Why T32E1 no move to 7.3 :(

Might as well vote on the thread about this.

If someone has a good KD across many vehicles they probably are a good player. That’s the easiest and fastest way to determine their performance.

The only example of this not being the case is if people are 4 man squading in ARB but they’re the minority and can be filtered out by looking at Kills/Match.

The issue is, many players are going to disagree with the system that bases player performance on K/D.

There already was an uproar when gaijin introduced ‘skill modificator’ for RP after getting certain amount of kills.

War Thunder is much more fast paced than real life so are the deployment and repair times. Idealy they should be close to RL but if necessary there’s no reason not to adjust them for the sake of balance.

Because most of the ones that disagree are the ones that would be considered bad.

The one we have now with the extra RP for 3/6/9K for GRB and 2/3/4K for ARB? I’ve never seen anyone complaing about those. TBH I didn’t pay much attention to the discussion as I didn’t think they were controversial at all.

I know, that is why it is always amusing.

There is a lot of people who had problem with the name ‘skill’ there.

Doesn’t surprise me. This playerbase has a massive unironic skill issue. The extremes between good and bad players is bigger than in any other game and the amount of 10 K/D and 0.1 K/D ARB pilots is insane.


I agree that, generally, KD across many vehicles can somewhat describe a good player, but there are other factors that come into play. I wouldn’t say a spawn camper is a particularly good player just because they know how to get to a position and destroy unaware players that exist in a pre-determined spot.

I’d say map knowledge is a part of getting better at the game. Of course it’s annoying to get spawnkilled by a VK, M18 or any wheeled tanks but it’s Gaijins job to provide balanced maps however they haven’t managed to create a single one in the last 10 years. Most of the time if a team gets spawn camped it means they lost the fight for map control (other team controls all points and flank routes) and have therefore lost the game. If you think certain maps have spawncamping issues make them public. I have some maps I dislike for this reason too as shown here: Kursk Map Spawncamping From Behind The Spawn

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