Why do CAS players so vocally oppose any suggestions

If people are complaining about CAS in their games, and you’re tired of the complaints why dont you support them to have their own version of the game?

Why don’t you add your voice to their voice so they can have fun with something that you too are having fun with?

That’s what I don’t understand. If CAS truly has no effect on a game. encourage Gaijin to give you your own game mode. Combined ARMS, divided from Ground RB.

I have Air up to rank V.

If skill was an issue then go play a game where you are surrounded by people of your equal skill, to truly test your skills against your peers.


Because the “Tank Only” people never show any kind of respect. Take the latest thread which called anyone who uses a plane a “CAS-Abuser”

If you want people to have reasonable conversation, don’t start by antagonising 50% of the community.

@Richardguy asked respectively in his thread and remained objective and as such, I, a avid CAS user provided this feedback

But if I get called a “CAS abuser” All I want to do is jump straight into GRB and drop GBUs from 20k ft all day long.

So stop spamming threads, be open to compromise and treat people with respect and maybe you will get more reasonable responses for those that like CAS.

(This will go both ways as well, but it’s usually anti-CAS “throwing the first punch” so to speak)


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CAS is one of the most prioritized aspects of ground forces gameplay for War Thunder. If you define that gameplay as “suffering”, then why are you here?..


That is the issue because many CAS players do and the good CAS players are being tared with the same brush. There are those in your ranks that make you look bad.
If so many want there own game mode then so be it why should anyone stop them. That topic is not very old and CAS players have been trying to stop TO since for ever.

And i started WT in air and irl i am a flyer

I wonder why

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Why do you care


You have just summarised exactly the point.

You have attacked me for enjoying CAS being part of GRB. You have accused me of “wanting people to suffer” and accusing me of “abusing CAS” for simply playing the game the way the Devs intend the gamemode to be played.

Aircraft have always been in war thunder and have been in ground modes since it was added. It is a fundamental part of war thunder

I am not “abusing” anything. I am simply playing the game. If I want to spawn in a Tornado Gr1 and drop GBUs and PGMs then there is nothing in rules against me doing that. Though just as often as i spawn in a Tornado Gr1 I’ll bring a Tornado F3 and provide air superiority for my team. Is that still abusing game?


Just a reminder, it does actually go both ways.

ARB is not a suitable environment for any CAS most of the time. There have been calls to make either the gamemode better for CAS or to add an RB EC gamemode.

Likewise for helis… There is arguably no playable gamemode outside of GRB currently. Heli PvE is a buggy mess.

Maybe the reason so many play CAS in GRB… Is because they have no where else to go to play it. A good chunk of the time, I play GRB not because I want to play tanks, but because I want somewhere fun and challenging to fly an Apache. It was one of the leading reasons I even bothered to grind to top tier ground.

I’m just I don’t think a TO gamemode will ever be added. For the same reason I doubt we’ll see an RB EC gamemode and why naval EC only runs on the weekends. The Devs don’t like diluting the MM pool. Shortest ques times have always been there main priority with the MM system

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Maybe everyone needs to get together as we are all the same, gamers who want to have fun playing WT, instead its toxic.

Not everyone is obsessed with TO, some believe there is simply not enough balance. I think its a bit OP, especially some of the load outs, i believe planes should be same SP as tanks, but planes can carry to large a loadous which would not happen in the real world, not during the ww2 anyway. Gaijin like to boast about modelling vehicles on actual real life ones but there performance is another matter

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Yep, not denying there is a balance issue. Linked above is a long post I wrote on solutions to balance CAS. But being accused of “abusing the game”, and “deliberately making people suffer”, is not going to resolve anything.


Your treating it as a personal attack, its not personal. And then there are those who are being nasty and putting it down to skill, which i think is ignorant. Troble is gaijin are not listening

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#1: Queue times comrade)))
#2: If Gaijin thought CAS was an overwhelming issue they would have done something about it beyond raising SP costs at player requests. In fact the most egregious CAS, G.91 Nords and S-13OFs, were nerfed to unviability.
#3: I don’t have an issue with CAS and the majority of threads are just “I died to a plane Gaijin pls fix”, this thread doesn’t seem like an exception. The only other breed of specious arguement/intellectual dishonesty is “this is unfair and non-competitive” despite War Thunder being a casual game and a suggestion of SBMM being strangely absent.


But how can it be interpretted any differently. like that thread:

“Can we stop throwing bones to air abusers in ground realistic”

I use CAS. That is literally implying that anyone, like myself, that makes full use of CAS in GRB, is in someway “abusing” the game. Not playing the game, “abusing” it.

It’s that attitude that sparks argument and why perhaps no solution has been found. There needs to be a compromise somewhere. From both sides of the line.


Yeah, been a recent increase again in SP costs, and starting to feel that some loadout options on the Tornado are creeping in that direction. Though its not just the loadouts, All aircraft have gone up, including CAP.

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Gaijin is the obstacle or what ever is driving them, devs know whats what, they know history.

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Just had an A-10 get like 15 kills in a game just launched AGMs from god knows how far away.

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Yep. I just think a TO gamemode is not a viable option. For hte same reaosn we are unlikely to see a RB EC gamemode, or a decent heli gamemode or even why Naval EC wont become a permanent fixture and is only run on the weekends.

The next solution is finding ways to fairly balance the gamemode. So that CAS is still fun and usable, but isn’t quite as strong as it is currnetly. There are plenty of ways to do this. I’ve listed plenty of them in the past and even actively support some things like total overhaul of SP costs for aircraft that would see some things increase significantly. But not all.

Too many times I see threads like “triple the SP cost of any aircraft”. That is not a solution. That is a demand. A demand that would be the same effect as deleting CAS for the gamemode entirely, which again, is never gunna happen

That should not be happening with out air support, would not happen in the real world so why should it happen in WT. Gaijin named there latest update “air superiority” where is it, should be called shooting fish in a barrel

In the real world the A-10 is completely useless aside from ‘wars’ where you fight people in sandals.

In WT everyone goes to war without any form of protection against air it appears.


Even the it has support