Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

that’s just limited to top MBTs tho

imo stuff like M48G looks a lot better, it’s just not Top

are they???

yes, sadly they are

the quality is questionable


The nets ruin them in game!!!

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jup, thats what they are

those look like carpet

i agree no questions asked

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Canada, Australia, Austria etc.

Those are called nations without a home and can go anywhere. and why there is such a fight to get them homes. It’s not called Gaijin doing something else. Israel was in the US and UK when it didn’t have a home. Sweeden was in the UK tree (not sure if in others I started after they joined.) I could go on.

Remember Gaijin said the Swiss plane was a one-off and there is no Switzerland Sub-tree. Nor do I see an Argentinia sub-tree or Gaijin saying there is one

Then why do you have Poland? They have a plane in the US tree and a boat and tank in the UK tree.

how it should look

in game


and a plane in SSSR tree

wasnt even aware of those /remeber those

reminds me of OG doom graphics

they’re ancient

Well it kinda of is they have 3 tanks that are Argentinian

both look garbage tbf

now you are starting a war with britain xD

the top ones still better cuz it’s trying to be covered up

What about the fact that its still in SA with a new Turret?



Maybe a nice event vehicle for South Africa?