Toolbox drop chance spreadsheet - Feedback thread

About a week ago, I made a thread with a goal to calculate the drop chances of the drop chances of the toolbox.

This is the original forum post:

There was a google form to submit the data to. That form is now closed. I then entered that form’s data into this spreadsheet:

I also entered my own data into the spreadsheet.

However, I want feedback. I want y’all’s feedback about what you think worked with this first attempt at this community project and what I can improve for next time. One thing I am highly considering doing is making it so I will toss out any vehicle reward submission that does not include a full dataset around it. Vehicle rewards are extremely rare, I got only 2 of them in 563 boxes, but people screenshot them more often and so there were a bunch of submissions of just getting vehicles and nothing else which skewed the data heavily. I want your thoughts on this. Is this exclusion of any vehicle reward without a complete dataset warranted? I think it is.

I also want to generally know your thoughts. What worked? Was the submission format good? How could I have improved it? Is there any other data you wanted to see in the spreadsheet? I want all of this feedback and any other feedback or suggestions you may have so I can improve this for the next time.