Battle rating

And this is probably the best information here…you could have started with this. Not sure where you got it…and how “real” it is, as the way it was obtained may skew it a bit.
As you can yourself see, there are lots of variations depending on BR…but nowhere in the table you get to 90% FULL uptiers. The closest you get is at BR1 for obvious reasons…
I BELIEVE you can get A LOT full uptiers on any given day using a bad BR/nation combo (as your examples). But you cannot be 90% uptiered all the time. If you play enough nations and BRs, your full uptiers will be MUCH MUCH lower…

The table above has LOTS of useful info…bear in mind that nations will add another variable…but you can see “bad” and “good” BRs. Some are plain odd (like 4.7).

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Sorry, I had to dig that out from another thread, couldnt find it initially.

More information about the data in this thread.

BTW…apparently, the table you shared has the odds of a full uptier at 6.0 at 19%…bad day, bad combo…or is it Germany an issue? :) Looking at the other players nations in match would help know what nations to use :)
(Really asking…not even sure how they pair nations these days)

Sweet spot to play seem to be 4.0, 4.3, 6.0 (irony), 7.0, 7.3 and 8.7.
(BEAR IN MIND that selected nations can change this)

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Bad luck maybe. Small sample size as I stopped playing it but I generally love 6.0 Germany. I have had some rough days in French 7.7 but generally have a lot less full uptiers.

@Miragen No possibility that the data used has NATIONS information, by any chance…

At 9.3 you don’t see anything other than uptiers, the numbers really aren’t that hard to believe when at 10.3 you have:

110k Americans, which will be the KVT, Losat, AGS and Wolfpack.
266k Germans which will be the Leopard 2 PzBtl
200k Russians at 10.0 which will be the Turms, 2S38, BMP-2M

Combine everything at 9.3 and there’s only 130k total, someone has to fill those 10.3 matches.

It’s ultimately just really dumb game design to put a massive amount of vehicles and premiums at the same BR paired with all the research restrictions and such in place.

Where are you getting the chart from? i would like look at all the data my self

It’s on the subreddit, was posted yesterday I think.

Do you have link or can you post the whole chart please


What is strange is that even when I run a 10.0 premium line I’m still sucked to 11.0 every battle, it’s like a never ending cycle. I’m pretty confident that this is intentional to frustrate players into using golden eagles for new vehicles, air rb is the WORST from 9.3 up

You will do because the very top BR’s have no one to play with that is abv them

This is specifically about ground RB for the record and 10.0 has a 75% chance of a 0.7 to 1.0 uptier at least.

A little story from the daily WT madness:

I went into a battle with my Chinese M41A3 on BR 5.0.
As soon as I spawned, the cannon of an allied VK3002 turned in my direction. He immediately left the battle.
My guess … he probably thought I had the American M41A1 with BR 6.3 and thought it was an uptier battle. That was not the case. He had the pleasure of a full downtier … unused.
If he had known that he couldn’t meet an American M41A1 in a VK3002, everything would have been fine.
A good example of how a lack of information can lead to a wrong judgement.

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Mixed feelings on this…i like information and i actually wanted more. Official BR numbers (matches, players, results, nations) would be nice…
BUT…if players quit matches just by looking at one of the friendly tanks…no action, no shots, no deaths…then i can see why they don’t share all of it…
(Not saying i agree…but i see the “why”)

What I’m basically getting at is that some players are travelling with a very negative mindset. They can’t even do much about it.
Our society today is not exactly notorious for encouraging independent thinking.
I heard an interesting presentation yesterday on the subject of neural connections. You have to be incredibly careful because your mind is constantly looking for problems. Things that work are often ignored.
Everyone has their own private list of problems. Even if you solve one, something new immediately follows.


Thanks. In the post there is an additional image that highlights the nation effect.
Short version, effect is minimal. Many BRs will have an average of 0.6 or so uptier (you get more uptiers than bottom tier).

My conclusion…there are some BRs where uptiers are more probable, you should expect them. if you want to minimize, look for “good” BRs in the table.
(Sidenote: I personally don’t care…i play any BR, whenever very uptiered i avoid using undergunned vehicles and look for what i can kill)

And as i said somewhere above…would like to test a 0.7 BR spread…0.3 is too short IMHO (less variety and possible queue issues).

If everyone started to use information like that, things would change again.

Ultimately the game is too restricted in research to pick and chose your BRs, Gaijin just does a really poor job with vehicle and BRs of vehicles with a complete disregard for balance.
This massive concentration of players at 10.0 and 10.3 is entirely by design

The higher br’s have pretty horrible setups for germany at least.

10.3 Leo2A4 is the last tank before 11.7 next Leo. So when ever german team is playing in a battle of 10.7, 11.0 or 11.3 the entire team is -1.0br. Germany being so popular among players it is not so rarely when 90% of the team play germany. And if it is 11.3 battle it means the 90% of the team is -1.0br.

Like this one. 11.3 battle, we only had 10.3 leos as germany has no tanks between 10.4-11.3. It always ends in complete butchering.

Full uptier-downtier happens all-over War Thunder, but everywhere else you at least got team mates with top tier tanks. Say you play 5.3 germany and it’s a 6.3 battle. Oh crap, but at least the friendly player next to you spawned 6.3 tank so you both fight the enemy. Maybe you can help.

But with 11.3 there are no friendlies with 11.3, 11.0 or 10.7 tanks as germany only has 10.3 tanks, which are the two Leo2A4’s. Entire team is Leo2A4 and -1.0br.

This is just bullcrap, I usually disconnect these ones immediately if I see Leo2A4 being 100SP. Not worth my time.

Dumb question…isn’t Germany paired with OTHER nations with 10.3+ tanks…?