Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

so no, i dont have a name yet

The Patria AMV XP

i’m wondering when we will get the roadmap for 2024.

Next month i think

Its not patria it is CTWV (Common Tactical Wheeled Vehicle). Patria should be replacing Type 96 WAPC

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Dunno why I have to spell it out, but I obviously am talking only about width of the tree, not its length. And yes, we think that having to scroll in 2 directions would be a major nuisance for thousands of players.


The SMT getting a targeting pod would be nice.

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We knew you were talking about width not length, genius. I was saying that it is a ridiculous excuse. “Dunno why I had to spell that out”.

All the major problems that exist in this game, and all the features which exist explicitly to be a nuisance to the players to push them into paying2progress, but you think having an additional scrolling direction would be too much of an inconvenience? OK dear.

You didn’t even need to make up an excuse - just say that for now you’ve decided to keep research trees to five lines for progression/gameplay reasons…There, I just did your job for you :)

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None of the posted pictures are AMV hulls though, so I think it’s just new pictures of a vehicle we’ve already seen

Its CTWV and it is based off of the type 16 MCV hull. And if I am not mistaken the photos are 6+ months old

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How come? Eventually it’ll get the R-74M and R-77-1. It’s the most modern MiG-29.

It’s the most modern MiG-29 in game, but I don’t think it will be the last. 29M or MiG-35 are likely.

Yeah, you right

I hope gaijin not lazy and add 3rd generation targeting pod on MiG-29SMT (9-19) first major update or second major update this year

MiG-29SMT expand to 13.0 BR after add IR R-74 and BVR MRAAM R-77-1 replace R-27ER/R-27ET

I can’t see this happening tbh. They love copy and pasting the same jet with different weapons to lengthen the grind. Better missiles will come with the Mig-29M most likely.


something like this never happened before, so very unlikely

So how likely do we think it is, that 90% of Gaijins data they gathered on the Roadmap was “BR decompression” and people asking for the BRs to goto 15.0+?


as a genuine suggestion, why employ something like WOT where the TT is only horizontal but encompasses a lot more lines?
simply put, the width of the vehicles display in the TT can be decreased to accomodate more lines or just shift to a horizontal TT version

I forgot about the MiG-35, but for good reason: it’s not in mass production because it’s development program is scuffed.

I can’t see this outcome. The MiG-29M did not proceed past the prototype stage so historically did not see the light of better missiles.

After armed IR R-74M & BVR MRAAM R-77-1 replace R-27ER/R-27ET on MiG-29SMT (9-19) would be 13.0 or 13.3 BR ?

If it was up to me I’d place top tier jets at 14.0