Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

Now 's a good time to repost this list of unused assets I think:



lets make tank battles that massive when we’re at it

Nice, but i only know like a quarter of those things

what do u mean by that

I sure hope the Thai sub-TT won’t be a “Hungarian, Finnish” air Sub-TT 2.0.

Same goes for ground. I’m really tired of spading the same T-54, T-34, Il-10, Il-28, etc… all over again.

Blame people who want sub trees then.
and it’s Gaijin fault blame the Thai government

Cry at least we will get the T84


And Japan finally get some high tier CAS

No its not.
Thailand has many unique vehicles, but you will see we only get C&P out of those.

I mean I would literally take C&P over fake vehicles for the Japanese tree

i would take unique build vehicles over C&P

and fill gaps with fakes, like the russian bluewater fleet at top tier.

Good luck waiting years then

So Japanese Tornado’s, Harriers, EF 2000, F-14 when ?

Same time as the IRIAF F-14 comes to the USSR tree :)

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There are still many more vehicles that are not fake to add 💀

Alrighty name a few

…for Germany. Jk jk, all though they did it with the Hunter.

Air: Fuji T-1 Family

My Japan Wishlist

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I mean lets make tanks fight at actual long ranges with many capture zones at long distances yk


So a bunch 6.0 to 8.0 while the gaps between 9.0 and 11.7 still not filled