How to grind Japan after rank V

Everything just seems like a bad option, the Kikka, the Ki- 200 or Sabres, and for premium there’s still a crappy old Sabre at 9.0 or you buy a supposedly crap F-4EJ to suffer with, and the R2Y2 only have been nerfed over the years whilst also being moved up massively since they were 6.7 once upon a time.

Rank VI also doesn’t seem to offer much good either and quite frankly I don’t see any way to really grind this aside from just suffering.

I used the R2Y2 V1. Once spaded it does fine, it out-turns most at that br and its guns hit hard. Just don’t let yourself get third partied. Beyond tier 6 I have no idea, I’m currently struggling with that as well.

For Rank VI I use the F-104J and then be the third party and basically never slow down if I don’t have to. You can also take rocket pods on all Rank V aircraft and use them as makeshift flares, firing them when there’s an incoming missile to distract it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but its better than nothing.

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Yea, right now it’ still lacking vehicles to effectively compete against other nations. The only way Japan can have more better options is to add these.

-T1S1 Jet Prototype (7.3Br)
-T1K1 Jet Prototype (7.3Br)
-T1F1 Jet Prototype (7.3Br)
-Fuji T-1A (British Engine) (8.0Br or 7.7)
-Fuji T-1B (Weaker Japanese Engine) (8.0Br or 7.7)
-Fuji T-1C (improved Japanese Engine) (8.0Br or 7.7)
-T-33A (7.7 Br )

This the T1K1 with a modified F-104 fighter NASAL radar. So they were most likely built for sure. Struggling to find images.


-MT-X (4 Prototypes built and capable to be armed) Still searching for more images (8.0Br)
-Kawasaki T-4 Trainer but Fully capable of being armed in case if a war breaks out (8.3 Br)

MT-X: prototype of the T-4

5 hardpoints, 2 on wings, 1 in belly

So for now, were stuck with extremely limited options with overtiered R2Y2s.

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I hadn’t heard of the radar T-1, how awesome!

There are still a few more options

  • T-33, basically an F-80 with less guns and two crew members, so likely 6.7

  • The trainer Vampire, which I guess would be around 7.0-7.7

  • J8M, same as the Ki-200 but with slightly different guns, so same b.r.

  • T-2 CCV, Idk much about it but I assume its quite similar to the T-2 so would get the same b.r.

  • FS-T2-Kai, prototype F-1, same b.r. and possibly a good squadron vehicle.

Enough planes to fill rank 5 and six up quite well and add lots of options. I’d like to see the F-2 move to rank 7 to create a little bit more variety at that tier.

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I was planning on getting the F-4EJ on sale, which I wasn’t too excited about but it also seems like the only way to reasonably grind through the latter vehicles of the tree and there is no way to do that without suffering, but they didn’t put it on sale so I’ll give up on the Japan tree now.

I got through Tier 5 and onto the T2, by just playing and spading the tech tree.

After getting the T2, I used that to unlock the F1 and F-4EJ. I then used the F-4EJ to unlock the F-16J.

I’m now using both the F-4EJ and F-16J to unlock the rest.

When was that though

The regular TT stuff happened over the years. I only started playing the T2 and on within the past 4 months.

So I didn’t get to use the T2 during its glory days. I still had to play smart and avoid missiles. It really wasn’t that bad. I used a combination of RB and SimEC.

The F1 on the other hand, it’s too high tier to touch without CM’s. I refuse to put myself through that abuse.

A lot of the time I just feel you get screwed if you didn’t play these jets when they were added to grind through the tree, because nowadays you get just uptiered and suffer with BR compression… whilst back in the day they might have actually been fun to play.

I had both good and bad times in the T2. 😉

It’s really not a bad aircraft. The guns are freakin’ awesome.

Well they’d probably be a lot more fun back in like… 2019 I imagine.

For sure. I hate that I missed them days as well.

SimEC really helps to equalize things. You can choose to play only when the brackets put your aircraft at the top of the tier. The Phantoms for example really shine there.

And now when I try to get through the tree there isn’t even a good premium to buy but some crap Phantom, but then it’s not on sale, and the Sabre is a complete joke as well at 9.0