality they are easy targets sorry, which is why the SPAA is needed, see point 1)

  3. AA bots are not the solution but only a remedy that would not make the game take a step forward.

In my opinion, however, it would be necessary to expand the size of the maps, now with a target pod you can essentially see every part of the map, by increasing them instead the CAS player would have a partial view of the map and with the more scattered people he would have fewer useful targets at a time, at the same time time would allow CAS players to have less difficulty facing multiple grouped SPAAs such as 2 pantsir at the same time (yes, I’m sorry but there are also reverse problems) and in this way you would make everyone happy.
Another thing to add, as happens in other video games, at the moment of the queue you could introduce the selection of six roles, starting games once the teams are completed, in order to make them balanced and avoid at a certain point finding yourself playing with 5 tanks against 5 planes. (this thing should be thought through well and could be improved with the opinions of the players and tests).
Another thing, known spwn points are something medieval, in 2024 a similar game cannot have fixed and known spawn points, which people target as soon as they get on a CAS, and vice versa you cannot have SPAAs that are immune for some time and who already know where the airports are, with guided missiles that immediately cover the spwn points of the various CAS.

BR couplings should also be reviewed, as well as making the BR vehicles variable depending on their equipment (something to be implemented for each mode, ships, planes, helicopters, etc.)

By introducing roles, you could introduce dedicated tasks that would entice people to cycle through the roles, or provide larger rewards for roles that people don’t usually play, for example Air Superiority Planes could have a higher reward for an aerial kill than the reward earned from a CAS for a tank kill

If GROUND battles are supposed to include planes then players who play mostly ground should have the ability to use relavent planes if my proposal happened they wanted to use the f14a they would have to hope that they get lucky in the selection and they would have a less effective loadout than somebody who actually has one.

Sorry i have a thing called a job so i cant sink hundreds of hours in a gamemode im not particularly interested to care about your sunk cost fallacy or want to spend 70 dollars on a premium aircraft but still want a way to couter cas.

Also matches are too fast imo, you cant play tactical in 7min matches… is just a brawl of maveriks, tanks rushing, artillery spam and other stuffs like that

They do, it is called playing the game. You can play aircraft from reserve in ground battles, so you have the ability to unlock top tier aircraft by playing ONLY ground battles.

Or they could unlock the plane like everyone else is expected to.

Ok, then use SPAA to counter aircraft. If you aren’t interested in playing planes, then don’t play planes. You never have to play Air modes to grind planes, and if you don’t grind planes you shouldn’t be able to use them in Ground RB. That feature is for Arcade mode.

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Very easy to fix era separation
They don’t want to do this for one simple reason
WWII era will be dominated by Germans
Cold War era will be dominated by USSR
Modern era will be dominated by NATO

If they did this …no premium vehicle sales