Kursk Map Spawncamping From Behind The Spawn

Why are people allowed to sit behind the enemy spawn and don’t even get marked? He was only visible on the map after I shot him.

Clearly he just outskilled your entire team

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The map sucks.

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Basically all the maps suck at that br

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Just happened to me on the map with the spaceship.

You can do this on Poland too.

Well, it’s annoying when nobody in the team, or you yourself, notices that you’re being flanked and driven around. But there are maps where this is possible and you should be prepared for it. It wasn’t your first time on the map, was it?

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Because Gaijin does not hire map designers and instead relies upon scans of google maps which their modelers then translate in to terrain without taking in to account flow of battle.


I noticed him when he was halfway across the map but was engaged in a fight and when I was done he was already in cover while spawncamping that’s why it took a while to get him out. Blaming our team for letting it happen is a weak excuse.

Nobody noticed him so you should be prepared to die after spawning from a 360 degree angle? Really?

I will never understand the logic of those who think spawn camping should be a thing.

I’m not at all interested in apportioning blame. I’m more wondering how someone with your gaming experience can expect anything else. Because the only real thing Gaijin has realised here is the motto “Life is unfair”.

I could also get upset every other match, for example when I start with a 6.7 deck exclusively with tanks from the Great War and am taken out by a guided missile after 50 metres, or or or or.

Just take a deep breath, slow down and carry on. Otherwise you ruin your day.

I’m not really surprised by spawncamping it’s just that I’ve never seen it being done like this. Seriously he could get up to 50m behind our spawn while on other maps you get marked for driving onto the objective closest to the enemy spawn.