PansarvärnsBandvagn 2062 - Articulated Firepower

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TL;DR: An articulated tracked vehicle equipped with a 90mm recoilless rifle.



Soft terrain has always been an obstacle when it comes to the transportation of supplies, with wheeled transports often getting stuck. Tracked transports are less susceptible to this, however, with soft enough ground and high enough ground pressure, even they can find themselves immobilized. Soft terrain is an especially big issue in Sweden, with snowy landscapes and boglands being common. In the 1960s, Volvo, more specifically their subsidiary Bolinder-Munktell, began development on a vehicle for the Swedish military that would be able to confidently traverse soft terrain with supplies or troops onboard. This vehicle would enter production in 1964 under the designation “Bandvagn 202” or “BV 202”. The BV 202 featured an incredibly unusual articulated design and wide rubber tracks. Both of these design choices allowed for the vehicle’s ground pressure to be massively reduced. It was also fully amphibious. In January, 1971, it was decided that the BV 202 had run its course and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration contracted Bofors, Hägglunds, Kockums-Landsverk, Saab-Scania, and Volvo BM for the development of a replacement. Ultimately, Hägglunds came out on top with their design being accepted into service as the Bandvagn 206 or BV 206. This new vehicle shared many design elements with its BV 202 predecessor, such as its articulated nature, wide rubber tracks, and amphibious capabilities, however, that’s where the similarities stopped. The BV 206 was equipped with a more powerful engine, had a larger carrying capacity, and could be adapted to many more roles much easier. One of the roles the BV 206 could be adapted to was that of an anti-tank recoilless rifle carrier. In this configuration, designated PansarvärnsBandvagn 2062 or PvBv 2062, a 90mm Pansarvärnspjäs 1110 recoilless rifle would be mounted on the main body and ammunition would be carried in the trailer. The main body would be open-topped to allow for better operation of the weapon. It’s safe to assume that this modification of the BV 206 was fairly rare as the PvBv 2063, a BV 206 armed with a Rb 55 ATGM system, was more conventional.

Place In War Thunder:

Sweden has few unique vehicles when compared to military powerhouses like the US, Germany, or Russia, however, the unique vehicles they do have are unique to the point of lunacy. The addition of the PvBv 2062 would not only add another vehicle to Sweden’s anemic low/mid tier, it would add a vehicle class entirely unique Sweden. Playstyle of the PvBv 2062 would be pretty unique, however, would have some similarities to wheeled vehicles as, while you are a tracked vehicle, you can’t neutral traverse. Instead, you have an 8 meter turning circle. This would make repositioning a tad difficult. You’d also have to take extra care to make sure your trailer doesn’t get caught on something during a retreat, which could result in death. Artillery would be a death sentence and your large silhouette could easily result in you getting strafed. It’s also good to keep in mind that your trailer is essentially a bomb. This being said, your main weapon is incredibly potent, with the best round you can fire penetrating up to 800mm of armor. Your low ground pressure would allow you to easily traverse soft terrain and, while your horizontal profile is quite large, your vertical profile is decently small. Considering that the PvBv 2062 was a service vehicle, it only makes sense for it to be added as a tech tree vehicle, potentially in the tank destroyer line as a gap-filler between the Pvkv m/43 (1963) and Bandkannon 1C.


Armament: 90mm Pansarvärnspjäs 1110 recoilless rifle

Dimensions: 6.90m, 1.87m, 2.40m (L,W,H)

Weight: 6580kg

Armor: Proof against small arms fire

Crew: 3-4

Ammunition: HEAT (380mm), HEAT (500mm), HEAT (800mm)

Speed: 55kph (land) 5kph (water)

Horsepower: 175hp


Front View:


Side View:


Rear View:



PvPjäs 1110 - Pansarvärnspjäs 1110 -

Bandvagn 206 (Bv 206)

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Hagglund BV206 Specifications.

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It reminds me of the Wiesel 1a2, but with a recoiless rifle instead of an ATGM, although im pretty sure it can mount an ATGM.

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This would be awesome to see, especially if the other variants of the vehicle with TOW and BILL missiles are also added. There are a couple other articulated vehicles that would be viable for WT too


+1 Wiesel with a trailer

I could not possibly support this suggestion more. The Swedish open-top tank hunters need more love.
Pvbv 2062