Night Battles

This topic will attempt to centralize several discussions about the reimplementation of night ground battles in one location. Many players, myself included, are dissatisfied with Gaijin’s plans for how night battles will return. The following polls will cover some of the more significant issues I’ve seen discussed.
Please everyone remember that night battles are entirely optional. No matter what, no one will be forced to play night battles if they do not want to and none of these suggestions intend to make night battles unavoidable again.

BR limit for night battles
  • The BR cap is good where it is planned now (10.0)
  • There should be no BR cap
  • The BR cap needs to be lower (what BR?)
  • The BR cap needs to be higher (what BR?)
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Illumination flares in night battles
  • Flares should remain
  • Flares should be removed
  • Flares should be reduced
  • Flares should be reworked in some new way
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Chance of night battles when opted in
  • Night battles should have a “small chance” as currently intended
  • Night battles should be guaranteed
  • Night battles should have a much higher chance (what percent?)
  • There should be options for mixed day/night or only night battles
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And now for my opinion.

  1. I think that there should be no BR cap for night battles. Since they are optional, why not let anyone play in them? People will say two things:
    a) “Night Battles without NVD will not be fun! No one will play them!” Ok, then don’t play night battles at low tier if you don’t want to. I want to, let me. Even if there’s a significant queue time to find a low BR night battle, for some it would be worth it.
    b) “Some BRs will have vehicles with NVD fighting vehicles without!” Yes, this was a significant issue when night battles were unavoidable. However, with optional night battles, this is no longer an issue. Anyone using a tank without NVD at those BR ranges in night battles will be doing so willingly and presumably knowingly. They will be disadvantaged by their own choice, like when players use historical lineups instead of BR-based ones.
  1. Illumination flares should be removed. Night battles were gone long before they were officially removed, with flares making it bright as day. It’s been too long for me to remember if this was previously the case, but night battles should have a variety of cloud cover and moon phases to allow them to range from pitch-black IR-spotlight needed cloudy new moons to decently lit cloudless full moons. If it is technically feasible to do so, allowing a tank to deploy a single illumination flare as an alternative to an ordinary artillery strike would be a really cool idea. That’d allow some light in a night battle, but far more tactically and less overbearingly.

  2. There should be options for only day, only night, or mixed battles. Mixed should ideally attempt to consist of 30-40% night battles like before, though I understand there may be technical limitations due to the amount of players queued for each mode. At the very least, a night-only mode should be offered, as several players have reported that the current model almost never runs night battles at all. Not ideal when players are specifically requesting to participate in night battles.


Night battles being limited to 10.0+ is ridiculous, at that point pretty much everything has thermals which makes both weather conditions and amount of light mostly irrelevant.
We have NVD available to vehicles below 6.0 and around 8.0 the mod creeps into every one of your vehicles only to be disabled or forgotten as it is completely useless (though some vehicles do get useful gunner thermals at this point), so the limit should obviously be 8.0 if there is any.
Night in the game isn’t even that bad, some vehicles can blend in much better since they’re not highlighted as much by their awful camo. You can still hear enemies moving even if you can’t see them yet, actually much better than in a regular battle since planes are nearly nonexistent.
It’d be fine to allow night battles at any BR, if you can’t play night at 1.0 maybe just don’t enable it

  1. Agree, no BR cap imo. I would actually like to play, you know, REALISTICALLY as in what happened in WW2. Will a lot of super low BRs be a mess? YES, war is MESSY. That’s what REALISTIC should be about. Ground RB already lacks markers/lock on while Air RB still retains those features (but with a drastically reduced range.)

  2. REMOVE THE FLARES. It’s not night with automatically spawned flares every 30 seconds. Or if people REALLY want them in game still, maybe make them like artillery, where they are called on command, and maybe limit to 1 use per tank. Constant flare spam will ruin the purpose of a night match. I would still be fine with them being completely removed too. (But “realistically” they do exist in real warfare, so I’m 50/50 here. But constant automatic AI flares is a no go for me.)

  3. I AGREE WITH PITCH BLACK NIGHT BATTLES. Throughout history there has been a balance of full moon warfare, and pitch black new moon movements etc. Again, this would be very interesting to play in lower BR’s a-la WW2 with the “NVD’s” that only amplified light. In full moon lit nights, everything would be amazingly bright, but partial or new moon times would be pitch black. Again, would it be a sh*t show? Yes, but that’s the point, and is fine imo. Maybe people would need to use their ears more than eyes. Again REALISTIC. (I will take this moment to consider those with hearing disabilities, so perhaps a small visual cue could be added for a tank that is literally right next to you? Idk, that would be fine with me, as “IRL” you would have multiple crew members looking and listening. Perhaps make it so it’s better with the engine off. Just ideas, but just wanted to mention that I am sure some players would have issues with that. HOWEVER, there would still be the option to avoid joining night modes to begin with too, so perhaps no visual cue is appropriate.)


Hey guys, if you have not already please leave a comment in support of NB’s on the main thread, especially if you have heard from anyone else who has actually gotten a NB at all: Optional Night Battles for Ground Realistic Battles

My biggest point is advocating for a dedicated Night Battle only Queue/Mode (NB) which would make the BR limit a moot point–just have it open to all BRs and/or perhaps starting at Tier II or III. III might make more sense as to allow time for new players to become accustomed to the game before being brutalized by NB’s where they for sure do not have any NVD’s. : Optional Night Battles for Ground Realistic Battles - #47 by W_Wolfe

  1. Night battles should be in a lower br like 5.0. It’s weird having nvd on tanks that will never see anything darker than overcast. I have almost a thousand hours in the game and my highest rank is only 7.7. (Should be available in arcade as well)

  2. Flares, just reduce their effectiveness. They don’t need to light up the map, just an area about the size of a base or larger.

  3. Current mix might be okay if it was available at lower tiers.

The reason they don’t have it lower at the moment is because you typically don’t see NVD at all until like 6.3/6.7 and it’s usually just on a light tank or 2, some nations most of their tanks won’t get NVD’s until almost 8.0; but, right around when your tanks all start getting NVD at 8.0 thermals start showing up and thermals>NVD all day. America and China are good examples of a bit of the issues; America gets 2 tech tree vehicles between 8.0 and 10.0 with thermals the Bradley and the m60 TTS one is 8.3 the other is like 9.0…meanwhile, china gets 6 tech tree vehicles with thermals between 8.0 and 10.0 and 4 of them are 9.0/9.3.

there should be no br cap, but8.3+ br there should not be illumination flares. if there were to be night battles at low tier it would be nice to have them instead of ruining the purpose of NVD.

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NBs are annoying for me since I dont even need the NV to drive the tank I can see everything, on desert maps there is a bug where the sand is very bright and it turns brigher and darker sometimes whidout any NV usage.

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There should be no BR limit, and flares removed or reworked… Now night battles are bright as day. I had a “day” battle once where I used NVDs on my 8.0 tank.

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There is no argument to why there should be a br cap. Clearly gaijin has already made night battles optional, so if you feel some nations have an advantage, don’t play. Nobody’s going to blame you. But don’t punish the people who want truly epic WW2 style night battles because of some wonky tech trees, especially when all you have to do is say “I don’t want night battles” and your whole issue is resolved. And flares do need reworking. be honest: who doesn’t want to prowl the night in a panzer II, or truly outplay a powerful enemy with poor awareness? Removing the br cap is a great idea, as it’s not only realistic but would make the game so much more fun, especially for players who have great awareness but struggle in even 1 on 1 engagements. Yes, those kinds of players exist. You should see the American mains I play against. But still. There’s no legitimate reason to have a br cap now that night battles are COMPLETELY optional.

But dude, with some stealth and some darkness, the things you could do in a bushed up ASU-57 is truly despicable. It would be hilarious. It would literally be gaijin’s new horror game.

When I heard that they’d make night battle optional, I was super hyped, however I was extremely disappointed when they made it BR 10.0 and above only.

Leuchtgeschossen R:

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Doesn’t truly further the discussion but I found it interesting my votes were all in line with the top votes. Meaning the majority for each was exactly how I also voted.

Might be something in that how the WT majority thinks.

People don’t enjoy Night battles since in-game it is poorly executed, to effectively make them possible would involve baked lighting that doesn’t cause lag but still illuminate textures. Which some devs have done before. However, I do not believe the Dagnor is capable of doing this. Due to it being essentially a 22-year-old engine. Just like how the BLAM engine is over 27 years old, the Creation engine is just a modernized Gamebryo engine which is also 27 years old.

While there are no innovations for the said engines it doesn’t necessarily mean there capable of handling certain tasks. Simply due to the age of the engine. There is only so much you can do to make an engine run higher-demanding games in a stable state.

Anyway, I digress, unless Gaijin figures something out that allows us to use our vehicle lights that’s baked so even lower potato tops can use the said feature. It probably won’t happen any time soon.

Why research NV in lower tiers if they are not being used, waste of my time & resources researching them!!!


Heya guys! My Night Battle toggle got turned off (I assume by itself, as I absolutely want it on). Maybe it reset after last update? If you enjoy NB’s and/or are still working towards the NB rewards, check to make sure it’s still on!

Bring back night battles for planes too at least for top tier.
Even if the spotting system has to be changed so that the spotting range is the same as day battles. Night battles in jets look amazing.


I don’t mind the illumination flares every now and then on BRs without NVDs, but after that, yeah, drop 'em.