Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)


W/ the evidence for other modern naval vessels and their systems being prepared, these cannot be skipped.

And they are likely already in the final stages of preparation, this was in the files prior to naval flags being customizable:

And gjn said in Q&A long ago that this fleet would come to game, along w/ the helicopter tree.

( [QA] Answers from the developers - News - War Thunder )

The helitree was delayed, but still came - very likely the naval component will too.


I’m not game developper but this sound like a weak excuse.

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Who knows game engines can be finicky

Sure, but that is just because the situation has been this way for a long time without any attempt at a resolution by GJN. Doesn’t help when the US doesn’t get access to OP SPAA vehicles like Russia does.

It seems they just claim “engine limitation” whenever they can’t even be bothered to invent a better excuse.


Let me put it more simply - there’s still an awful lot of people playing at 1366*768 resolution or even 1280x1024, and having more than 7 lines of vehicles per research tree simply won’t fit their monitors.


Thank you for the extra clarification. This is super insightful.

Now then time to save this message for later. I have a felling I will be giving it out a lot.


Kontakt-1. They made custom ERA brackets to hold the ERA in place, it’s just triangular the same way that Kontakt-5 looks on the turrets on the K5 vehicles.

Yeah, what some users don’t realize is that there’s a lot of players out there still using older smaller laptops, heck, 1366 is the 3rd most popular resolution for War Thunder. I did own one myself, and let me tell you it barely fits the screen as it is.


@Smin1080p Does this mean that we would not see more Argentine vehicles in the German TT? The German ground and air tree already has 5 lines.

Is it possible to clarify this a little? Because seen this way, with this limitation, it will not be possible to add between 30 and 40 vehicles in each major update, which is when they obtain the most sales.

Isn’t that fixed just by reducing the interface? Even the game has this option. You can reduce it up to 50% of its normal size.

Oh the irony lmao.

And evidence A is? The heatmap made from incomplete data?

What about having a scroller like we have atm up and down the TT, but this time it would be to side, then it would fit into their screens.

eh german tree is already filled with russian stuff and should theoreticaly get more cold war soviet equipment still as well and yes it a measure to keep further spread of leopards as well

Easily said, not necessarily easily done, but all they have to do is find a way to do a side-scroll and it shouldn’t be a problem.

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This is such a reach, but @Smin1080p @gromvoiny are there any plans to return Historical Decals, or open up previous historical decals to be purchased with GE? There’s ALOT of Historical decals, especially for minor nations but are hidden and unobtainable.

They’d make a massive impact on the amount of customisation options for the game, with no additional work. Any chance we’d see the previous ones be purchasable or unlockable, or a return of historic decals?

Also any news about giving South African vehicles their own standard Green camouflague rather continuing to make them the only nation in the game who are locked to sticking out like a sore thumb? @Smin1080p

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Did gaijin make progress with AHEAD (the puma and kf41 proxy ammunition)? Germany has more vehicles with the same technology like a skyranger on a boxer and since the addition of the puma there was no answer if it will ever get fixed.

Depending on which one they pick EF and Rafale would be roughly balanced. Even if they had to loadout limit one vs the other.

Unless you mean no Rafale because the French just got the M4K and it can get MICA’s going forwards?