Why T32E1 no move to 7.3 :(

Lol. Lmao, even.

I don’t know how you can drop a 12 kill game in an uptier, and still be this clueless. Simply grab WTRTI (not hard) and you will quickly realize that all of the aircraft he listed outperform their competitors, often by a country mile.

The P-39N is literally a better performing version of the P-63A-5 at a higher battle rating and will outrun every non-american plane that it faces even in a full uptier, while turning well enough to deal with any opponent it comes across.

The XP-50 has better performance than the BF 109 F-4 across the board, while receiving an airspawn. It is not only superior to the XF5F, it is superior to many 4.3 fighters such as the F6F-5N or Bf 109 G-2/trop.

The Yak-3U has insane climbrate, outruns and outturns multiple vehicles at its BR, and outturns everything that it can’t outrun, while having competent levels of firepower and good handling. Balanced 5.7s like the Bf 109 K-4 are completely helpless against a sentient Yak-3U player.

Yet due to the fact that none of these planes get high KD if you go full commit headon and turnfight every enemy plane that you see, they remain undertiered.

Gaijin’s balancing system ONLY works because the average player does not know how to exploit their advantages or even realize that they have them. All of the planes just mentioned could easily be used to cheese a 90% winrate when playing in a 4-man squad, because they have such a massive advantage over the competition.

But if you don’t believe me, go in WTRTI and tell me what scenario you can find where the XP-50 doesn’t outturn the Bf 109 F-4. I’ll wait.


Yak3U climbs better, rolls better, and has better sustained turn than a Ki84 - also better than the previous Yak3s and even better than the premium Yak3 VK107 which is known for being excellent. It belongs at 6.3 at least, yet stays down at 5.7.

You simply don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Probably if the XP50 compresses at very high speed, where it MIGHT be worse than the 109 F4. Still has literally every other advantage though.

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Please no, I already see them quite often in the T-44 and IS-2, along with every other 6.7-7.7 american heavy tank.

The Yak-3U belongs at 6.7 alongside the P-51H and the Spit Mk24. If you don’t get fucked by bomber gunners or sucked into a 5v1 (not the fault of the plane but the teams) you simply cannot die.

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The Tiger 2H which you can barely kill with a T-44 can shoot twice as fast and has a smaller muzzle break to shoot at is the same BR as you. How is the T32E1 the bigger threat?

Idk what you’re talking about. The king tigers along with american heavies oneshot me through the turret all the time. I can at best shoot their barrels or flank them, and besides, the 85mm gun on the T-44 can’t pen most things at its br frontally and is only useful for flanking.

While I agree that the T32E1 shouldn’t face early mbts and helicopters, the T32E1 definitely isn’t the worst heavy tank and shouldn’t face the IS-2/King Tiger all the time.

You implied the T32E1 is a problem to you in the T-44.

The Tiger 2 (and many other 6.7s) faces tanks that can’t pen it all the time. People just complain when it’s about the 7.7 heavies even though they sacrifice reload rate and a good gun for that to happen.

The T32E1 doesn’t have to rely on breaking barrels all the time.
Btw I can’t snipe barrels from across the map, but it snipes me from across the map.

Tbf the T32 still needs to aim for weakspots against something like the T-44.

And the long 90 mm cannons are not accurate. Gaijin buffed the accuracy of the shorter 90 mm cannons (like on the M26, M46, M47 and M48) with a maximum dispersion of 0.027 degrees, but the long 90 mm cannons still have the old, inaccurate 0.075 degrees.

Those values might seem small, but 0.075 degree maximum dispersion means that at a distance of 400 meters (for example), your round can go half a meter up, down, left or right of where you’re aiming.

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Never said that. The T32/IS series get their barrels broken a lot easier than something like the long 88/128.

There isn’t one.

I say this while being in agreement with your argument about the T32E1: Thunderskill is worthless for aggregate data.

When we had the huge datascrape a while back, Gaijin immediately intervened to make such replay scraping hard, which is very understandable from their perspective: they don’t want us to have access to data like that because it enables people to game the system. But they’ve never touched Thunderskill. What does that tell you?

We’ll never know the stats they have access to.

At rhe same time, though, the T32E1 has stayed at the same BR while a bunch of things around it moved up. That tells me it’s not doing good enough to go up, and it’s not doing bad enough to go down.

7.7 is fine. God knows today’s 7.7 is incomparable to what it was a year ago anyway.

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It’s impossible to abstract the vehicle from the player.

Besides, Gaijin is offering a game, for commercial purposes. From their POV, literally no other approach would ever make sense.

Good luck with that. I see good players disagreeing all the time. Also, why would a company ever do something like that?

A pretty good suggestion tbh.

Not particularly.

The turret is larger but that can be attributed to the fact it is immensely upparmored (almost triple the turret front thickness).

The actual turret ring diameter is identical at 69 inches.

Hunnicutt quotes a reload of 4 RPM for the T15E2 90 mm cannon on both the late T26E4s and the T32, which is 15 seconds. Technically the game is slightly faster than this, at 14.29 seconds maxed out.

Still the reload is a balancing decision. It could very much be faster.


12-13 seconds would be IMO, a fair and balanced reload speed for the T32/T32E1’s T15E2 90mm gun.

At least if they’re not going to move down it’s BR because of more compression and unbalance.

Having a total of nearly 15 seconds maybe to kill a single enemy tank while an MBT, IFV or light tank with a stabilizer, HEAT, APFSDS or ATGMs behind or near them rushes you around the corner on a small map is generally going to be unbelievably one-sided especially if you’re alone or don’t have teammate support nearby no offence. Then again this is a common issue for most 7.3-7.7 heavy tanks tbh.

Considering Gaijin has the Soviet 100mm load as fast as the German 88mm because of “reasons” fudging the numbers for the T32 should be considered no big deal. The long 90mm is probably the worst gun at that BR simply because of that massive reload for marginal penetration.


I’ve gone ahead and look at the the differences the T-72 variants in terms of gun depression

“pitch”: [

“pitch”: [

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“pitch”: [

I’m surprised that the T-72Bs is pretty close to having -6

Everyone wants a balanced game but the bad players don’t know how to move things around. If you had good players argue and deciding BRs you’d have a better game than we have today. Pandering to bad players has killed many games in the recent past while those with a carefully adjusted balance stayed relevant much longer.

The issue is, how You determine a ‘good’ player?