Why T32E1 no move to 7.3 :(

This tank has been ignored for many years and should move to 7.3. It’s gun is bad and the armor doesn’t prevent the guns at its BR from penetrating at all. Being at 7.7 means it faces 8.7 every game and it’s impossible to have any impact on the game.

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TLDR: move T32E1 to 7.3 because bad


They would need to move the T-10A and IS-6 down too because they are worse in almost every way when compared to the T32E1. T32E1 is not the worst 7.7 heavy by a longshot.


The IS-6 should move down too but the T-10A has a stab and no frontal weakspot so it should stay at 7.7.


“No frontal weakspot” except for the entire front when it sees HEATFS and the driver’s hatch in the center of the front… Also, worse gun, traverse, turret armor, reload, and pen values in comparison. Not to mention if the T31E1 goes down, the T32 at 7.3 would have to go down because there is hull weakspots that make it easier to kill than the E-1. Also, it is arguably more survivable than the M103, also at 7.7. The T32E1 is a fine tank at 7.7 and like all tanks ever, suffers in full uptiers. Suffering in an uptier is not a reason to lower every single tank if it is good at it’s actual BR. I’d throw in the FV 221 in there as worse than the T-32E1 as well. Only seemingly decent advantage is the fire rate, but lack of APHE and armor makes it a worse heavy. Again, the T32E1 isn’t the worst 7.7 heavy by a long shot.


Although I would say yes, if you are going to make a poll, please include a no option.


This applies to the IS-4M as well so it should be 7.3 as well.

The M103 is a joke and one of the worst tanks in the whole game.

It suffers in a full downtier as well.

So we just ignore the massive pen difference and the full stab?


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It does not, not in the slightest bit.

Yes, the point of a heavy tank is to absorb damage and weak armor values coupled with low mobility cause issues in survivability, where heavy tanks should excel.

If your argument for one vehicle being lowered results in the lowering of multiple vehicles because they are worse, perhaps that original vehicle doesn’t need to be moved.


No, heavy tanks should be effective in combat. They don’t absorb damage.

They are effective in combat. Even the IS-6 can be used effectively at 7.7 and it is probably the actual worst 7.7 heavy.


Such a terrible tank that can achieve a 5/1 K/D. What a joke of an opinion when your stats look like that in a vehicle. “Impossible to have an impact on the game”… Riiiiight. You should have just come out and said how you really feel, that you want it to face weaker tanks so you can be even better in it.


Stats of one person don’t mean anything.

If me having a good KD means the T32E1 is strong then my sub 1 KD in the Tiger 1 means it needs to go down.


You probably played the Tiger E when you were a new player, would that be correct? I’m assuming that your name reflects your playstyle and I would assume that you started in Germany. You also don’t have nearly the amount of games in the Tiger E when compared to the T32E1. Seems like you played the Tiger E and then left it to go back to the Tiger H which you have a higher k/d in with many more games played at a lower BR in the H.

What I am saying with your T32E1 stats is that your argument seems quite disingenuous when you are able to do so well with that vehicle but say it can’t make a difference in the game when it obviously can.


Cause the T32E1 is more armored than a Maus and fires as good ammo.
Load APCR and get good with APCR. They buffed its spalling recently anyway.


Perhaps we just need decompression at this BR and not buffing heavy tanks. They’re already incredibly dominant and get lots of downtiers to 6.7. The T32E1 seems bad on paper buts the armor is almost impenetrable to almost any solid shot round it fights. It does not need to be fighting even weaker WW2 tanks that all use AP or APHE.


This is the biggest lie I’ve heard on this forum.

It’s not.

Guys, it is a terrible tank. He should know, he has a 5/1 K/D in it… It’s obvious a tank that is that bad couldn’t do tha… Oh wait, maybe it isn’t bad.

Outside a few American (which you won’t fight) and French tanks at its tier that fire solid shot with 300+ mms of pen, yes you are basically immune to the vast majority of solid shot rounds frontally.

Kid named lower front plate:

For every player that has a good KD in the E1 there are 10 with a bad KD.