Community project: Toolbox drop chance spreadsheet


Submission form:

I’ve decided to make a community project. Since Gaijin refuses to release the drop chances, we are going to calculate them together. I have created a spreadsheet to enter data into. All that needs to be entered is that an item has been obtained from a box and the spreadsheet will calculate the average value per drop, the chance of it dropping within its drop category, the overall drop chance, the SL spent, and the net SL change.

Attached is a google form. To it, upload a screenshot of drops you have gotten from the Toolbox. The reason I need a screenshot uploaded is to avoid people submitting fake information to skew the statistics. Do not just provide information if you got a vehicle. Whenever you open a Toolbox, submit the drop information. There needs to be a large amount of information for it to be accurate. Don’t worry, this form does not record your email. You will have to save the screenshot as a file in order to upload it to the form.

Please do not submit just vehicles. I want y’all to submit anything you get so there can be an accurate-ish representation of what people usually get.

I know we are late into the Toolbox, but I am running this both so y’all can get some idea of the drop chances and so I can have your feedback on what worked and what didn’t work with this so the next time the SL boxes come around, this can be ready from the start and be better based on your feedback.

Please submit any and all drops you get, regardless of how small they are, to the spreadsheet so we can have the most accurate data.


Great idea! Thanks for your work on this!

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no problem. I know the data will be somewhat inaccurate on this one because we are so late into it, but I’m also using this as a test for the next time the SL boxes come so I can have that one out on the first day. I’m also looking for feedback on how to make this better.

even if it’s not accurate like Thunderstats or something, it gives an idea of the situation so it’s always useful

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Yeah. I had about a dozen screenshots of things I got (mostly decos) but because it was through steam it only screenshotted the hanger background, so I was only able to upload 1 :(
I also got a Japanese fletcher, but didn’t get a screenshot of it but if you believe me you can add it.

Yeah, that’ll be very helpful for many players.

I really do hope it will be helpful. I’m not just looking for submissions of getting vehicles, that will overinflate the chances. If you just randomly get SL boosters or a back up or a wager, submit that too please.

Lol yeah. I got A BUNCH of those but WAY TOO many to count off the top of my head

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Reminder that any time you open a box, please send a screenshot of it, no matter how mundane the rewards are.

Got the German Osfriesland 6.0 battleship. And I dont even play naval cause its hot garbage. And that was after spending nearly 6mil SL.

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Please submit this and any other boxes you have opened, regardless of what was gained in them, to the submission form in the post.

Please y’all I’m begging you stop submitting only ones where you got vehicles. If only vehicles are submitted the data gets skewed. Submit those and the normal non-vehicle ones you get please.

all i understood was 20 wagers, 10 boosters and 30 10,000 SL got it

Rn the data is skewed because people have mainly submitted times they got vehicles. Please submit to the data if you want to better it.

havent really paid attention to the drop rate and im already broke after the last 100 pulls lol

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You don’t need to pay attention to the drop rate. just submit screenshots of the things youve gotten as files to the google form linked in the post. doesnt matter if theyre vehicles, actually, its better if they arent because that helps give a more accurate representation of the data. you can also find toolboxes opened in the envelope icon in the bottom right of the game.

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then when i get money i’ll do that to help at least a bit

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Alr, tysm

Naval is not hot garbage. I will die on this hill.

I’d agree with you if I could get into a dang match faster than 5 min wait…


i mean i do enjoy coastal every now and then, since its chaos. but ships are just kind of boring.

id 100% play Swedish naval tree ngl, they have fun ships.

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