Battle rating

So I have a big problem

13 matches out of 20 was full uptier, 5 of them was half uptier and 0 was downtier. This was from the BR 1.3–4.3–5.3–5.7–6.0–7.3–8.0–8.3–8.7–9.0–9.3–9.7–10.3–11.7-----USSR–GERMAN–ISRAEL–CHINA–SWEDEN

And its not like one or two is uptier. Its 90% of both my team and enemy team…

The reason why this bother me so much i because it was never this way before and it ruins the game. Like how am i supposed to fight with ww2 tanks vs cold war/new tanks. And APCBC or APHEBC vs APFSDS/APDS. NOTHING makes sense.
the other reason is that this is the only thing i have to do when im not at work 3 weeks at a time, with the family or doing stuff with my cars. I live in a remote area too with only 1400 people living here, so i game alot.
Ive invested so much time and money into war thunder so i cant really uninstall it either. other than this i love the game so it’s so sad… I know im not the only one because on the gamechat 9/10 people agree with me

I also tried to activate “join already active battles” but still the same…

I think you might need to prove this one aspect as seems VERY unlikely.

Also in some cases players will have air or vehicles not used, people do not field what

Uptiers are fine if you are with a half decent team, against a half decent team. Other side will often mirror yours and the 4 top BR eaxh side rule is pretty much constant. Just sometimes your top BR player might be having a bad day or only one vehicle at said BR.

If you are at 11.7 in 5 nations it mystifies me how you come to these opinions/feelings (8.0+, especially TT, is dog mess so I am sure it can be a lot worse. But of course a full uptier player can get in CAP or CAS even easier and can adapt to support in such a role; it is an option).

Best of luck.

Wait, you are at higher tiers in five nations (or even one) with less than 4000 battles… there are consequences to different approaches to this game, that is all I will say.

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You can; 6000+ hours and total of £800 over 8 or so years. Forum is still intriguing but game not so much.

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Problem with these sentences is that they have “bugs”…and so the entire sentence becomes “doubtful”.
There is no “half uptier”…
You can be top tier (assume you call it downtier), fully uptiered and two levels in between, where you are -0.3 or -0.7 below top tier.

A couple things you may not know and usually lead to these claims:
Your BR is defined by THE BEST vehicle in your lineup, wherever you use it or not.
The match BR tier is defined by the best overall vehicle, usually each team has 3 or 4 (never more than 4) players with the top vehicles.
The difference between those numbers define if you are uptiered or top tier.

RB may skew things a bit, but there is no reason for you to be uptiered by +1 more than 50% of the matches…never saw a “plausible” claim of that, and even 50% is a very high number…normal should be around 30% (a bit above the “theoretical” 25% due to the 4 vehicle limit).

90% claim requires a very good proof…

I was told once you csn tell if your uptierd etc by your SP costs, is this true and please explain how i can work it out. Thanks in advance

Medium tanks/MBTs: 130 in a full downtier, 120 in a partial downtier, 110 in a partial uptier and 100 in a full uptier.
Light tanks are the same too iirc.
Heavy tanks: 160 full downtier, 140 partial downtier, 110 partial uptier, and 100 full uptier.
AA are 70 in a full uptier, and TDs are 90 in a full uptier.

I hope this helps.



Here is my data for the month of November

French 7.7
@7.7 - 53
@8.0 - 3
@8.3 - 35
@8.7 - 65

Germany 6.0
@6.0 - 0
@6.3 - 2
@6.7 - 5
@7.0 - 8

USA 6.7
@6.7 - 8
@7.0 - 0
@7.3 - 4
@7.7 - 12

Isreal 6.0
@6.0 - 0
@6.3 - 0
@6.7 - 0
@7.0 - 8

45% Full uptier
70% Uptiers

So 90% seems unrealistic in a broad data set but I have days such as 11/22 in which 6 of my 7 battles that I played that day were full uptier. On November 20 when I played Germany I played 10 games, 8 were full uptier, the other two were partial. My Israel games were 100%. So I can see someone experiencing 90% uptiers in a day

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Thanks, if i get what is described as a full uptier(100sp) and i am not in a squad does that mean the enemy team can be full of uptiers or just part or is it the case of 4 enemy at 1br higher than me

Only 4 enemies will be a full 1.0 above you. However there is no restriction like that for other enemy vehicles.

Would more people like to collect data on this?
I don’t really care whether it’s up- or downtier. But I am interested in numbers.

Light Tanks Medium Tanks Heavy Tanks Tank Destroyers Anti-Air Vehicles
Uptier +1.0: 100 SP 100 SP 100 SP 90 SP 70 SP
Uptier +0.7: 110-120 SP 110-120 SP 120 SP 100 SP 80-90 SP
Uptier +0.3: 130 SP 130 SP 140 SP 110-120 SP 100 SP
No Uptier: 150 SP 150 SP 160 SP 130 SP 110 SP

found it on Steam


Tell us specifically and we will tell you


And do you think it is normal that almost half of your games can be in the most unfavorable conditions?

Put together that you are in stock and you have the perfect cocktail.

I don’t care about your excuse that there are only 4 top tier players because you know well that the game is usually run by a maximum of 6 players. If two or three of them are top tier, forget about it.

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I just call that middle since vehicles from a higher branch get down-tiered. So some are let’s say 5.7 while you a 5.0 and the tanks near you are 5.3s. It’s probably what he meant by half uptier. All of us have our own way of describing these weird battles in said category.

Why should i have more SP to spend on more units to be cannon fodder for an uptier enemy and if i choose not to get crew lock. Im i really supposed to keep throwing tanks at the enemy, does anyone call that fun. No wonder ODL is such a big problem


I am currently trying to unlock more aircraft in the US tree and currently playing in BR3.0 in GRB.

today 10 rounds with my 3.0 US lineup … the result:
4x 3.7 BattleBR
6x 4.0 BattleBR
Not a single battle on my BR or just above.
BUT … I only lost two rounds.


I have heard that if you have a high player level/high play time, you have an increased chance of being uptiered. No idea if its true, but tracks with past experience

This topic had me confused for a little while, i started playing it the wrong way round and played my last few matchies as full on assult mode while being uptierd

Skill based matchmaker.
Simple as.

Strictly speaking about GRB here.
Not about level or play time. It´s related to “average position in team”.
The better this stat, the worse teammates and more uptiers you get.
Got VERY noticable when I got to 75 % relative position in team. Now I get teams full of toddlers where I usually score as many kills as the rest of my team combined. Not trying to brag here, but it´s not fun for me and also for my teammates I´d imagine.

I wish the SBMM wasn´t in the game. Now my friend doesn´t even want to play with me because every game is full uptier, the opponents we get are WAY above his skill and he usually ends on the bottom of the leaderbord. When he plays alone he posts me screenshots with 12 kill games which are usually a downtier as well.

I wish Gaijin would not hide the use of SBMM at least, but then again, I guess players would riot.


From my feeling, experience and 195 days in the game, I would definitely say YES there seems to be an SBMM.
Now, of course, I want to know.
But am I ready to drive 100 battles on 3.0 US BR … there is only one 3.0 tank in the BR and it is … well. I like a challenge …’
And then I’d have to do 100 battles in every BR … then you’d need other players to do the same.

btw … did 5 more battles …

6x 3.7 BattleBR
9x 4.0 BattleBR

4x Loss 12x Win