Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

I doubt the sub tree will be the end of New japanese vehicles being added, although the options for Japan gets fewer and fewer as time marches on.


I don’t know that. Well the, yes it would go to Germany.

There is nothing saying that any other Swiss vehicles will go to Germany.

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Im out of the loop is the t90 still the only tank with a spall liner?

Yea, i know. I was just misunderstanding the topics direction lol Least I listed the few of some unique vehicles for the 8.0 range which has some CAS capabilities. As for the higher Br range, Thailand can help a lot more there.

They guy said they said it somewhere so must be true 😂
I don’t really care tbh, France, Germany. Both close enough for me. I never really care that much for stuff like that. Unless they’d do like a Swiss operated French jet to China or something.

Btw, Ozzie Mirage III when? One of the best ones I believe.

The T-90M, T-72B3, T-80BVM, all Strv 122s, Leopard 2A5/6/7V, and I think the Leopard 2 PSO have them. The Arietes should be getting them some time also.

Only T-90M has them for USSR and only that version IRL has it.
German: Leo 2A7V/A6/A5/PSO
Swedish: Every Strv 122 + Leo 2A6 (Finland)
Britain: Challenger 2 (every model), Chally 3 is a test bed so no but if that thing came into production model, will have.
Italy: None
France: None
USA: None
China: Maybe VT-4 and ZTZ-99/99A will have.


Well fuck.

MBT-2000 will get it as well.

At least Ariete series and Hitfist equipped vehicles (Dardo, VCC-80/30, Freccia, VBC pt.2) have it irl, bug reports are acknowledged, for Ariete they’ve even said it’s in works.

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To add to this: the 2A5, 2A6s and 2 PSO only have spall liners in the turret and the CV9040C also has them.

I think they will keep it in top br only, and it is better to do so.

Personally I’m still of the opinion that the game would be better had they never been added. Atleast certainly as they are currently implemented.

If you are shooting a tank with spall liners, your are essentially being punished for hitting anywhere but the gun, as it’s almost always a guarantee that the spall liner will prevent your shell from getting most of the crew, if any. It’s not so bad against the T-90M, as the front weak spots are the same, but from the side it can be very frustrating.
The Leopard 2A7 is the worst example, as the leopards were already some of the most survivable tanks in game, and having spall liners everywhere means that the tank is almost always guaranteed to survive multiple shots, even when well placed

In my opinion, while many of the vehicles might be C&Ps from the outside looks, the inside and inner workings might not be the same, such as M60A3 TIFCS, F-5TH, or Alpha Jet TH. For the unique vehicles, Thailand might be able to offer some unique vehicles such as DTI AAPC, M41 Stingray or "“Wild Fox”. In my opinion, it will be quite an interesting sub tree, if it’s implemented creatively.

"จิ้งจอกดง (Wild Fox)


CV9035NL has them too?

i would not call S-400 very advanced when it sits still doing nothing while cruise missiles and drones fly above it
IMO the S-400 is one of the biggest military procurement duds to exist

That’s not in game, and hopefully never will be (or at least not in the French tree).

As long as the dutch version doesn’t go to Sweden, I’m fine with any tree it goes to lol.

It has no ties to any nation other than Sweden, so that’s where it should go. If not Sweden, however, then Germany is the only one that makes sense.

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