Why are we not getting Unique-ish Tech tree vehicles anymore? ( With a Poll )

Because that’s what many players want, so gaijin give them. Nowdays, most of the players want more top vehicles, strong vehicles, so they can defeat others. So, it becomes like “strv 122 is good, I want more”, or “T-80 and M1 are good, I want a copy paste”. Not only Swedish, every tech tree has this problem.

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i appreciate your opinion and support it 100% but ive put a sweden tag here because i know most about them but you are welcome to talk about another nations vehicle you’d like to see here too.

Then just Swedish. But I do not know much about Swedish vehicles, it seems that there are not many new 8.x or 9.x things, which most interesting vehicles in other tech trees in.

well there are new things its just on the old forum here: List of Previously Suggested Ideas - Swedish Ground Forces (Please Check Before Creating A New Suggestion!) - Sweden - War Thunder - Official Forum


For example:

Terrängbil 16 LEMUR


With a 30mm chain gun from the apache. would be a fun 6.7 - 7.7 or so light vehicle for sweden!

Or be boring and get a 12.7mm MG instead can be swapped for a 40mm grenade launcher with HEAT rounds


10/10 would buy

I mean to be honest I’d love a Gun Buggy (think Land Rover but a 106mm M40. So an Ontos or a R3 T106 gun)

So i’d all be for a similar design for sweden. Would be hilarious.

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Yeah add an American jeep with the same setup or at a lower br a WW2 jeep with 90mm recoilless

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