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There not saying 90% of the team is 1br higher, they are saying 90% of matchies are uptiers, not the contents. The contents have max 4 players at 1br abv, the rest can be 0.7 abv

No need to get personal.

It has not been disproven, for starters because there is no official data.
Even so, i can admit that data from players above is correct (not sure, but i am accepting their OPINION), and shows that IN THEIR CASE they had more uptiers than expected.

FACT is that in EVERY MATCH (you can check for yourself on ANY MATCH in 20s after the match, just hovering the cursor over the players name) the number of bottom tier players is MUCH LOWER than 90%.
SO the number of bottom tier players is not normally above 50%…even in RB.
The fact that only those that are fully uptiered complain here does not make it any different. Top (and middle) tier players are players anyway.

WHAT I ADMIT is that there may be some NATION/BR combo that makes SOME PLAYERS have tougher BR matching, and would be curious on what those are. But i can’t check this myself as i don’t play RB. (Even so…i doubt that you can get FULL uptiered 90% of the time, even if you choose a bad combo…BUT NOT SURE).
THIS^^would be a far more interesting discussion…and might actually help identify some issue that can be fixed.

Nothing is my post is personal, it just is what it is.

No…someone was very “specific” some lines above…90% FULL uptiers…no time to look, but it is up there somewhere.

90% uptiers is much more possible…in this case you mix the games where you are -1BR, -0.7BR and -0.3 BR. This is 75% of the games AT LEAST, probably more into the 80 or 85, so can easily be 90% on a bad day or combo.

Never meant to claim otherwise…

If you ended your sentence at “simply isn’t the case.” it would have been nicer and not personal.

I have thick skin, been called far worse and really don’t care, but it helps discussion to avoid some more aggressive terms, even if you believe they apply :).

(I am really trying to keep constructive)

Nov 22, Germany @ 6.0 - 10 battles, 100% uptier 80% FULL uptier.
Nov 25, Germany @ 6.0 - 3 BAttles, 100% FULL uptier
Dec 1, Germany @ 6.0 - 2 Battles, 100% FULL uptier

15 Battles total 100% uptiers with 86.6666% FULL uptiers

I havent played Germany since.

Israel @ 6.0 8 Battles, 100% FULL uptiers, stopped playing Israel

I’m sure over time those numbers would drop but not worth my time.

USA @ 6.7 - 68% Uptier, 60% FULL uptier
French @7.7 - 70% Uptier, 43% FULL uptier

Compare to the 100,000 of battles below in Ground RB


It’s increasingly sad and somewhat pathetic that people consider Def. Noun 1. “lack of knowledge or information” as a personal attack…

We all at various times lack knowledge or information which in turns makes us all ignorant in different ways. Check the insecurity at the door mate we are all here to seek knowledge

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Either way the amount of matchies that are uptiers of 1 form or another is far to high. I would not be surprised if the russians are getting all the down tiers 😜

My data collection will now be collecting more data

And this is probably the best information here…you could have started with this. Not sure where you got it…and how “real” it is, as the way it was obtained may skew it a bit.
As you can yourself see, there are lots of variations depending on BR…but nowhere in the table you get to 90% FULL uptiers. The closest you get is at BR1 for obvious reasons…
I BELIEVE you can get A LOT full uptiers on any given day using a bad BR/nation combo (as your examples). But you cannot be 90% uptiered all the time. If you play enough nations and BRs, your full uptiers will be MUCH MUCH lower…

The table above has LOTS of useful info…bear in mind that nations will add another variable…but you can see “bad” and “good” BRs. Some are plain odd (like 4.7).

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Sorry, I had to dig that out from another thread, couldnt find it initially.

More information about the data in this thread.

BTW…apparently, the table you shared has the odds of a full uptier at 6.0 at 19%…bad day, bad combo…or is it Germany an issue? :) Looking at the other players nations in match would help know what nations to use :)
(Really asking…not even sure how they pair nations these days)

Sweet spot to play seem to be 4.0, 4.3, 6.0 (irony), 7.0, 7.3 and 8.7.
(BEAR IN MIND that selected nations can change this)

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Bad luck maybe. Small sample size as I stopped playing it but I generally love 6.0 Germany. I have had some rough days in French 7.7 but generally have a lot less full uptiers.

@Miragen No possibility that the data used has NATIONS information, by any chance…

At 9.3 you don’t see anything other than uptiers, the numbers really aren’t that hard to believe when at 10.3 you have:

110k Americans, which will be the KVT, Losat, AGS and Wolfpack.
266k Germans which will be the Leopard 2 PzBtl
200k Russians at 10.0 which will be the Turms, 2S38, BMP-2M

Combine everything at 9.3 and there’s only 130k total, someone has to fill those 10.3 matches.

It’s ultimately just really dumb game design to put a massive amount of vehicles and premiums at the same BR paired with all the research restrictions and such in place.

Where are you getting the chart from? i would like look at all the data my self

It’s on the subreddit, was posted yesterday I think.

Do you have link or can you post the whole chart please


What is strange is that even when I run a 10.0 premium line I’m still sucked to 11.0 every battle, it’s like a never ending cycle. I’m pretty confident that this is intentional to frustrate players into using golden eagles for new vehicles, air rb is the WORST from 9.3 up

You will do because the very top BR’s have no one to play with that is abv them

This is specifically about ground RB for the record and 10.0 has a 75% chance of a 0.7 to 1.0 uptier at least.