Why are we not getting Unique-ish Tech tree vehicles anymore? ( With a Poll )

Just look at all these fun vehicles! If they were added so much fun and chaos would be possible! If you have something fun Tell me about it Down below!!

Speedy Pbv 302 with Mauser MK25E

Pbv 302 with 25 mm automatic Oerlikon cannon.

Speedy Smol car with four WASD controlled ATGMs

Smol Fast car with 90mm High pressure recoilless cannon

Same 90 mm Recoilless cannon as above but on a Bandvagn 202

Fun armoured car. with an 37 mm cannon and one 8mm mg

Fun Armoured Volvo truck good with dual 8mm ksp an 1.0 SPAA

Armoured Volvo truck with one 20 mm

Casemate wheeled tank destroyer

Funny looking cannon car.

  • I want more fun, wacky. Swedish vehicles!!
  • No only modern stuff.

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Can’t forget modern things, like the Udes XX-20, and a few other things. As well as the Congo UN mission Swedish troops used M8 LAC’s. The Terrängbil is a hit or miss, mostly because it’s a “more armored” gaz-AAAA truck, but it’s much bigger. Also, we are missing some vehicle variants, a big one to name is the Strv 103 B, and the D


Personaly i dont care about higher tiers due to it being CS-GO as it is right now. but still neat stuff!

what in odin’s name are these vehicles lmao

for real, would like to see more of these

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So would i, now that we have the Gripen and Strv 122 plus hopefully gaijin will return to these funky vehicles!

They should add the glorious, perfect, blessed 106mm and 75mm recoilless rifle jeep in the same update as these, if it happens. Peak American engineering imo

This is the 75 jeep btw

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Why is it just swedish stuff? This feels like a ‘gaijin pls!’ post. Also cause most of this stuff is redundant (mainly the autocannon stuff).

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Yeah, there are a few where I’m thinking this has no use in game (7.62 mg’s) also if you would have read the title you would realize why it’s all Swedish stuff. (This is sarcasm) idk why it’s all Swedish, but I do love Sweden, and would like to see a lot of these.

I’ve said multiple times as a suggestion, give us Air Sim size maps and some new features for vehicles when it arrives, like Indirect Fire Mode for SPH’s, and possibly recovery vehicles, and some added realism in a list that’s too long.

Oh, also forgot to mention, how about we see the Swedish Panther A, Sherman VC, and Churchill III. As well as the AMX-13 and a few others I will have to remember.

A list of Swedish operated/tested armor:

An appealing one would be the M1A2 (export) that they tested, the T-72M1, and the one of these we have, the T-80U. There are other appealing ones as well.


Well yea the check the tags I’ve put Sweden for a reason, mostly because I’m mostly familiar with Swedish ww2 / Cold war vehicles. But I support others to come here and share their wishes and predictions too!

I personally would like for the unique Swedish/Nordic made vehicles/Prototypes, before exports/Trial vehicles etc. But everybody has the right to their own ideas and I believe if you have that idea keep at it!


We can hope for more variety as some rare/unique vehicles are actually quite common and deserve to be represented - eg jeep/M48/M151 Recoiless Rifle combos.

Its not just a ground problem either. 800+ Vickers Warwicks were built for 25 RAF squadrons and yet it’s forgotten. US Brown Water navy from the Vietnam era had several boats that would fit notably the PCF and PBR, in game we have the limited edition LCM Zippo and Kim Qui Vietnamese Gunboat.

Unfortunately the money, and hence Dev priority, is in the high tiers and big name vehicles. Low tier, second line, unique stuff is relrgated to the occasional event and BP rewards regardless of the gaping holes across the tech trees. Should BR decompression ever arrive they will be in dire need of these gap fillers.

Maybe one day…maybe…


Presumably he mains Swedish vehicles/or happens to know a fair bit

In the same way I might do all British stuff since that’s my area of interest (in case you, no not you personally 😂, hadn’t worked it out by mainly residing on the Chally 2 thread)

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Precisely. Although I do main Britain second

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If they allowed paper tanks and/or mockup vehicles, which is very unlikely. Then Sweden has quite alot of vehicles in the UDES series. Not to mention the STRV-2000 (not the Chinese tank).

If you want to read more you can do it here: Projekt "Stridsvagn 2000", UDES

The problem is Gaijin doesn’t have documentation to know its speed or performance. So a lot of reasons why. However, it would be nice if Gaijin added a technical tech tree since this would be a Toyota truck and other random reliable trucks like the Toyota Hilux, and Ford Courier.
This would be likely the only tech tree where Gaijin could go hammers and build whatever the hell they want cause chances are it was made irl and would be a funny tech tree seeing Toyotas fighting at variable battle ratings.

My bad, I should of looked closer. This new forum is confusing sometimes.

Perfect April fools, second only to a Godzilla x Kong themed one imo. Would be insanely funny tho

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As a certified soft-skin supporter, I can’t help myself from putting forth the following vehicles as more than desirable:

  1. Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 1111 (9 cm Pvpj 1110 recoilless rifle)
  2. Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 9031 (9 cm Pvpj 1110 recoilless rifle)
  3. Pansarvärnsbandvagn 2062 (9 cm Pvpj 1110 recoilless rifle)
  4. Pansarvärnsbandvagn 2063 (RB 55 TOW ATGM)
  5. Pansarvärnsbandvagn 2063 (RBS 56 BILL ATGM)
  6. Pansarvärnsrobotterrängbil B RBS 56 (RBS 56 BILL ATGM)