Few cool future improvements for Germany

Hi guys!
As I see nowadays Germany struggle to get good aircrafts or getting new tanks / IFV’s but there was a lot of interesting planes Germany had over the cold war and I think every people would like them.
First of all I’m starting with the jets:

  • The F-20A
    There was already a topic about that, so I won’t copy the whole history of that plane if somebody interested read that topic too.
    (Northrop F-20A Tigershark - Germans Abroad)

  • VAK 191B
    The VFW VAK 191B was an experimental German vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) strike fighter of the early 1970s. VAK was the abbreviation for Vertikalstartendes Aufklärungs- und Kampfflugzeug (Vertical Take-off Reconnaissance and Strike Aircraft). Designed and built by the Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke (VFW), it was developed with the purpose of eventually serving as a replacement for the Italian Fiat G.91 then in service with the German Air Force. Operationally, it was intended to have been armed with nuclear weapons (it can be the Germany ground rb nuke plane in mid br’s untill the top br) as a deterrent against aggression from the Soviet Union and, in the event of a major war breaking out, to survive the first wave of attacks by deploying to dispersed locations, rather than conventional airfields, and to retaliate against targets behind enemy lines. It have a very unique upgraded Yak-38 airframe and this plane overall can carry bombs and R-60 missiles. This plane is designed for supersonic speeds too so it can go around Mach 1.3-1.4 at medium altitudes.

  • Euro Fighter
    There was an another topic about this jet too link:
    Eurofighter Typhoon - Germany's Best Fighter Jet
    Probably the reason gaijin don’t wants to add this jet to the game, is because it can suoercruise and very mobile jet, but I think in the future we will see this aircraft in the game for a few nation.

And there are a few interesting tanks for Germany too.

  • Leopárd 1A6 (prototype)
    Firstly the Leopard1A6 was the first prototype of the Leopard 2, from that tank they made the Leopard 2K after, it have the same turet as the 2K but with the same hull as the Leopard1

  • Leopard1A5 C1
    was the earlier version of the C2 which already in the game, and it’s an upgraded armor version of the base tank with a lot of composite armor

  • Leopárd2A4 ERA / U
    This tank is the Ukranian version of the base tank, which got the T-80 / T-64BM era kit for the turet, integrated Russian 125mm gun, and few more era on the sides

  • Puma with spike missiles
    This tank can be the upgraded puma for rank VIII, with additional spike missiles, because Germany still not have advance AGM carriers or really good IFV’s in top tier.

  • Leopárd2A8
    This tank is the mix-upgraded version of the 2A7V and the Leopard2A7HU+, which now have the 12.7mm machine gun and active protection and a new fully redesigned turet with a better more advance fire control system, turet rotation speed increased, made by Germany, and in real life this is one of the first tanks which have anti-drone defense, but that’s worth nothing to in war thunder.

  • KF-41 Lynx 30mm / 35mm / 120mm
    The 30mm gun version already in the Italian tech tree, it’s not a bad velchie with the spike missiles, and probably Germany missing that too, after the puma Germany should have that too. The 120mm version is almost the 35mm one, just it have way better penetration, and maybe have the same or better penetration than the 2A6 and better top speed, because the lighter hull with auto loader and active protection.

    Both the 30mm / 35mm and the 120mm gun made by rheimental and these tanks will get tingling produced in Htungary and Germany mostly.


That’s the C1 (Mexas). Also, the C1 is a 1A3, not a 1A5.

What is in game is a C1 with a 1A5 turret and Mexas add-on armour. Known as C2 (Mexas) in real life. The C2 itself isn’t in game.

But I’d rather keep the rest of Canada’s MBTs out of the game for now, it’s already bad enough.

My timeline for typhoon for Britain, Italy and Germany is December. Would fit with recent additions.

Something else to add beyond specific vehicles would be specific weapon systems as well. MW-1 for the tornado IDS would be hilarious to see and use. Maybe would even get me to buy the WTD61 if it got that


VAK 191B couldn’t carry any weapons or loadouts. Everything was planned, but not actually fitted, so it would be useless.

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Kf - 41 have 35 mm gun. Add marder 2 too

No actually there is a 30 a 35 and a 120mm one. Depends on the purpose

Thyssen-Henschel’s TH 400 6x6 Armored Fire Support Vehicle

Rheinmetall R-400 6x6

Some of the other Wiesel versions would be boss. The Hot + RMK20 Wiesels would be a great tool of oppression. The one with Spike and the one with RMK30 would be nice as well.

Also time to get the Gepard upgraded.


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Yak-141 moment.

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If we get Puma with spike, I hope for the S1 version with MUSS 2.0, anti drone kit, better armor and turret independent granate launcher.

Best improvement starting fix 2A7V and PSO armor first

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“You can copy my homework, but don’t make it obvious ahh” totally not a YaK-38.

Joke aside, a really cool plane!

I’m not sure Spike would change anything. I played the Vilkas for these 30 kill @ 30 km or faster. I occasionally hit a chopper here and there with Spike…but against ground targets its useless in most cases. You need big open maps to make this thing work and even then it rarely connects. its also just two…

MW-1 when!?

Seriously I was so disappointed when they said we wouldn’t get it.

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When was the last time you played Spike?
The problem with the lock on has been solved for a few months now.
I really like playing Vilkas and especially Lynx in the uptier, where you only have the problem that you rarely get a kill. But you can often at least destroy the breach so that you can then approach and destroy the enemy with the machine gun.
In addition, the latest Puma version now has a laser-based jammer integrated as part of MUSS 2.0, i.e. DIRCM, which means that SACLOS missiles with IRCM and IR-guided ATGMs such as Spikes (especially from helicopters) can also be jammed. In addition, the new MAW and LWR can not only show from where guided missiles were fired and from where they approached, but also unguided missiles and projectiles from.
Then, of course, there is the AHEAD ammunition that the current Puma already has and which has been working correctly since the last update.
This gives you the most universally deployable light armour in the game.

The 1A6 was intended as an upgrade to the Leopard 1. It was neither a Leo 2 prototype, nor was the turret in any way similar to T11. In fact, it was developed almost a decade after the Leo 2 entered service.


Picture of the real tank instead of a model
Leo1A6 Bild

Too small cone of fragments. And only 32 fragments instead 162 . That’s normal? But yes it even working.

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That’s right, apart from drones, you can’t do that much with it yet.
It’s particularly difficult with helicopters, especially because the IRST only seems to work here if the helicopter has a relatively high minimum altitude, making it even more difficult.
But I think I heard from one of the WT YouTubers that they want to thoroughly rework this type of ammunition and all the others that you can set via fuze anyway and that this should only be understood as a first step. So I do believe that there will be another buff here. They were probably afraid that they would (once again) get too much hate because the Puma is too op, just like when they first introduced it.

Nevertheless, with all the improvements, the Puma is one of the best ifvs in the game alongside the Lynx. Especially with the unmanned turret, which fits in particularly well with the style of play that at least I and many others have with the Lynx.
And who knows, maybe some day sources will come out about which types of ATGMs you could at least disrupt with the old Jammer. As for jamming with the new one, only one explicitly mentioned that you can now also jam modern SACLOS and IR guided missiles, which makes sense because they are DIRCMs that are also used on aircraft against IR guided missiles. But otherwise, as is often the case with Western armour, there is a tendency to be very sparing with precise details and to understate the capabilities.
I’ve seen several alleged soldier/armour industry accounts on Twitter explaining that MUSS’ Jammer works differently than Shotra and therefore should also work against SAL (e.g. Hellfire) and laser beam riders like Kronet. But the most you can find is a source that only says something about the SAL-guided ones and I don’t think that’s enough to convince Gaijin.

Lynx have optional unmanned turret, 35 mm and MCO pack of armor. Waiting such version for Germany or marder 2

I wouldn’t expect that any time soon.
So far, Gaijin has always preferred to add vehicles that the respective military has already introduced or is still introducing. Only if there is no comparable vehicle is one introduced that has only been developed by the domestic defence industry.
And when it comes to light armoured vehicles and ifvs, Germany has enough. In addition to the Puma S1, there is also the Boxer with the Lance 2 turret, i.e. the turret that is also on the Lynx, and there are currently reports that the Boxer with Puma turret is also being ordered