Pansarvärnsrobotterrängbil 9032 (Pvrbtgbil 9032) - A puppy with bite

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Do you want the third prototype (Reg #176959), with 3 forward SS.10 and x3 rearward SS.11?
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Ported over from the old forum, with some touch-ups.

In short: An ATGM tank destroyer version developed from the basic pickup version of the Personlastterrängbil 903 (Pltgb 903) ‘Valpen’ (The Puppy) to use the Swedish Army’s new ‘Robot 52’ (Rb 52 (SS.11 MCLOS)) missiles as a tank destroyer. Developed between 1960-1963, and registered in service 1966-1982. Although similar to the basic pickup version, the rear end was modified with two firing ramps for the launch of missiles (two missiles for each ramp), one forward and one rearward for a total of four SS.11 missiles. Volvo index: L3314 PU.

In the game, it would be a light and mobile ATGM carrier with a limited amount of missiles. Its prototypes might be a bit more spicier, however, and are included further down.
I included the prototypes in this post, as limited information is available and the base vehicle is the same, and it might be unnecessary to dedicate an individual post for each.

Basic data below. For brevity’s sake, I’ll just cover the basics since the manual in the sources section contains almost all the nitty-gritty details you’d need as well as performance diagrams and pictures.


Powerplant: Volvo B18A 4-cyl gasoline, 65/64-68 hp @ 4,500 RPM (Sources disagree on exact power). 50-liter fuel tank, with an optional 20L spare jerrycan under the floor of the left rear door opening.
Total Weight: 2,400 kg. (26-28 hp/t)
Transmission: 4 forward, 1 reverse.
Max Speed: 96-100 km/h.
Crew: Two - Driver, Gunner. (One source claims three crew members)
Armor: Basically non-existant. Sheet steel over the chassis, soft cab over the rear.
Armament: x4 Robot 52 (SS.11). Two forward, two rearwards.
Elevation: Unknown, but the forward ramp could theoretically be launched almost vertically from the inside, although that would be very unwise. The rearward ramp can be elevated at least 15 degrees for transport. Traverse is not possible.
Some sources claim the Robot 53 (Bofors Bantam) was used but no pictures exist to confirm this. Instead, they all indicate that the SS.11 was used (and SS.10 in prototypes).
Ammo: Only the four missiles that it has ready to fire, it seems. Reloading was done by an accompanying ammo truck.


The gearbox (Volvo M40) has four forward gears and one reverse gear. However, the vehicle also has a two-gear reduction gearbox for a more economical drive, effectively giving the vehicle eight gears - four gears on each setting of the reduction gearbox. But for practical purposes, only one setting is used, the high effect setting, when driving at all speeds giving 4 gears.

Above: Diagram showing recommended speeds and gear shifts, high/low effect on the reduction gearbox with accompanied gear number.
The front-firing ramp is manually chain-cranked into position until it is over the cab roof from which position it can launch its two missiles from. The whole procedure can be done from inside the driver’s cabin.

The rear-firing ramp points straight backwards and is loaded with two missiles, and is normally elevated 15 degrees during transport, and is usually depressed to 0 degrees for firing.
Between both ramps is an aluminium plate to protect from backblast during launches, as well as additional plates at the bottom and side of the rear launch ramp.
Below: Forward firing ramp.

Below: Rear firing ramp.

Before the version we see above, at least three prototypes were photographed that are all interesting on their own due to the use of SS.10 ATGMs (sometimes mixed with SS.11s), and sometimes a larger amount of missiles than what the adopted version ended up with.

Prototypes below


Above: Nils Magnus ‘Måns’ Hartelius, the driving force behind Volvo’s military vehicles, inspecting one of the first prototypes for what would become the Pvrbtgbil 9032. In the picture can be seen x3 SS.10 and a single SS.11.

Above: Second prototype, Reg #53907. Armed with x3 SS.11 pointed rearwards.
The SS.11’s range was at first deemed excessive for Swedish terrain and needs, which only needed a range of 2.0-2.5 km. However the SS.10’s range was only 1.60 km, which is likely why the SS.10 didn’t appear on the final version due to being able to cover the max range.

Above: Third prototype, Reg #176959. Armed with x3 forward SS.10 (possibly SS.11?) and x3 rearward SS.11. It is unknown why the 3+3 version was not adopted.

Armament (Missiles):
The SS.11 missile (Robot 52) is already in the game. The SS.10 (Robot 51) might have to be added.
SS.10: Penetration - 400mm; Velocity - 80m/s; Range - 1.60 km.
SS.11: Penetration - 600mm; Velocity - 190m/s; Range - 3.50 km.

Gallery Below (standard version only)



PANSAR, #2, 2022, årgång 46. - Contains most info about the prototypes and development, in Swedish

Volvo i Uniform, ISBN: 978-91-975967-1-8. - Engine effect of 65hp, plus some other info) I.pdf - .pdf description manual on the vehicle, contains almost everything on the vehicle including gear ratios, engine effect, maintenance, dimensions etc. (in Swedish)

Fakta 9032 - PVRBTGBIL 9032 | Volvo Valp iFokus - Engine effect of 64-68hp - Pictures of a real example, without missiles

Svenskt Pansar - Claim of three crewmembers

SS.10 - Wikipedia - Armament on the prototype. (Swedish: Robot 51)
SS.11 - Wikipedia - Main ATGM armament. (Swedish: Robot 52)


Isn’t this the same chassis as the U-Sh-405 (The Mercedes Unimog)?

What a goofy thing! +1

+1 for goofy early Cold War MCLOS carrier, need more of them.

No, this vehicle is based on the Volvo L3314, not the Landsverk Unimog.

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I don’t want to see this in game until the devs improve/revamp MCLOS missiles in some way. With they way they’re implemented now this thing will be completely unusable like the many MCLOS missile carriers in game.

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