Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

…for Germany. Jk jk, all though they did it with the Hunter.

Air: Fuji T-1 Family

My Japan Wishlist

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I mean lets make tanks fight at actual long ranges with many capture zones at long distances yk


So a bunch 6.0 to 8.0 while the gaps between 9.0 and 11.7 still not filled


Thailand really doesn’t have a lot of unique to it, but copy paste or not, anything is honestly appreciated for Japan.


Did you even see through all the lists?
11.0br Type 96 MPMS HMV
10.0br Chu-MPM HMV
9.0br Kawasaki T-4

I didn’t add some others but here are some others for 10.0 area as well
Close Combat Vehicle (CCV)
Komatsu LAV - Type 01 LMAT On-Board Firing - ”Death From Above”
STC-1 MBT Prototype

I welcome the support from Thailand even if C&P. But surely there are still more vehicles from Japan that isn’t fake. Even still missing more WW2 tanks/planes. Still missing A6M8. An armed Kawasaki T-4 is similar to the Alpha jet as well and the Fuji T-1s would also help besides being stuck with Kikka and R2Y2s for 8.0 range for CAS.

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I thought we was talking about air not tanks

I’m talking about both lol

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Well I was taking about the air gap post ww2

So then what fake vehicles are you referring too?

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R2Y2 and the F-16AJ

The R2Y2 Kai V1, while not having been built, was at least planned, and thus isn’t fake, however the other two are indeed fake.

V1 was even partially built

So British F-111K when then ? lol

I am pretty they said not all swiss vehicle gonna be in Germany (at least I hope so)

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Imagine comparing two WT additions separated by 10 years… Also they can just get the F-111C which they don’t need in the 1st place

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Where Aster 15 / 30 ? :(



Honestly this is what I want a tactical RB mode to be. Ban the strategic bombers, remove the kill cam, let people choose to play air only and you have a cool combined arms mode.

And first, remove name on enemy planes.

Don’t know why we have name in air RB but not in Ground RB, just removing that would add a lot of tactics on air battle.

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