PBV 302 No.4002

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The Pbv 302 No.4002


Summarized background history:

The Pbv 302 No.4002 or as in Swedish designation: Pansarbandvagn 302 Nr.4002 (4002 being the serial number of the vehicle), is a prototype vehicle which was apart of the inital “REMO” project during 1978-1983 and also together with the UDES 08 during the studies for a new armament for both the Pbv 302 and the upcoming CV90 inbetween 1982-1987 . During the REMO project, which was aimed to modify and improve the Pbv 302’s in general. Began with the modification of the Commanders hatch of the vehicle, which was replaced with a new hatch. Which could set as “umbrella mode”, which allowed the commander to have a 360 degree view, without having to open the entire hatch completely (See image below). Additonally, some headlights on the vehicle were also removed. As well relocating and mounting the smoke launchers onto the turret with 3 on each side (See image below).


However, the big difference compared to the other the REMO Pbv 302’s (No.4001 and 4429). The Pbv 302 No.4002 alongside the UDES 08 became apart of the new study for a new potential armament for the Pbv 302’s. Due to the main armament being too obsolete for it’s time which was the 20mm M/47 AKAN. As well the upcoming CV90 infantry fighting vehicle, the studies lasted from 1982 to 1987. The purpose of said trials was to “Serve as a basis for the choosing of armament for the Pbv 302 as well the armament for the Strf 90. Mainly to evaluate the weapons through tactical and technical standpoint, which requires to use the FMV requirements and demands for choosing the weapon system.” (See image below, note the smoke launchers are mounted onto the turret).


Compared to the UDES 08, which received the Mauser MK25E as it’s armament. The Pbv 302 No.4002 recived the 25mm Oerlikon KBA B02 cannon, along with a REMO turret to accomodate the new armament and it’s belt fed magazine. Along with the new REMO turret, some components such as electronics, cannon sight, understorage etc. remained the same from the Pbv 302’s. The cannon from the Oerlikon has a exit velocity of around ~1110 m/s, and has a firerate of 10 rounds/sec (~600 rounds/min). The ammunition which the Pbv 302 No.4002 used, is the same 25x137mm rounds compared to the UDES 08: The APDS-T (Slpprj)(M791) and HEI-T (Slsgr)(M792). Similar once again to the UDES 08, the cannon is a fullly automatic dual belt fed weapon. Constructed to be able to switch inbetween the magazines without having to reload at all. There are two magazines mounted inside of the turret, the larger magazine was purposed to be loaded with HEI-T ammunition with around 65 rounds + 15 rounds from the belt itself. The second smaller magazine was purposed to use APDS-T ammuniton which containted 30 rounds + 15-20 rounds in the belt. The cannon itself was capable of defeating both ground based and airial based targets. Depending which target they’re up against, the gunner could switch between a ground based periscope sight and a anti air sight against arial targets. Observation can be performed with the help of a prisma-periscope sight.(See images below).


However, due to the same situation as for the UDES 08, the tests which were conducted with the cannons which the FMV had considered as the new armament for the CV90 and Pbv 302. Did not meet their requirements to various of different issues. One aspect was the reload rate, which were noted to be very slow, due to the cramped compartment of the turret and the procedure on how you reload the cannon itself. Another aspect was the projected cost of replacing every single Pbv 302’s cannon and turret into the “REMO” standard. In which the FMV wanted Hägglunds & Söner to solve current issues with the Pbv 302’s. One of which, was the excessive reload rates of the current 20mm cannon. Which was solved by creating 30 round magazines while also modifying the current turret platforms on the Pbv 302’s, into the similar standard as the REMO planned turrets. In the end, the 25mm cannons for both the UDES 08 and the Pbv 302 No.4002. Never became the new standard armament and turret for either the Pbv 302’s nor the standard armament for the upcoming CV90. From my own assumtions, after 1987 in which Pbv 302 No.4002 was done testing the new potential armament. It likely got put into storage and then later on scrapped. As the Pbv 302’s were subsequently replaced by the CV90’s. (See image below which shows the before and after of the REMO program for the existing 20mm M/47 AKAN)


REMO Turret 1982-1987 (Note: Both UDES 08 and Pbv 302 No.4002 used the same REMO turret, but were modified to accommodate their respective cannons which were tested. Due to I’ve yet to find any detailed images of the Pbv 302 No.4002’s REMO turret, the turret from the UDES 08 will have to be sufficient as of now):
616539_449632565058991_1482988016_o.thum 616539_449632561725658_2092170728_o.thum 616539_449632558392325_1080541150_o.thum 616539_449632555058992_1203297356_o.thum

Pbv 302 No.4002
Weight: 15~17 ton
Length: 5 350 mm
Width: 2 860 mm
Height: 2 500~2 600 mm (if the cannon is aimed horizontally)
Clearance height: 360 mm
Crew: 3 Crew members + 8 passangers
Armor: 22~25mm frontal armor (including frontal turret) - 8~mm elsewhere
Engine: 6-Cylinder Penta THD 100B Supercharged diesel engine with direct fuel injection 270 hp
Gearbox: Volvo typ Penta R-60 (Manual gearbox) 8 gears (acceleration) + 2 gears (reverse)
Max Speed: 66 km/h
Armament: Oerlikon KBA B02 cannon (25x137mm NATO), 6 smoke launchers
Turret elevation: - 10 ° + 50 ° , 10 ° /sec
Turret rotation: High ratio: 30°/sec, Low Ratio: 10°/sec
Ammo Capacity: Total ammo capacity: ~250 rounds, ~125 rounds per magazine: First belt: ~80 rounds (Loaded with HEI-T), Second belt: ~45 rounds (Loaded with APDS-T))
Ammunition types: APDS-T (slpprj)(M791), HEI-T (slsgr)( M792)
Rate of Fire/Velocity : 600 Rounds per minute (Full automatic), ~ 1110 m/s (Velocity)
Number in service: 1 prototype



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