British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

Yeah, that would be so good.

Yeah, they really would. Especially as they would have virtually no flare resistance I think. So would be easy to defeat by anyone paying attention

And yeah 9Ls would probably be fine at this point. Either that or Jag Gr1A needs to go down to 10.0

Yeah considering the Q-5L is at 9.7 (same BR as the Jag Gr.1) with much better flight performance and LGB’s but lacking flares and missiles, I think with just 9G’s the Jag would (purely based off the Q-5L), be reasonable at 10.0.

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Either way they’re not there as they’ll be given to a later F 15
Same as the viggen
And more importantly as this is a British thread
The harrier Gr.1 doesn’t even have countermeasures but there are buttons for chaff and flare in the cockpit

That’s just devs being lazy and re-using the GR3 cockpit.


Make sure to vote yes on my suggestion here :D

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Probably but Gr.1 was in the game a bit before Gr.3 if I remember right

All Harriers were added in the same update


In the new boxes. The spitfire F mk IXC i assume is the british spit mk 9 with 4 hispanos and not a version with 7.7s?

Yes, it’s the old Event Vehicle one. All the vehicles in the crate are from past events.
350GJN on the marketplace

The Soviet Mk IXc that’s also in the crate is armed with 2x Hispano and 4x .303/7.7mm Brownings though

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Im on playstation so i cant use the marketplace unfortunately. I guess im stuck with the crates and hoping i get one. Was wondering if id ever get a chance to get it again.

How does it fare in game?

Production of 70 Jackal 3 deep battlespace reconnaissance vehicles has been started. Upgraded features are only modest; she’ll have a higher weight capacity, better protection, and better suspension. She has not been converted to hybrid power, nor has she been given an extending EOIR mast.


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Some interesting variants of the Supacat HMT:

One variant armed with a Brimstone missile launcher in a bid to meet requirements set by Project Wolfram. She has seen action in Ukraine armed with Brimstone 2s, despite the missile having not been designed to be surface-launched. Brimstone 3 is planned to equip the Project Wolfram winner, and is designed to be surface-launched.

One demonstrator variant armed with a 105mm soft-recoil artillery gun.

One variant armed with ASRAAM missiles and fitted with an armoured cabin. She has also seen service in Ukraine.


Ironic this one got hidden haha


Its a shame i cant just buy it.

Loot boxes might become illegal at some point, would be good. for a lot of games. I hate the “mechanic”


Introducing gambling into gaming should have been banned from the start. The only companies you see doing it these days are predators looking to suck as much money as possible from their player base.


Does anyone have any information about the Lightning testbed for the BK-27 cannon

My post about it on SPF:

I also remember reading somewhere that the Vulcan used to test the RB199 also got a BK-27 to test whilst it was in this configuration. Potential meme vehicle perhaps? ;)

Does anyone know what the thermal sight / fire control system of the FV102 CVR(T) is?