Close Combat Vehicle (CCV)

Sorry for the typo i did, I meant to write 40mm CTA gun and not the other! I did some editing to the post and linked a Wikipedia article for the vehicle and the old suggestion to the Sources!

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Apperantly from what i read (Link:, and u probably right, but the round is telescoped and the muzzle velocity is below 2km/s so the pen drops at longer ranges. But the japanese round is 40x365mm so the pen should be higher but currentlly the facts about this round are not all clear, but u are right the pen on this gun is higher then that of the CV9040!

Could you use Gaijins Pen calculator which I don’t know how to use …=D

u cant calculate pen for APFSDS rounds in the Gaijins Pen calculator, i tried!

They use this no?
Lanz-Odermatt formula what ever that is…

I don’t know what you are referencing, but I’m the one who originally posted the google drive link that you linked in the OP and the images I sent are from that drive. There isn’t a single config that has that LxWxH dimension that matches any chassis. B-4b is the most likely chassis used as it’s referenced the most in the later docs.

Oh, i was looking at the old version of it XD, well i tried using the one u linked and from the calculations it seems that it can pen up to 437 mm of composite at a slope of 60 degress! But at witch range is still unclear!

I have based the chassi mesurmeants to the Komatsu new 8x8 APC witch is a chassi based on the CCV chassi, they both have close to the same messurmeants. Info of this can be found on Wiki and the articles about this vehicle. Reason i used this messurmeants was becouse i could not find the original CCV messurmeants!

Link to one of the articles: Japan Unveils Armored Vehicle Prototype for 'Counter Island Invasion'

Yes, dream vehicles for Japanese TT.

that uh doesnt seem right… thats on the level of DM33 from 105

I found that result wierd too witch i don’t get why it gave me that result!

It’s not at all, they are 2 completely different chassis. The only JGSDF project that uses a similar chassis to the CCV is the NBC Recon which uses one of the cabin type designs instead of the CCV hatch type.

No they don’t at all. The CCV has like 7 different chassis designs depending on if

You are using the wiki vs the actual documents that you posted yourself, but clearly haven’t read.

They are in the documents YOU used as a source!


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I have tried to and as u may not know, i cant read Japanese but u seem to be able to. Maybe u are Japanese or know Japanese! So me who dont get Japanese tried to figure out the measurmeants but could not tell for witch version of it the mesurmeants were, so i went to wiki for information there!

And if u soo versed in Japanese instead of giving me images of a language i don’t understand why not just write down the correct mesurmeants from the start and i will go in and correct it! So when read and respond to this chat what i want to see from u are the written mesurmeants thank you!

I did


should be added eventually. would be great as the top tier IFV option even though it doesn’t have ATGMs.


I hope so too! And u can think of it as the Japanese version of 2S38 but bigger and stronger! It has capability to fight ground targets but also air targets with it’s proxy rounds!


So what Br would this fit well in?

  • 9.7 with only Type 16
  • 11.0 with Type 90/ Type 90 B/ TKX (P)
  • 10.0 with only the Type 81 C

I mean its basically equivalent or slightly better to a German PUMA or Soviet 2S38… so guessing 10.0 too.

+1 for me


It should be better than both of those. It’s APFSDS shell is even longer than the CTAS40 which can pen 175mm point blank. Just compare the pen and ROF to similar vehicles.
CCV ~180mm @ 750rpm
CV90C 170mm @ 300rpm
Ajax/Jaguar 175mm @ 200rpm
Puma 121mm @ 200rpm
2S38 225mm @ 120rpm
Nothing really compares to it’s gun and it will essentially act like a release Type 87 machine gunning anything down.
It would be nice to see the 313rpm 50mm version too as a fitted for, but not with type of deal like the Yak141.


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.