Uptiered (almost) every games

Hi all.

It doesn’t take long (short google research) to see this is a very commun issue.

So first, I have no problems with the idea of fighting against BR+1 vehicles or aircrafts.

BUT (that’s a very very big but), this uptiered games (+0.7/+1.0) occurs 80-90% of the times, depending on the hour/BR you play. I didn’t check precisely but it seems that the more people play the game, the less chances you have to be uptiered (may be because the game find players with same BR faster to start a game? just a guess).
I just went out of the game after 6 games with Etendard IVM. All of them I was fully uptiered, putting you in some very frustrating situations like a head on with a Mig21, which is able to shoot an all aspect fox2, that you can hardly dodge with maneuvers, and you don’t have any CM and only AIM9B that you can shoot only from rear aspect.

As I said, np with uptiered games, but it is just EXTREMELY annoying that it happen almost all the time.
IMHO, I would 200% prefer to wait more longer and have less uptiered games, than the contrary.

Do something about it, seriously…

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This is true in the general sense. The mm wants to create matches quickly. If enough people are playing, it allows for the mm to provide a more even ratio. However, in your case, if not many people are playing 8.0-8.3, the mm will mostly give you 8.7-9.7 or 9.0-10.0.

There is not much they can do other than try to get people to play the br brackets that tend to be dead. A good way to help it so stop putting so many premiums at the same br. Adding some premiums to 8.0-8.3 would help fill that section of the queue and give you less uptiers.

I do not know how well the Etendard IVM turns but the R3R is just a R3S so it only has a 10g pull.

The Etendard IVM (with all mods unlocked) has 32s turn time. It can pull 9G and 10 with combat flaps. But it’s not good at turning.
I still pulled as much as I could with a barrel roll to avoid, it didn’t worked. May be I was just unlucky this time.

Gaijins matchmaking truly makes no sens. I get full uptiers at 5.7 to 6.7, at 6.7 I get 7.7 matches and at 7.7 I get uptiered to 8.7. So in this case the only solution is to play 12.7 but I’m afraid that even there I might face Tie fighters or X wings.


So i wonder why you decided to start ANOTHER topic on the subject…i assumed your search would show we had lots of them already…

Short Answer #1
You are “exaggerating” the numbers a bit…but probably not as much as others in previous topics.

Short Answer #2
A table with some data here (also a similar discussion):

Short Answer #3
I would also like a maximum 0.7 spread to be tested

I have been getting mostly uptiers for an age so I did some logging, first over 500 battles then a second time well over a thousand.

Win %, BR, nation had little impact. What I have noticed is that as my relative player rating has risen over time so has the uptiers. Maybe it’s just a (massive) coincidence but it ls the closest to explaining the changes uptiers that public stats allow. It wouldn’t confirm a true ‘Skill based’ match up as it may just be one factor but at least its something I can blame…Stop improving!

Either way the 25/25/25/25 split between the 4 possible BR slots in a battle is long in my history. On the rare occasion I’m fully down tiered nowadays I put on a party hat, run riot, and then lose on tickets because I can’t be everywhere all the time…ahh life!