Eurofighter Typhoon - Germany's Best Fighter Jet

The German Eurofighter Typhoon

This thread is for gathering information about the German ‘version’ of the Eurofighter. Discussing it, its performance and its weapons in general including sharing pictures is more than welcome.

As such, this post is a WIP(!)

Short summary:

The Eurofighter is a single seat, all weather multi/swing/omni-role fighter jet. Its Deltawing + Foreplane airframe configuration makes it naturally incredibly unstable resulting in great maneuverability but also gives it great supersonic characteristics. The two EJ-200 EuroJet engines produce a combined thrust of 180kN with afterburner, allowing the Eurofighter to reach speeds of up to mach 2.35 and supercruise at speeds of up to mach 1.5(depending on drag). This excessive thrust results in it being capable of climbing vertically while accelerating and sustaining 9Gs in a turn.

(for more information you can read suggestions for other tech trees as this post is to gather information about the German version specifically and not the development history: Eurofighter Typhoon F.Mk 2 - “Power, Speed and Outrageous Agility”)

There’s also a Germany specific suggestions:

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“Sister” discussion thread

Y’know what, I’ll add some general information that might not be well known:

ITSPL or Integrated Tip Stub Pylon Launcher



These launchers are installed on the outer most pylon of the Eurofighter’s wings. They cannot be removed and are bolted to the aircraft and not meant to be taken off. They are also strictly for the use of SRAAM(not the British one but Short Range Air to Air Missiles in general) and the AISPOD(which is a NATO training pod). It contains a BOL countermeasure pod like the Harrier GR.7 or the JA 37D(in the outer rails). It can be fitted with chaff and BOL-IR flare packets. This is the reason for why you’ll sometimes see Eurofighters with nothing but these 2 rails(sometimes even without missiles).




If you’ve ever wondered why the Eurofighter has an opening on the left wing where the wing meets the fuselage and why the fuselage above it is often dirty, well:

It’s the APU’s exhaust. The intake is right under the wing in the fuselage but a bit in front of the exhaust and covered by a motorized flap so its only visible during startup.

F-35 MADL compatibility


In 2017 an RAF Eurofighter Typhoon had demonstrated the capability to communicate with an F-35 using its “Stealth” datalink(MADL). This datalink is essentially an extension of the Link 16 and can transmit a lot more information than the typical Link 16 or MIDS. Being able to communicate via this datalink allows for tighter integration with the F-35 and thus also improving the sensor fusion. It would also allow for a better “missile truck” sort of mission where there is an F-35 operating further forward and a Eurofighter with a bunch of missiles operating out of the range of enemy air defenses and using the F-35’s sensors to employ its own weapons.


Northrop Grumman and Royal Air Force Demonstrate Enhanced Airborne Communications Interoperability Between 5th and 4th Generation Fast-Jet Aircraft | Northrop Grumman


Towed Radar Decoy(TRD)




The Eurofighter carries 2 towed decoys in its right wingtip pod. These decoys are part of the EuroDASS and basically act as a jammer/target for missiles to lock onto instead of the Eurofighter itself. The decoys are attached to the Eurofighter via a 100m long Kevlar cable which contains a fibre optic cable for data transfer. According to the manufacturer it’s capable of handling speeds of up to Mach 2 and maneuvers from -3 to +9g (most if not all of the Eurofighter’s flight envelope)

Eurofighter helmet(including HMD), HMSS




The Eurofighter, like most modern fighter jets, has a sophisticated helmet. This helmet contains audio equipment like microphones and speakers, a visor and similar equipment. It also includes a Helmet Mounted Display(HMD) which allows the pilot to look outside the cockpit and still get essential flight data, like speed, altitude, AoA, etc, while being able to cue weapon systems and slave the radar. This helmet, however, also allows the pilot to target and prioritize targets below and even behind the aircraft through the usage of datalink and sensors on the aircraft(Radar and Missile Warning System).

The pilot’s head position and rotation is tracked via those small bumps on the helmet. They contain an IR LED which cameras pick up(you can see one right next to the canopy bow in the picture above, there’s another one on the other side and there should also be one on top of the seat).

This helmet is easily wrongly assumed to be the BAE Striker II helmet but it’s not. The Striker II is typically in black, has a larger camera like lens at the front and doesn’t have provisions for mounting NVG because that feature is integrated. It is officially known as the HMSS or Helmet Mounted Symbology System




58479 PDS.pdf (
58484 PDS.pdf (
l5a2-bol-ir-brochure.pdf ( (RR-184)
00627 PDS.pdf ( (MJU-52 / B)

Eurofighter can use different types of countermeasures. Like most other aircraft it can use Chaff and Flares against Radar and IR threats
The links listed above are for datasheets from the manufacturer.
As it turns out, Eurofighter can carry regular flares(as marked in black), as well as spectrally matched flares.
Typically it carries BOL-Chaff in the BOL rails however there shouldn’t be anything preventing it from using BOL-IR.

Additionally, it could be equipped with BriteCloud active ECM countermeasures:

According to the Bundeswehr, the Luftwaffe operates 138 Eurofighters(this number varies a lot for some reason but its what the Bundeswehr says sooo).

Weapons(only the ones that Germany uses)




This is an IR guided, highly maneuverable short-ish range missile developed by multiple European countries.

It was built to fit on AIM-9L rails and work with AIM-9L software. It’s thus possible to install this on any 9L, 9M(and maybe 9X, I dont know what kind of rail or software that has) capable aircraft with no additional software or hardware modifications required.

Eurofighter Typhoon is capable of using the digital interface and thus capable of launching at targets(be it missiles or aircraft) behind itself.

IRIS-T - The pinnacle of IR guided Short Range Air to Air Missiles




This is a medium to long range active radar homing missile similar to the AMRAAM except that it uses a solid fuel, air breathing ramjet engine instead of a rocket motor, resulting in a much larger “No Escape Zone”




AIM-9Li is an AIM-9L with an upgraded seeker for better countermeasure rejection

The Eurofighter is also capable of carrying regular AIM-9Ls




medium range active radar homing missile -

The AIM-120 'AMRAAM' - History, Design, Performance & Discussion


GBU-54(ongoing, late 2020s)



GPS, INS and Laser guided 500Lbs bomb, “LJDAM”




Laser, GPS and INS guided 1000Lbs bomb

Taurus KEPD 350(ongoing, 2028)



Long range guided and powered cruise missile/bomb with bunker penetrating warhead

Slated to be integrated until 2028

Brimstone II/III (planned to be purchased, Q2 2024)



radar and/or laser guided ground attack missile

Planned to be purchased by the Lw




This is an upgraded version of the well known AGM-88, giving it the ability to track and hit targets that aren’t emitting any radar signals by using an on board active milimiter-wave radar somewhat like the Brimstone. This missile is already in use by the Luftwaffe on the Tornado and will soon be available on Eurofighter. Initially it will most likely only be available on the EK variant
Possible later acquisition of AARGM-ER (AGM-88G)

(keep in mind that integrating new weapons, especially ones already in use on other Eurofighters, shouldn’t be a lengthy process so on a pure technical basis, it should be able to use the weapons that other Eurofighters carry.)


Notible differences to other Eurofighters include:

Lack of the PIRATE IRST on most German Eurofighters


GLD-106752.jpg&f=1&nofb=1&ipt=26fa416041GAF Eurofighter

royal-air-force-raf-eurofighter-typhoon-RAF(allegedly) Eurofighter

you should be able to spot the IRST system on the nose there(the black circle)

Germany allegedly retains the right to install this system on their fighters if they deem it necessary(some still have it to this day)

No rear MWS on very early models



in the rear, between the engines and above the parachute door, there is a little stub. The rear MWS antenna goes there and it is not present on some GAF Eurofighter models(and Austrian ones) but this should be a limited number due to Germany not being part of the EuroDASS consortium initially. That seems to have been a lie, Germany re-joined the programme in 1995, years before the Eurofighter entered service with the German Air Force


It would appear that most Tranche 1 Eurofighters have been UPGRADED and have the rear MWS radar so it SHOULD also get this in game.

Older Tranche 2 and 3 aircraft are being fitted with the new Mk1 CAPTOR-E AESA radar thats also being used in the newest Tranche 4 aircraft


csm_EF_ECRS_Mk1_600x378_463d803492.jpgnew Mk1 radar

CAPTOR_Selex-Galileo-imagem-via-Finmecanica.jpgECR-90, aka one of the M-Scan CAPTOR models)

German Development, Pre-production and other variants/units




The DA1 was the first development Eurofighter and was built by DASA. It was used to develop flight control systems and initially flew with RB 199 Mk.104E(also known as RB199-122) which are based on the Tornado’s engines. It was later fitted with EJ200-Series-03Z engines when those were available. It was also used to for IRIS-T integration and had its last flight on the 21st of December 2005.

After some research it would appear that this aircraft lacked countermeasures and other DASS(or Defensive Aid Sub System, so basically RWR, ECM, MWS and IFF) systems. It also appears to have lacked a radar because the first Eurofighter with a radar was the DA5.




The DA5 is another German development unit but was, unlike the DA1, built by EADS Deutschland in Manching. It was the first Eurofighter to fly with the new ECR-90 radar and with a full avionics suite. It was also used for testing radar absorbent materials and for further avionics/software testing with Autopilot and Autothrust changes. Additionally, it was used for AMRAAM and AIM-9L integration in addition to IRIS-T testing in 2004.




The IPA3(Reg 98-02 because its not visible in this picture) is a pre-production unit, built by EADS Deutschland and a two-seater. It was used for Paveway II integration and Litening III flight tests. It’s said to have carried the heaviest load out of all the Eurofighters




The IPA7 is also a pre-production unit and was the first Eurofighter to fly with the Tranche-2 standard. It was used for 500Lbs Paveway testing, MAW system testing and since 2012 also for software testing. in late 2013 it was first used to test Taurus compatibility with the Eurofighter and in 2014 was first used with 2 Taurus(KEPD 350). This is also the Eurofighter that was used to test the AMK or Aerodynamic Modification Kit which is said to greatly increase the Eurofighter’s maneuverability and especially AoA capabilities. Unfortunately, no one has bought this modification kit yet.




The IPA8 is the last “Instrumented Production Aircraft” in service with the German airforce. It is up to Tranche-3 standard and carries a prototype of the CAPTOR-E AESA radar.

These IPA units are all “Instrumented Production Aircraft” meaning that they were taken from the regular production lines but fitted with telemetry instruments. They’re all owned by NETMA (NATO EF 2000 and Tornado Development, Production & Logistics Management Agency).

Eurofighter EK




In November 2019 Airbus introduced a Eurofighter Electronic Combat Role(ECR) concept. Its purpose is to do Supression/Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses(SEAD/DEAD) for the purpose of protecting coalition forces. This variant would enlarge the Eurofighter’s multirole capabilities and creatly improve its electronic warfare capabilities. It will have stronger jammers, improved emitter locating capabilities as well as weapons to take out enemy radar systems. Airbus and their partners came up with this concept to meet the GAF requirements for an airborne ECR platform. In March 2022 the Bundestag(German parliament) decided to buy 15 of these Eurofighter ECR variants to replace the aging Tornado ECR and meet the “Luftgestützte Wirkung im Elektromagnetischen Spektrum”(LuWES) requirements.

Exact details about this platform aren’t available but it is expected to be a two-seater and carry the SPEAR-EW anti radiation missile.

This is unconfirmed but it’s possible that the ECR is going to be using Hensoldt’s Kaeltron Attack Jammer Pod as it’s already in development and being tested at the moment. It will receive a new RWR and AARGM missiles

It would appear that this is a retrofit of the Gripen E’s EW suite onto existing Eurofighters meaning that its likely to be Tranche 3A Eurofighters. Dedicated EK Eurofighters (“Eurogrowlers”) may come later

Oh you wanted pictures?

why yes of course i will add some :)))

First, some fancy liveries:


Air Ambassador:


Ghost Tiger


Cyber Tiger


Quadringa Tranche 4 Eurofighter


60 year anniversary


Bronze Tiger


Eagle Star


Three Tigers of the Spanish, German(Ghost Tiger) and Italian(Mont de Marsan) air force. Can’t find a name for the Spanish one but its from NTM 2018


some of my favorite. as you can tell, there’s a lot.

Sword of Boelke


60 Years Airbus Manching(i somehow can’t find proper pictures anymore so here is a video)


This is also the Eurofighter that was tested or is still being tested with the Aerodynamic Modification Kit. You can see the wing root extension here a94841784b0221e7ec3bd71877b10b82.temp_20

you can also see some modifications to the ailerons


Richthofen Geschwader 60th Anniversary


Richthofen Geschwader(TaktLwG 71) regrouping(?)


Steinhoff Geschwader 15 year Eurofighter anniversary


Next some “regular” pictures:


Eurofighter-Typhoon-Fighter-Jet-3.jpg (800×534) (























And finally some drawings:







and here is a size comparison


because why not

This post is a work in progress so please help me fill it with more information

(its also only the initial post so please excuse any mistakes, i’m tired )



Ausrüstung und Bewaffnung der Bundeswehr

Ausrüstung und Technik: Der Kampfjet Eurofighter

Eurofighter Typhoon - Wikipedia

Jane’s all the world’s aircraft 2007-2008

Diehl Defence

Eurofighter Jagtflugzeug GmbH



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The Arexis system seems to have been selected but, as Saab states, no contracts were signed yet

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Great, I’ll bring the data from old forum.

RAFAEL, Diehl Defence, and HENSOLDT announce Teaming Agreement for SPICE 250 ER | Diehl Group

Diehl, RAFAEL and Hensoldt are apparently working together on a SPICE 250 ER for SEAD/DEAD, among other things. It’s a SPICE 250 with a turbojet engine giving it some 150km of range. RAFAEL announced this bomb-missile 2 years ago. However, Diehl has had agreements with RAFAEL over this thing for some time so they’d be license producing these in Germany

here is a spice 250(not ER) being advertised for the Eurofighter at ILA Berlin 2018

and here’s a spice 250 er, note the air intake on the bottom

due to its small size and it being quad “packed”, the eurofighter could carry a total of 24 of these, although 16 are more realistic(fuel tanks)
These are small bombs(250lbs total weight) but they’re IR, INS and GPS guided with 2 way datalink for man-in-the-loop capability
kind of makes them a direct competitor to MBDA’s SPEAR 3 missile which is smaller but less range and less weight and radar guidance instead of IR.

Will be interesting to see whether or not the Lw will FINALLY chose a new standoff weapon and if its going to be this.

I know about EF didnt use HARM, so this could be alternative for HARM . . .
Because Lw Tornados will be retired in a day not far away.

the ECR is being developed and that is going to need some sort of ARM. it might get HARMs integrated as a “stopgap” measure because the Lw has stock of those but we’ll see. iirc 2025 or 2028 was the predicted year for it

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I found some interesting files, maybe 10+ years old sales brochuers.
Naval EF is really interesting.(never developed btw)

did gaijin blocked uploading pdf files? I cannot upload my pdf files.

I think they placed a cap on it, might be worth putting it in a public folder and then sending that link.

here it is


Germany just ordered 969 AIM-120C-8, i am not sure if those are newer version or which ones were used before since most articles i find just refer to AMRAAMS in general

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Why would they order so many AMRAAM’s when they could order more meteors???

the german military works in mysterious ways