Can we get night battles at all BR's?

I wish we could get night battles at all BR’s because i wold like to be able to play night battles at all the BR’s. And if we cant get night battles at all BR’s can gaijin make it available from 9.0 instead of 10.0 please? And if gaijin is still not convinced to add night battles to all BR’s there are still people that want a more challenging experience but dont have any 10.0 vehicles(including me) or just want to play night battles at like 6.3 for example. So yeah gaijin please add night battles at all BR’s or atleast make them available from 9.0 because even there most of the vehicles have NVD’s.


I’d like to even have a night battle I’ve played ~100 games since unlocking NVD on my M1A1 HC and I’ve had night battles ticked, not a single one has shown up.

Frequency needs to be seriously looked in to.

(I also agree Night Battles should be enabled as low as 8.3 where most tanks have NVD modules and some even have thermals)


I don’t suppose it would hurt now that people can turn night battles off.


I mean its true what you say people can just turn the night battles off so if gaijin wold make night battles available for all the BR’s it wont be bad because the people can just turn them off if they dont want to play them.


Sounds fair to me.You will have a crossover with those vehicles that have NV and those dont in some areas but if its player choice then OK.


Even tho i wold like night battles being enabled at all BR’s night battles being enabled from 9.0 or 8.3 like you said does sound pretty reasonable to me.

Night battles were enabled for all BRs in the past and in general players didin’t like it. Basically it was contest who will be better in post porcessing FX to get advantage in night balles without NVGs.


yea honestly ANYTHING with NVD should get the option and well some 6.7 do and I didnt grind out a NVD mod to play a 6.7 in 10.0 br thats just dumb…


Talking about the lack of NB’s a lot already on the main thread. Please leave a comment over there guys, no need to keep opening new threads: Optional Night Battles for Ground Realistic Battles

Specifically check out my latest post with a bunch of screenshots attached asking people in matches if they have had a NB yet: Optional Night Battles for Ground Realistic Battles - #47 by W_Wolfe

I also strongly support NB’s being open to ALL BR’s, and a dedicated NB queue would solve that issue. Anyone who chooses to bring a low lvl, or non NVD/TVD tank/CAS into the NB does so by their own free will, and cannot complain =)

(Though, perhaps a Tier minimum would be appropriate, the earliest NVDs dont show up till Tier 3 I believe. Below that will create a worse experience for brand new players, and higher lvl players could still bring in lower tanks if they have a Tier 3+ in the lineup already.)

If anyone here supports a NB only mode/queue, please leave a constructive comment on the official thread, cheers!


Would really love to see this. Maybe in lower BR the tanks could use a limited number of flares that can be shot in the air.

I just got into a night battle in br 3.3-4.3

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I would love to see the return of Night battles at all BRs. I want to play my Mid Tier tanks at Night. Just make it Rank 3 and above for the rewards. and a Only night battle Queue mode


How. I played br 6.0 with night battles on and i never got any

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It was a cloudy/late afternoon/evening match. It is “impossible” to have a NB under 10.0 currently. If they go and check the reward list for points, they will certainly find that that they do not have any points yet. That is the only easy place to check if it was a real NB or not.

Also, as I posted above already too:

Talking about the lack of NB’s a lot already on the main thread. Please leave a comment over there guys, no need to keep opening new threads. The mods/devs are actually reading and responding in the main thread. They will not see anything you guys are discussing here: Optional Night Battles for Ground Realistic Battles

i agree with expanding BR brakets of night battles, even with other modes like planes and ships

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Id like them to make this optional button, so people can select if they want night battles or not at ALL brs.

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