Battle rating

I think it was @GhostSoph who mentioned the player distribution that has a big influence on getting uptiers.

He did mention about it player distribution.i believe

So my 101 battles are done in different BR and nations.

9x 0.0 BR full downtier | 5x wins | 4 defeats
9x +0.3 BR partial downtier | 7x wins | 2 defeats
33x +0.7 BR partial uptier | 21x wins | 12 defeats
50x +1.0 BR full uptier | 29x wins | 21 defeats

Every 2nd battle is a full uptier. The main learning effect for me, however, was to recognise how to support such a battle accordingly.
For example, in full uptier battles, it has proven to be a good idea to play SPAA and light tanks or tanks with a large penetration in a supportive role.

I also had another learning effect. Many people don’t seem to realise when they have a full downtier battle.
I have often seen these blessed players leave the battle after a tank, thinking that they are now the top dog in the ring.
This creates a quick advantage for the opponent. In the few battles in which I had full downtier, I was sometimes unable to use my tank to its full potential. Many run into the arms of the opponent because there is no patience. Then suddenly I’m standing there and I’m alone against 4-5 tanks.
So of course I’d like to see more players to learn what role they play in battle. Because it doesn’t matter whether they’re full up- or downtier. It doesn’t work if you don’t go into battle with the right mindset and lack of knowledge.

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Three things

  1. Results vary a bit in RB due to nations and BR, i am guessing players can get some insight on this for their specific case. Don’t forget that those at top tier are also “human” players, so someone is getting nations/BR with better matchups. I am gussing the average would be something like 30/25/25/20…skewed a bit for some nations, but goes both ways. Pretty sure that those getting better matchups are not complaining :)

  2. 90% uptiers is not possible, and TBH i find the 50% fuill uptiers already a too high number…but i guess it can happen on specific scenarios and should NOT be the rule. It is not the rule in AB, for sure.

  3. Whatever the case, an also interesting stat is that games can be won on all scenarios, and i am guessing players can get kills also on all scenarios…just need to avoid whatever can’t be killed.

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Btw … BR3.7 is today and the next days almost a always uptier due to the high amount of SAV autoloaders. Hell those matches end quickly. New players have no idea what is happening.
But 4.7 is almost no uptier. So the player number has a really high impact on uptiers.

Many many of my uptiers happen around 3.0 … and winning there is pure luck by now. The frustration is increasing enormously and the quality of the teams is doing the rest. I’m even considering not playing newly started nations any more as it’s absolute chaos up to 5.0 at the moment.

I am guessing 3.0 gets pulled to 3.7 where lots of nations have gresat lineups. Not so much at 4.0 so i would bet most matches ar e 0.7 uptiers. My experience is more AB, and i see some peaks at 3.7, 4.7, 5.3/5.7 and 6.3.
Odds of being top tier are higher at those BRs, but (as an example) playing 5.3 can be top tier or pulled +1 to 6.3. Midtiers (like 4.0 or 4.3) are pulled up a lot more i think.
YMMV depending on hours an server.

The thing is when you play a new nation you’re out of options. On top stock tank + bad teams. And even if I perform well in a uptier loosing is frustrating. I was screaming at my monitor that even AI would do the job better …
… getting OT … sry

Dont get this one…new nations are usually lots of fun because progress is fast and results (kills, deaths) are usually better. Winning and losing depends on which team has less good players, but even losing can be fun…some interesting last stands versus too eager attackers.
(I have sweden and china at low level)

There is a selector for this somewhere, but if you use it then the wait times can be very long…or even unable to find match on some higher BRs.
I get console only matches by luck on occasion. Game simply matches only console players, sometimes with reduced player count (10vs10 or 12vs12).
They are a lot more fun as player have similar “reaction time” and limitations. Much less first hit kills.

I have been looking for this option, there is an option in my console to turn off cross network play, but the game it self tells me i have to enable it, please could you find out how, pc have su h an advantage over console its painfull

This is not funny … I progress slowly and take my time to learn but this is just pure frustration.

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You may be correct from an overall POV, but it can definitely be the case in or near local “meta BRs”.

For example in the past, because Germany and Russia had insane lineups at 7.3 that got to bully tanks that were a bit underperforming, full downtiers to 6.3 were very common, and viceversa playing 6.3 meant resigning yourself to a much higher frequency of full uptiers than usual.

When I play German 7.7, I get more full downtiers than with any of my other lineups.

If it is an option you can enable/disable it. The game “suggests” you keep cross platform because it will take MUCH longer to find matches without cross platform.
(Pc players cannot disable it…it is a console only option, i think it was a “request” by Sony)
There are much less console players…

ANYWAY…i have it disabled, but the game sometimes makes console only games. EU servers and peak hours, mostly…BRs below 7.0 i think.
I dont think you can make it happen as a rule…it is rare to have enough console players available at same BR. And BTW…i assume it will not be easy to happen in Realistic (i play arcade).

Don’t play 1.0-12.0 then 🤔🤣

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You got better stats than if you was playing on xbox

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You mean this thing ^^


long long time ago …

Lol. Its come alomg since them dsys, probably more powerful than many pc players

Ive hit the mid tier brick wall and finding the majority of matchies full up tier. Someone said in a post that many tanks got pulled up while others got left where they are and i am wondering if this is the problem why i am being dragged upto there BR’s

Which BR you’re playin now?

Sweden 6.7 bkan 1c td with only 15 rounds of HE, its painfull