Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

they wanted to put AN/APG-65 into it?

glad they chose a domestic row of radars instead

No, they specifically wanted an evolution of APG-65 called MSD-2000. Mytho is leaving out context (should I call it British cope or something? He’s also strawmanning so meh).

And CAPTOR-M wasn’t ready either and it was much superior

This isn’t even addressing my point lol. Anyhow this went too off-topic, I’m dropping the issue here.

Guys. Take it to another topic please. It’s entirely off topic and has no place here.


that’s something that’s fairly common early on in aircraft design

I think it’s better to continue this discussion in these threads:

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Germany wanted it:

Edit: I’ve just seen Smin’s comment, I agree this discussion should be continued in one of the threads linked above.


mmmh germans, made the worst tornado, they tried to make the eurofighter worse, simple as.




Nobody mentions Eurofighter Typhoon coming to war thunder this time

  • inhale some air
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I do wonder when japan will finally get the T-1A and the T-1B strike aircraft.

Probably never since it has no correlation to Russia… but still - i hope.

In response to all the messages saying BeNeLux should go to France.

As a french main, I really don’t think France need a sub-tree for now. The only problem would be if someday F-35 are added, France might lack a similar aircraft even if the Rafale F.5 would be an option.

The problem is that Gaijin, probably the developpers are constantly nerfing vehicles (br. Increase, Leclerc bugs reports…) and they made horrible choice during the TT development (0 vehicles at 10.x). France is the 2nd or 3rd largest arms exporters and one of the only countries besides USA/Russia/China to developp alone almost all its vehicles. There are many French vehicles to add to the TT, it is just Gaijin choice to don’t do so, we do not however need any sub TT acording to me, just a better consideration.
(I was mainly refering about the Ground tech tree)


No they wouldn’t because distances in warthunder are not long enough that stealth makes a big impact. Stealth aircraft are slower and probably would be below planes like the eurofighter

people are overestimating the effectiveness of Sealth aircraft and underestimating the efficency of modern Radars

Captor-C can detect an F-35 from 65km away ( this is the only example I know numbers from so im using it)

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I’ve also heard that PIRATE can detect an F-22 at about 40-50km and the ECM systems on the Typhoon cause enough issues for F-22s that they are often unable to get a good look until they are within about 50km

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F22 looks cooler though and thats all that really matters :3.

I disagree

Fight me 1v1 irl.