Constant uptiers or just me?

Anyone else full uptier 95% of the time? Doesn’t matter what mode, br or nation I’m very bottom tier when running solo, when I squad with someone it’s always better. What gives? Wargaming at least has some sort of system that limits how often you can be bottom tier.

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Yes a few threads are popping up on it if you run a search. A few of us track our data, you should track yours as well so to can contribute to the pool.

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The graphic doesn’t say it so just to be clear that’s for ground RB only.

I think what’s interesting about this new data is it shows how the signals interfere with each other. Every fourth bracket from 1.0 up being a full uptier missing in the middle with every BR from 11.3 down, very clear at the ends but messy in the middle like two sets of ripples in a pond. I suspect that would be common to any mode.

By extension, they are unlikely to go just to 12.7 next decompression, because it makes the BR ripples reinforce each other on the same wavelength. They’ll have to go right to 13.0. Remember this thread? Makes a little more sense why 12.7 for air might be problematic for another unstated reason: Regarding Gaijins comment on no need for 12.7


Damn, who made that graphic… That’s a good representation lol.

Top end is always going to look the same, below that the premiums are always going to suck everything in as well, which is why I hate the 9.3 premiums for Japan that barely deserve to be 9.3 and just end up sucking because of the endless uptiering.

6.7 also got entirely ruined by Gaijin’s poor attempt to separate WW2 and cold war, or whatever the hell that was supposed to be, deleting lineups from all the major nations except Russia and France… Germany has nothing between 6.7 and 8.0, where France has one of it’s best lineups and Russia also can field a lot, no one else can compete.

My main issue is that Gaijin doesn’t’ consider any of these things, they look at basic vehicle performance and uptier and downtier based on that, despite the massive implications it can have on their performance, being at 9.0 or 9.3 or 11 and 11.3 isn’t just a matter of .3 BR difference.

Bruh, was that your mspaint skills, or your copy-paste skills from someone else?


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iam tryng playng 9.3 British, aways vs 10.3 with OP russians Bias.

Noice… This is the true way, not anecdotally.

Also the data is shown so good xD

It’s interesting to see but pretty much as expected, premium black holes just ruin everything around it.

It’s more demonstrating where people can look to see where they aren’t going to get upteired as easily.

Those sweetspots are quite visible in that pic.

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Problem is that the choices aren’t there if you’re looking to progress.

They are, all you need to do is play knowing that you aren’t top dog when you are upteired… As the usual advice is…

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And what does that do

What are you asking?

If you’re knowing you are upteired, and racing out to head-on the enemy, then you almost deserve the shell to the face you are going to get.

This is interesting.

Doesn’t mean you get uptiered any more or less.

To a point it does…

By the numbers, looking at that graph, you can find the sweetspots, and not be upteired as much as you would just a mere .3 BR up.

That’s what that data is representing.

If I have a premium vehicle at 9.3 I can tell I’m going to get wrecked almost every time, 9.0 would be nice but that’s not where the vehicle is at, and 9.7 is even worse.