IFV* wishlist!

Gefeliciteerd, but you being Dutch doesn’t lend any credibility.

Belgium has the Renard company for early tier aircraft and have jets armed with different missiles from their original variants.
They also have varied families such as the Cobra, SIBMAS and various Cockerill partnerships that validate additions for them.

You severely understate what they could provide.

I take it Fokker amounts to nothing, nor vehicles such as YP-408 and Fennek.
Even most foreign imports are often modified, such as Leopard 1V having a laser rangefinder and engine changes. Or things such as their extensive M113 upgrades. Their differences make for a unique experience and thus unique vehicles.

Gross overgeneralization of the equipment they used.
Guess we’ll forget about all their US and UK derived things too…
But hey, what do I know /s

I will gladly disagree and continue to do so, as I have looked into the available equipment and compared the potential quality of the tree to what we already see in game. I came come the conclusion that it is a viable choice.

Disagree with me all you want, that’s fine, but don’t set demands on how people should think…

The vehicles aren’t German though.
They are bought by the Dutch government, used by Dutch operatives and ultimately part of a Dutch unit that simply cooperates with the Germans.
The Dutch have authority over their own troops and can choose not to work with the Germans and to not deploy their troops whenever they wish.

It is like claiming NATO is a single army because of their shared command structure. Can you stand by such claim?


a bradley fitted with CTA 40mm telescopic gun made by BaE in 1999 for showing an upgraded gun for the bradley was never adopted though as the US dropped out
same gun used in the Ajax

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wow, congratulations on using google translate in a failed attempt to discredit me, you must be proud of that 1 “clever” trick could finally pull off. You can stop the cope now.

And as if you, a croatian, someone who lives 1000’s of km’s from Luxemburg, Netherlands and Belgium has any more claim to credibility here than me, someone who is Dutch lmao.

Benelux won’t happen, it just won’t be enough for Gaijin to go through the effort of creating a standalone tree. They could better add those nations seperately as subtrees to Germany and France since even with all what you said, there won’t be enough to fill a whole tree, even if 90% would be (and for sure is) copy-paste.

Sure, Fokker was big yes, but it didn’t build any original (war)planes anymore after ww2, even during ww2 it didn’t do much original anymore because the Germans took it over, unless you want some airliners in this game.

They are bought by the Dutch government, used by Dutch operatives and ultimately part of a Dutch unit that simply cooperates with the Germans.

What part of integration did you not get? Are you too heavy on the copium that your room is too clouded to see this? It means that the Dutch have basically no say in commanding this division, it is not simply cooperating with the Germans, this brigade is now absorbed into the 10th tank division and an actual part of the Bundeswehr. Yes it’s Dutch and German, but the Germans command and own that division, the vehicles and the troops, The Netherlands has no say in commanding it.


Ga maar lekker nergens vanuit, want ik woon al 20 jaar in Nederland met een Nederlands paspoort, ID, met kennis van de Nederlandse cultuur, met ervaring binnen Nederlands onderwijs, met een Nederlandse baan en CV en met plannen om hier niet te vertrekken.

Nu ga ik het antwoord schrijven terwijl je voor schut gezet bent.


Renault AMC 6x6


HAHAH. No this is impossible as both trees have 5 lines.

Meanwhile here are the BeNeLux trees. lots of nice and unique vehicles/modifications.


Good list tho.

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I mean they could just make subtrees a new tab entirely and couple the rank requirements.
The latter worked with helicopters for example.


Right, so with this train of thought there can’t be a Benelux tree cus they won’t have any contemporary MBTs (the tanks from the 414th are under German command, and thus they’re not Dutch).

Will be very fun to be limited to just the bog standard 2A6 ig, not even the A3 for better thermals lol.

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Not needed.
Especially since Germany & France don’t need sub-trees either.
The only country left that needs a sub-tree is Japan.
Israel needs one more than Germany and France.
Germany and France can have scattered vehicles added to their tech trees, or more event vehicles.

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Germany could also get the boxer RCT 30


I believe you aren’t recognizing the irony in this statement.
You say it isn’t worth the effort yet you also say it is vastly filled with copy paste? Which is it?

Whether it will happen or not isn’t the point either. The point is what I believe and what I stand for, this I like to voice and share with people.
I am of the opinion that the tree isn’t filled with copy paste. I am of the opinion that the countries involved have modified their equipment enough while accompanying it with enough local designs to warrant a tech tree.
It is one of the few tech tree concepts that could have a proper aviation, ground and naval line with large amount of domestic influence rather than complete imports.

I am almost certain that you haven’t even looked at the Benelux suggestions before making these copy paste proclamations, especially considering you never voiced your negativity on the topics about the very same tree…

It did in the S.14.
And again, modifications exist.
Name one country that isn’t Belgium who carries Magic 2 missiles on their F-16s as an example…

Again, there is no absorption. It is a closer cooperation.

The leadership is going to be intertwined more. That’s it.

As I stated, the Dutch still have authority over everything revolving around their units.
They choose what equipment to procure and/or produce. The units are manned with Dutch citizens. The units are only deployed with Dutch permissions, Germany CANNOT control or demand these units. The Dutch have their own salaries and their own training standards.
This is an extension of combat capability when both nations consent to working together, it is not the overtaking of an army.

This is by no means a “German army”. What happened here is that you either heard false parroting on the internet as to what is going on or you read only the titles on articles regarding the integration.

Here are some sources for you to read, I’ll make them Dutch so you can understand.
And don’t worry, I know full well what is written in them, so don’t try to reframe what is being said in them and spread more false information :).


Historische dag: Nederlandse landmacht gaat grotendeels op in Duits leger | RTL Nieuws


DPG Media Privacy Gate



But hey, what do I know. After all, I’m just “a Croatian who lives 1000’s of km’s from Luxemburg, Netherlands and Belgium” after all.
Nice how you assume where from the Balkans my heritage lies too, very illuminating on how polarized your view on matters is…


We cannot assume such things will happen in the future.

We can only work with what we have and unfortunately such systems aren’t part of that (yet).


The Dutch have ordered 2A8’s, so whenever that comes to the game it could become their top MBT.

I do understand the concern or top tier MBT copy paste, but overall the rest of the tree is quite well balanced between unique stuff, modifications and copy paste.
I’d be willing to have a less unique top tier if it means have a good general tree for three separate gamemodes.


Last I counted Benelux there were at least 1/4th unique vehicles.
I’d have to get a new count to refresh memory.

We are 3 sub-trees deep. they haven’t done that.

With how stubborn Gaijin is safe to assume it won’t happen.

I post the official statement of Gaijin with words not only from Smin but Gromvoiny a Dev as well.

Depends on your view on what unique means, as that has a huge influence, but if performance altering modifications count as unique it would mean that the air tree would generally be 40% unique and the ground tree more than that, though that I haven’t counter properly yet.

dutch isnt a nordic country, how the hell did you end up with that thought and neither is danish part of the sweden tree for that matter that was never confirmed and wasnt said that all “nordic” countries would end up in sweden tree


French vab 6x6 with ctas 40mm gun


Ordered? Sorry, last I checked they set aside some of their budget for a possible 2A8 purchase, not that they have definitely placed down an order.

I do understand the concern or top tier MBT copy paste, but overall the rest of the tree is quite well balanced between unique stuff, modifications and copy paste.

No seriously, until the 2A8 order is confirmed, and the tank itself is finished (news flash, it won’t be until late 2025/early 2026 - better yet, what if the Dutch version will differ from the German one?), BeNeLux TT is a pipe dream due to not having contemporary vehicles.

I’d be willing to have a less unique top tier if it means have a good general tree for three separate gamemodes.

I love it when the only unique things about it are lower tiers, but the higher you go, the more copy-paste it becomes. Actually an exact opposite of Israel lol.